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Best friends forever


I am gonna be honest and say I have read the 26 chapters. And let me say I was truly depressed after reading it. How one man can take all the pain is beyond a doubt the worst thing to wish on a human. Just wow

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Crumbly Writer


I just got one of the strangest tributes I've ever received. A reader wrote, and told me that my first Great Death book was SO depressing, he finally sought treatment for his chronic depression, and that he now considers me his 'savior'.

It's hard to figure out whether that's really a tribute or a condemnation, though I'm taking him at his word.

Still, the fact it touches you so deeply means a lot. As they say (I'll have to look up the quote): The only thing worse than a burned book, is an unread one.

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@Crumbly Writer

Personally, CW, I would take it as a compliment. One goal of many writers is to write a story that the reader will identify with and have some positive effect on their life.

I sounds like you succeeded, but not exactly in the way one might anticipate. But it sounds like it had a positive effect, so congratulations.

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