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Impossible Genre Mix? Fantasy/Erotica


So having read through another thread started by a fellow user it got me thinking about how there aren't many LONG RUNNING epic tales of fantasy that also have good erotica. I know SoL and other various sites have a few good ones like Tarrin Kael's Sennadar Universe over on World's of Fel but the good ones are far and few between.

Now to be fair there are a lot of these on but they are generally just short stroke stories and are written extremely poorly. These stories never have any real substance to them and only seem to exist to bring in some quick cash. On the other hand if you try searching for "erotica fantasy for men" you get links to novels aimed at the female audience that has some random shirtless dude on the front cover.

My point is that it's really hard to find a high fantasy story with good erotica for the male audience. I wish someone would make something like "lord of the rings" or "avatar" but with erotica content.

Sorry for the grammer, also i just wanted to rant. Is it wrong to ask for epic high fantasy to have erotica elements?

Switch Blayde


good erotica for the male audience.

Erotica in publishing has been consumed by female readers and consists of those novels you referred to with a cover of a shirtless man.

An author who is being traditionally published recently asked on another forum about blog tours. I googled it and found a site where you could search blogs by genre so I searched on erotica. Nine were found (although the last one said no erotica). All the bloggers were female, and scanning the covers of the books they reviewed showed the kinds of novels you referred to.



Ever tried Mack the Knife's Feldare Universe?
Orcs and Elves, Hunters and Dark Knights galore!
Sadly, his potentially best story was never finished. Still, look up Murder Isle and finish it in your fantasy!

StarFleet Carl


Is it wrong to ask for epic high fantasy to have erotica elements?

I can think of two stories on here that fit this. What you may not like is that they're both based upon popular video games, so the authors didn't create the universe the story is in themselves. - by Aquea, still ongoing - by, um, me, and finished

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