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Chapter Order Question


So in a weird fit of pique, I have two symbiotic in-progress stories that I have decided would work better as one story instead of being posted as 2 separate serials... (yeah, yeah, I know, the effects of posting while writing, etc...)

Anyway, my question is this, is there any way that I'm not seeing (and forum search didn't help me greatly though I could have missed something) that I can re-order chapters in an already published story, or would I just have to go about the route of replacing/reposting chapters to get them in the order I want? TIA

Replies:   REP  Ernest Bywater


If you want to reorder the chapters without changing the contents and without reposting, the admins may be able to do that for you. Just send Lazeez an email describing what you want, and he will let you know if it is doable.

Ernest Bywater


You can do as Rep said, or you can create one file of all of the new chapters in order and put (spaces added to code to ensure it doesn't run):

{ P } Chapter XX

At the start of each chapter. That way the SoL Wizard will automatically make the chapter breaks at that point and post all of the current chapters in one go, but as different chapters.

Either way you do it you need to include an end note and blog entry to let the readers know what you've done so they can re-read the new layout from the start.

Crumbly Writer

The other option is going old school (if you don't want to create a super-massive file with every single chapter in it) is to repost chapter 1 - …, in groups of 20. That'll take time to post, however, but it requires less monkeying around with files. But, if you're combining two stories into one, then you'll undoubtedly need to eliminate one of them, so warn your readers well ahead of time, so they'll know it's coming, add a blog entry, in case they miss it anyway, before you delete one.

The best bet is, keep both going for a short time, redirecting readers to the other story so they'll all be moved over if they're regularly following the chapters each post.

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