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Revised Opening Earth (Part 1)

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I've been making good progress on Time Scope 3, but needed a break. I knew there were a number of grammatical errors in the first story in the Opening Earth series, so I went back to review and fix my errors. That took a while, but it was well worth the time. There were far more errors than I expected, and I added and modified some content in the process. The content I added and modified didn't make a significant difference in the story line. I uploaded the revised chapters today and they are now posted, if you wish to reread that part of the story.

Should you reread the story? It wouldn't hurt for I feel it is much better than it was, but spending the time to do so may not be worth the effort unless you wish to remind yourself of the story's content. There were a number of scenes that I had forgotten writing. A few of those scenes support the scenes I wrote in Part 3. I also found a few items that need to be addressed in Part 4 when I write it.

During the coming weeks, I will be revising Part 2 of the story, and I'll let you know when the changes to that part are uploaded. Once that is done, I will return to Time Scope.