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Where’s my bungee cord???

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It's like this every time I get ready to travel. I'm ready to hitch up the fifth wheel and pull out, except I'm nowhere near ready! Nothing is packed away. The laundry isn't done. There are dirty dishes in the sink. The table top hasn't been seen in two months. My stock of books is in the middle of the unvacuumed floor. I haven't taken down my banner or sun screen. I need to empty the tanks. Something crawled into the storage space and died. And it's headed toward 85 degrees today so I need to do it all in the sun.

All so I can leave Quartzsite AZ and head north to Worley ID on Tuesday. The maps say its 1200 miles and 24 hours, so I figure I should be able to make it at my typical rate of travel in fifteen days. If you think you're along that route (Laughlin, Las Vegas, Ely, Twin Falls, Boise, Lewiston, Moscow) and want to get together for a drink or dinner, ping me.

In the meantime… my Advance Release patrons are finishing Double Take Book 1 today and will start Book 2 next Sunday. The Sausage Grinders-those brave souls who would rather read with all the errors than wait for the editors to get a whack at it-are getting a chapter a day this month of Book 3!

But not to be outdone, my alter ego, Wayzgoose, is uploading Chapter 1 of Wild Woods for posting here on SOL on Friday this week. It will post weekly for fourteen weeks. And since he's a glutton for punishment, he'll start posting Municipal Blondes on SOL on the 27th. That's the sequel to For Blood or Money, so if you thought that was the end of the story, you've got another one coming!

So, once again, as aroslav and Wayzgoose, I'll have three stories posting simultaneously for the next three months. And I only have 1200 miles to drive.

I suppose that if I'm ever going to get out of here, I'd better do the dishes.