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iSigodi, Chapter 005.

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Hi all!
I hope that you all enjoyed a great Easter! A little late, but I hope you all had an Easter as bright as the spring sun, as sweet as chocolate eggs, and as joyful as a bunny's hop! Wishing all my amazing fans a wonderful Easter filled with love, happiness, and blessings.

Here we did have a quiet Easter. The rascals have been off work since last Thursday and are going back to work only tomorrow. It was fun having them at home, but that meant that I did not work much on chapter 11. But that will be rectified from tomorrow when it will be only me, myself and I at home. LOL. Yes, I better stop playing Fallout 4 and start to look at finishing “iSigodi.” Then there is also some Yard Work to finish up. Sigh. (“J”, I know you hate that word, but one must “dalla” what one must “dalla.”)

Thanks again for all the comments and the emails. If I did not answer you yet, don’t worry, it’s in the pipeline… soon! LOL. Also, I need feedback from you the readers that make use of screen readers, if the ALT TEXT on the pics are getting through and if it is correct in describing the pics.

But here is chapter 5 of iSigodi. Have fun!

Until next time.

Bye 4 now!

P.S. I see that SOL has implemented a “Cover Page” graphic for all the stories. I will look into that and start to upload some cover pages.




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