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Silly question, but did the SOL staff take the day off for a late Canadian day celebration today?

Crumbly Writer

It's now well over 12 hours after I posted a story, and it hasn't been processed. I'm guessing it'll get handled tomorrow, but I posted a blog at the same time, and now I'm feeling like an idiot, posting a blog about a non-existent story posting.

Ernest Bywater

@Crumbly Writer

The same thing happened to me the other day. I suspect there may be workload issues with the possibility of one of the moderators being on leave, but I don't know.


@Crumbly Writer

Story updates have been posted so I would say No.

Lazeez Jiddan (Webmaster)

@Crumbly Writer

Vixen is in the US, so the 4th and all.

However, we've been posting all day. 10 stories have been processed. I looked at the posting queue and there is nothing from you. Is the story submission listed in the submission wizard when you check it?

ETA: You should have specified that they're on Scifistories and Finestories. I've checked and both are now posted.

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