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Variation on a Theme: Book 5 starts posting tomorrow

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The Foreword and Chapter 1 of Book 5 are queued for posting tomorrow, 20 November 2023.

The initial posting schedule is Monday / Thursday. If you have preferences for other dates, please email or post in the Book 5 comments.

The long-term plan is to return to 3x/week once I have a sufficient buffer. That will be at least until the end of 2023. It might well be some distance into 2024. Right now I have enough that I'll be fine working with 2x/week, but more would be better even for 2x/week.

Thanks to all of my readers! And, if you're not one (and haven't tried and given up on it), give Book 1 a shot! While it's impossible to avoid the broadest of spoilers, I try to avoid them in book descriptions, so while it seems like not much has happened from the descriptions, that might not be entirely true :)



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