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I have no idea when I wrote the story I just posted.

April 15, 2018
Posted at 11:52 pm

Seriously. I have no recollection of originally writing it.

I've been cleaning out some old old notebooks and I found a notebook. When I opened it I found a story I have absolutely no recollection of writing. From other things in the notebook it looks like it was written in the mid to late 90s, just when I was starting to write this type of story and when I still wrote on paper. I read it, and realized with a little cleaning up, it was pretty decent, so I did just that.

It's only the first part, and I can definitely see themes I used in other stories like IOA.

I've posted the first chapter under the Netwanderer classic universe and will post the next two a few days apart.

Also, an irons in the fire update...

I've got a couple of projects in the works.

I actually wrote a followup to my most recent D59-DCTU story, did the whole thing and decided I hated it. So that's on hold.
I am also working on finally finishing Islands of Adventure and getting that posted - I hit a spot and was stuck for a while, but just yesterday came up with an alternate scene that will work and get things moving again.
I also dug out my old notes from Mummy and started plotted a few more chapters of that...

Also, when I found this notebook, there were TWO stories in it. The second is MUCH darker than the first, more in line with the Kelly series, and I am honestly not sure what I am going to do with that. I probably will transcribe it, if just for archival purposes, but not sure I will be posting it anytime soon.

I'm really going to try to publish SOMETHING at least once a quarter this year, but thats up to real life...