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Water Sports?

awnlee jawking

I'm in 'stupid question' mode today ;)

How would you code a story which includes sexual practices involving water but not urine?

The site's code definitions (and dictionaries) say that water sports involve urine.


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@awnlee jawking

Probably not enough interest on the part of readers to make it worth coding. :)

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@awnlee jawking

There does not appear to be a code for sexual practices involving water. I would use the applicable codes and include a comment in the description about that fact.

awnlee jawking


Probably not enough interest on the part of readers to make it worth coding. :)

I suspect you're right :(

I'd be interested to know of any current SOL stories fitting my criterion.


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Surfing and making out at the beach and in swimming pools is a feature of SmokinDriver's story 17th Birthday.

17th Birthday
Coming of Age
SmokinDriver This is a coming of age story about a boy that turns a summer job into a career and all the fun he has along the way.
[More Info]
Tags: Ma/Fa, mt/ft, mt/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, School, Sports, Workplace, Orgy, Swinging, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism
Sex Contents: Much Sex
Posted: 2/2/2014, 7:33:40 PM Concluded: 2/27/2014, 4:23:17 AM / (Review)


@awnlee jawking

There are dozens (hundreds) of stories that mention having some form of sex in a water shower.

I seem to recall that there was some swapping in the hot tub in some of the Florida Friends stories.

Switch Blayde

@awnlee jawking

sexual practices involving water but not urine?

Esther Williams fan fiction.

(you youngsters won't know who she is)


@richardshagrin, @AmigaClone, @Switch Blayde

Thanks for the suggestions, but that's not quite what I mean.

I've written a short example scene which I'm prepared to share off-line if people PM me with an e-mail address.

(NB - the female participant is only 14, but that's not relevant to the the scene.)


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