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Cold Creek


Has anyone heard anything about Cold Creek lately?
I tried his e-mail and didn't get a reply back so was wondering if anyone had heard from him.


Replies:   Ernest Bywater
Ernest Bywater


Last I heard, quite some time back, he had a long term job situation that was going to interfere with his writing for quite a while.


I still remember that wonderful glorious day when Cold Creek updated... a normal Monday getting in final work before holidays when I checked the SOL page off my laptop and the cable's wifi hotspot from the restaurant next door. It was just before lunch so after screaming into my hand like a little girl, I started reading but before I finished the first paragraph I decided to wait.

I left work early and picked up a nice bottle of wine and something to nibble on for dinner.

Then totally get thrown by the way he changed his relationship. Took a few minutes to calm down. Then realized I should have seen the changes coming since we had been hit by them already.

But if Mike ends up helping the world fight off an alien attack of earth... I might have to stop reading it.

Who am I kidding, of course I'll keep reading about Mike Stewart and his trip towards creating a true artificial intelligence while becoming the new King of England and single-handedly winning the Olympic gold for Canada in hockey right after winning the Stanley Cup.



Isn't there supposed to be a harem in there somewhere? Are Canadians eligible to be Kings of England? I know Elizabeth II is Queen of Canada, but is citizenship transferable now that's its a commonwealth instead of an Empire? Of course he should become an Emperor, that would save the citizenship issue.

Nothing is impossible for an author who cares to make it so.



After that Mayhem of a review I think I will start taking shinerdrinker's Pills.

Yes, I'm looking forward to Mike and Asuka getting together to merge Canada, Japan and the USA; missing them greatly


Someday we may yet see the return of MS and his fellow characters.

Replies:   shinerdrinker


Away with these negative feelings of yours!

The DMan shall return... he has to... he just has to! (Wipes the tears from his eyes while sobbing like a little girl.)

Mike Stewart is a savior of the world but he must watch out for Calvin Klein and his army of underweight stick figure models and their abilities to refocus camera flashes to any direction they deem necessary. Not to mention the dastardly New Jersey Devils' owner who can't get passed what happened in his own house.

Ugh. I am worried about Mr. Stewart. We need to find out what is happening to his life or I'll be forced to think up some new stuff myself. And none of us want that.


Oh please,do you really think he gives a damn what you think about his stories.His own words tell you he writes for his own enjoyment not yours.That's why not a single word about whats going on with the story.
Great story...lousy personality of the writer.

Replies:   docholladay


Sounds a little like another writer I have communicated with in the past. Oh well just enjoy what he has shared and hope for more is about all I can suggest. If all else fails we will have to finish the stories in our own minds.

G Younger

If all else fails we will have to finish the stories in our own minds.

Mike steps out of the hockey center and his phone buzzed. He was surprised to see a text from someone he thought he had lost. He stepped off the curb to cross the street with a little extra bounce in his step. He never saw the bus coming...

Replies:   richardshagrin  gstevens

@G Younger

Mike fell into a vat used for gold plating. It was a horrible end but a beautiful finish.

Replies:   REP

@G Younger

Gotta love it



Was he placed in the Hockey Hall of Fame or an art gallery?

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