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Posting an old story for the first time


I just posted the first chapter of an 11 chapter story.

I wrote it in 2010 but never posted it, as most, if not all of the persons mentioned, were still alive and active.

They still are, but they agreed that the story could be told as a fictional erotic story.

There has been no editing by anyone else, not even those individuals, the story references too.

The names of the persons and corporate entities have been changed. It is still a fictional erotic story about real people and places.

Replies:   Crumbly Writer
Crumbly Writer


At the very least, I'd ask (BEG) for editors, as leaving a story unedited is just asking for low scores and critiques. If this is an homage, then you're insulting the other author's work by not turning in the best story you can craft.


Any volunteers? I just posted chapter 3 of 11.

Replies:   Uther_Pendragon


There is a place, readily available if the URL escapes my memory, to ask for editors. Generally people who write stories don't edit other'; I, for one, would find it very difficult to not piss in the soup.

Replies:   REP

Thank You Uther. I am much of the same opinion. I was asked with no more than extremely vague observations without any specifics from anyone to get an editor for my latest piece. I have had some editors in the past but they were what I consider 1 step away from helpful.
In the past I have done a lot of proofreading for technical journals for doctorate thesus' and they were very much appreciative. One was 18,000 pages. The author wrote it over a period of 25 years and it was primarily American English. We found that there were over 500 non-english words and phrases that he had accidentally included as they said in about 10 or 12 characters what he meant to say in as many words in English. We corrected this although with the subject matter (based in Greek, latin, German, French and Russian) While not written about in the combination in their root languages sometimes used British and American English.
Funny how some words migrate in living languages.:=)



It's under Authors/Editors



Thank You REP.

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