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Free Trader Mary's Dream Chapter 11- First draft complete

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This will be the first chapter of FTMD in some time. It's off to the pre-readers, and I'll give you a bit of a tease.

It's current working title is "Prometheus+Slinger=Ozymandias", and now, it has nothing to do with Breaking Bad.

it also is a very discordant tonal shift from the other chapters. It is the beginning of events that will change the Universe that Mary, Alex and Melissa thought they understood. This chapter does not involve them directly in any way, but it will affect them profoundly.

In a universe where one's belief in the righteousness of one's Cause can justify anything, can one live with what one must do to advance the Cause? And when one's Cause is all consuming, how easy is it for others to manipulate that cause to their own benefit.

As always, I am open to pre-reader requests.