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possible solution to 1 bombs


Firstly I'm not sure how the code for this site is written so I'm not able to declare this a 100% solution. But it is a practical option in theory.
when someone clicks to vote the options form a list starting at the dreaded one. if the code was slightly different, could you set the list to start in the middle, say a 5 to make it quicker to track to scores either above or below average. This is all just theory in my head but it is at least theoretically possible to do and may make some authors a bit happier and voters more likely to at least vote average rather than one.

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Ross at Play


I doubt that will work. There are a lot of asses out there - but they don't "donkey vote".

Meaning of the Australian slang expression "donkey vote"

However, there seems no harm could come from listing the options in descending instead of ascending order.

Lazeez, have I finally found an enhancement to suggest that you haven't already thought of and implemented?



Your proposed idea is not clear to me. However, 1-bombers rate stories as 1 for a variety of reasons. There is no way to stop someone from giving a story a 1 rating, and most of us have learned to just ignore them. That doesn't mean we accept them, it's just that they are a pimple on our asses.


Not every vote of one is a one bomb. If something is posted that is not a story (and not appreciated), a one vote means "you call this a story?" Stories have characters, a plot, and some sort of resolution. Collections of jokes, instructions on how to build a fire, or political discussions are not, in my opinion, stories. And often deserve a "one".

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