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Proof reader/Editor?


Hi all;

I'd love to find a proofreader/editor for some short stories I'm working at.

It's a bit of coming of an age, an extroverted girl and her first sexual experiences, from her 14 years old, and up to who knows when.

It's a slow history. Plenty of exhibitionism, for me, is erotic, maybe others can find it boring, I don't know.

I'd love putting all tags in here, but I don't know most of them yet, with five short stories ready, the tags would be:

Exhibitionism, voyeurism, handjob, blowjob.

So, hey, if you think you'd be interested, let me know, I can send you the first one or two stories and see.

About 2.000 words per story.

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You would have better success posting in the Editors/Reviewers section of the Forum. The Authors/Editors link allows you to access the Volunteer/Editors section to post a request directly to Volunteer Editors.

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Crumbly Writer

It's also best to include a story description, story codes and genre, just so editors will know ahead of time if there are any squicks or if it's something that just doesn't interest them.

It's easier making a decision like that if you have an idea whether the idea makes any sense or not. Even now, with a whole slew of editors, several will sit out a give story based purely on the story's premise. It's not that they don't like my writing, but that the story may cut a little close to the bone.

Just as an aside, I'd also look for female editors. They're tougher to find, especially on SOL, but having at least one will help prevent you from being sucked into male sexual fantasies (which SOL is heavily weighed by). We need more female centric stories which convey what sex is like for women. We don't need women pretending to be men writing (badly) about women.

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Thanks REP, I will follow your advise.


@Crumbly Writer

Hello and thanks for your advise Crubly Writer, I thought I had added enough information, I will check the post and repost where it belongs.

About female editors, If I had the chance to chose, I will try following your adivse, but I also find the mix, of male-female erotism interesting.





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