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Multi-Author Event!

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St. Patrick's Day has lots of festive people and copious amounts of beer. That's good, because the rest of it sucks. Corned beef is traditionally boiled. Boiled!

Isn't that why we rebelled against England in the first place? We didn't want taxation without representation and we certainly didn't want boiled meat. That's why BBQ was invented in the good old USA. And Irish Soda Bread? Dry as the Sahara.

Horrible. So, why not expand on the horror and indulge in some amazing stories with a gothic horror theme later in the week?

Some amazing authors with a shed full of clitoride nominations will be participating in an event for the readers where they submit stories with a gothic horror theme on March 20th.

For the very reasonable price of FREE, you get to enjoy story after story from some very talented writes.