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Feel Good stories


Hi guys,

I have been looking for a good "Feel-Good" stories, where it involves a main character saving the world etc, not exactly it has to be apocalypse type.

I guess the closest comparison would be Aftermath by Al Stenier.

Would there be any other recommendations for such stories?

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I've had a problem with 'saving the world' type of stories, i hope you don't have the same problem or it will really spoil most of those story for you.

I would recommend reading do-over stories, some are great feel good stories,

check out john wales on this site, he has stories with do-over premise that focuses on the future so it is heavily involved in changing events, for example in TIME the mc hastened the inventions/breakthroughs in different field.

He has done alot, mostly in his community or the place where he grew up, he helped its school and the overall economic situation to better their lives.

I think you get the idea, also the hindsight 20/20 story series is also a do-over where the mc aims to hasten the trucking empire of usa, i cant remember the specifics but it has a very huge impact on the economy.

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I would recommend stories of the same vein where 'saving the world' is not the plot itself.

Those type of stories really puts a dampen on your enjoyment as you'll want to rush things to 'save the world'.

The stories i recommended above are different as they saved the world but only as a by-product of their goals.


One good 'Save the World' story is also a do-over. It is 'A New Past' by CharlieFoxtrot. The MC is a nuclear physicist working on fusion technology that winds up be sent back to his teen years. He introduces proven technology years earlier that it had originally been introduced. To say more would ruin the suspense.


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Forgot about that one but honestly almost all do-over ends up saving the world as a by product of their goals.


Cheers guys, thanks for the replies. I have read A New Past, and most of the do-over stories already, hence I am here asking for more.

Crumbly Writer

Not to toot my own horn (toot-toot), but several reviewers have commented about my "Singularity" being an especially positive story, not because it ends on a happy note for the protagonist, but because it reflects on a happier outcome for humanity in general. However, on the same note, I've gotten responses and reviews from many who find the entire premise (of a positive human response) to be "unrealistic and hard to accept", so you'll have to decide for yourself. If you're skeptical about how good people can be, skip it. If you believe in the power of humans to reach solutions, then dive in. It's NOT a do-over, however.

In general, though, my stories tend to be a bit darker than most. I tend to kill off a lot of characters, often the main characters too, as I like the idea of self-sacrifice to reach a common goal.

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Have a look at this page -


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@Crumbly Writer

Thank you for your recommendation. I have read the first chapter and it definitely seems like the type of story i am looking for ;)



Thank you for the list



Aside from the do-over, I liked these "Save the World" stories:

Kelly by Morgan
Win the war, not save the world.
Warning: it's a bit over the top like most Morgan stories.

The Preacher Man by Hammingbyrd7
There are also quite a few other Hammingbyrd7 stories in this vein.
Notably: It's my party, Kinetic, The Aina timeline série, Backscatter.
but not with that much "Feel Good"

Subjugation by James Galloway (FEL)
Warning: It's a page turner...
in order:

Clay Flesh by IvanTheTerror
Warning: Make a cast list while reading...
A follow up is in the making, but I find it to stand alone.



where it involves a main character saving the world etc, not exactly it has to be apocalypse type.

In most apocalypse stories, the world has been destroyed meaning the World's societies have been destroyed by whatever event that occurred. The MC is now trying to rebuild the small section of the world he lives in and help his neighbors. The story I'm working on is a 2 part story with the 1st part posted. It isn't a feel-good type of story, but the MC is trying to save more than the usual number of people so they can rebuild society.

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