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Slowly still on the mend, but...

February 14, 2018
Posted at 12:42 pm

No... I haven't forgotten about SOL, and all of my various works 'in-progress'!

Recovery from my fourth major orthopedic surgery continues. Already my left shoulder feels better than it has in years, but I'm still very limited right now in what I can or should do. Everything is still connected with screws and supposedly the tendons won't really reattach themselves for a few more months yet. So I'm taking things very slow and being patient... or I'll risk needing a surgery #5.

I'm off of all pain meds now (for the first time in 4+ years), so I can actually think my way around plot lines without being in a constant mental fog, so that's progress too! Working on lots of story notes and I have the first eight pages or so of the next Arc Deco chapter done (but needs a massive rewrite still).

Being partially disabled for the last 4+ years has meant that I've only been able to work part-time, if at all. That (unfortunately) won't change for another 3-6 months, until I'm medically cleared to be able to pick up more than 5 pounds. So, we've relied solely upon my wife's salary - and now she's been laid off!

So, at the moment, scrambling for grocery and mortgage money has been my main priority, and unfortunately not banging out any of the fifty or so stories cluttering my head at the moment. Fortunately, since I've been a packrat for most of my life, I've got plenty of boxes of stuff to throw up on eBay, so that's really helped.

Anyway... hoping to try and finish up that next Arco Deco soonish.