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Movie Magic


In another thread on this forum, someone talks about a movie scene in which an airplane flies so close to a hotel that it hits a guitar (I assume bigger than life-size) on the building, and then immediately lands at an air strip that, in real life, is nowhere near the hotel.
I remember a Kevin Costner movie, "No Way Out," set in Washington, DC, in which he went to DC's subway station in Georgetown (the ritzy section of DC, which prevented a substation there for fear that people from other less desirable sections might end up in their neck of the woods). Then he came up out of the subway in the Old Post Office Building (this was filmed in 1987, before Donald Trump turned the old government building into a Trump Hotel), which actually has no subway entrance or exit in it.
Any other examples of movie magic that show impossible views and make us believe it? Any stories (dead tree or SOL) that do the same?

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Ernest Bywater

I forget what city the scene was set in, but it was somewhere in North America in one of the Mission Impossible movies where you can see a train in the background with Queensland Rail painted on it. In another scene they're supposedly in a beach side city in the Caribbean, but one of the shops has stuffed kangaroos and koalas in the shop window. The movie was actually filmed on the Queensland Gold Coast and for the beach side city scene they put plastic signs over the actual shop signs for the blocks of the street visible, but didn't change the shop window contents at all. For the bikini and food shops it made no difference, but the curio shop sure looked odd for the Caribean.



I recall reading about mistakes in movies. One of the mistakes was in a movie set in New Orleans. It showed a famous New Orleans' bar, but the movie setting was before the bar was established. I understand most movie goers missed that error.



I would include all stories that are set in fictional locations but that level of detail was enough to make it appear real.

Michael Loucks

In Die Hard 2, John McLean is supposed to be at Dulles International Airport in Washington, DC, but the phones all say 'Pac Bell' and there are maps of Los Angeles :-)

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