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In years past I had been using blogger to blog in the hope for the ability to raise a little money for myself. Now needless to say, given my very intermittent output I've basically been poking that with a stick. So not much hope there unless I should have something go viral, which given that I don't have a lot of followers even here is not very apt to happen... But hey maybe I'd stumble upon a meme and someone famous would see it an pass it on? Not much hope of that (sort of like hoping to win the lottery while not even playing regularly!) given my work habits with regard to blogging... I mean it has been since 2010 (I think) since I put something up on blogger...

Oh my, no wonder I can't succeed, I'm not working!
I just checked... My last entry was 2015 (a bit better than I thought) but there was only one entry for that year.
Strangely enough, being here and getting the feedback from my audience has encouraged me to continue to write and blog quite a bit more regularly than what Ive done at blogger.