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Another Dark And Stormy Night

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Hi All

I have just finished a period where I only had three days off over the past four weeks. I also took on the task of finishing Xalir's last story. Right now it is in the final editing stage. I also had to continue to write "The Strawberry Patch:Book 3".

During this time, I have been teasing my Muse. I would write for a bit and then stop. My Muse went a little crazy on me and began dumping all sorts of ideas into my head and of course did it while I was at work and couldn't even write down the ideas!

So, having said all of that, one of the thoughts my Muse dropped on me was a story using the dreaded worst opening line in the history of literature, "It Was A dark And Stormy Night". In a couple of my creative writing classes we had to write a story with this horrible beginning. But I tricked her!

I wrote the story outline during several breaks at work (I made it a habit to bring paper with me on my job, take that Muse!) The first chapter was really short and then they got longer as I wrote more. I am going to post a chapter every night over the next ten days.

Voting will be turned on when the last chapter posts. Comments will be open from chapter one. I hope you like it, I had fun messing with my Muse.

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