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Cargo Drop, Chapter 010.

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Hi all!

I hope you are having a great day! Well, I told you that I read all comments and appreciate the emails that you send me. Well, I think it is best to answer some of your input here on this blog.

Firstly: Here in South Africa there’s a LAW that state no one is allowed to take your picture without your permission. (Effectively killing those stupid traffic speed cameras!) So, I can’t go around and take random pictures of nice pretty girls without them telling me it’s okay.

Secondly: If I do that I might get a whack on the head from the Redhead light of my life!

Thirdly: There’s a thing called: “Copyright.” I can’t just use pictures from the internet without paying some photographer some money.

To counter all these problems, and still give you illustrations to highlight some aspect of the story, I resorted to using a 3D rendering software application and design my own girls. (Yeah, I know!) Also, I have to get the right angle for the illustrations, something the internet pictures don’t always give.

The photographs of the aircraft I use are also copyright, therefore I use a Software application called Flight Simulator X (MSFS2020 is way too expensive to buy here in SA.)

You will notice that the pictures of the T-6 Harvard is FSX with the one where Bobbie saw it for the first time, to be the real ZS-BAL. Lucky the owner of the aircraft had no problem with me using that picture of ZS-BAL.

I could not trace the owner of the L-39 ZU-JET, therefore, I used the FSX one.

I am real sensitive towards copyright protection, and therefore do not want to step on anyone’s toes, as I have the same sentiment towards my own works. If you were not aware, there were some people that went and copied SOL stories and just changed the title, then went and sold it on a well known online book-store. This is not only theft, but, outright disrespect for the author of the original work. I can assure you it takes many hours of research and coining the phrases. Especially for me that is not a native English speaker, and neither English grammar wise.

I do hope you guys and girls understand the problem. I will as far as possible still use pictures of landscapes that I describe.

Okay, that out of the way… Here is Chapter 10 of Cargo Drop. Happy reading!

Until next time.

Bye 4 now!



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