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Strange story postings


I can't be the only one that has noticed recently that there are some authors who are "new" here, posting stories that have long since been published and/or abandoned by their authors. The interesting thing for the most part is that they have kept the same story titles, but have created their new personas to match the original author. I've seen at least one story (old ASSTR fare) that they actually changed the age with the stories, and it's one the author had originally called out deciding to stop. I noticed voting was turned on too. Someone trying to pad scores to get free premier?

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Someone trying to pad scores to get free premier?

If they aren't the author of the stories that appeared on ASSTR and there were only minimal changes, they may not last on this site long enough if someone complains and claims it to be plagiarism. On the other hand, perhaps it is the same person.

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