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Chapter 14 off to my editor

October 12, 2017
Posted at 6:40 pm

Sorry everyone for the delays on Chapter 14. As some of you may know I was struggling with chapter breaks. It seemed like a lot was going on or getting started in this chapter and I didn't know if I wanted to cram any more into it. I eventually decided not to and I'll pick up right where I left off with Chapter 15. You also may notice that chapters may or may not end at the end of a day. Some events will take longer than one day to progress and instead of filling each day with minutia that does not advance the story I will be trying to focus on scenes needed to tell the tale.

Hopefully this isn't too disruptive for anyone, if it is let me know. If I get enough feedback I may consider other options, but please remember I don't intent to write a detailed accounting of every day for Patty, that's just not the kind of story I have to tell.

Once my raw, error filled text has been reviewed by Spiralbound I'll post. As he is really awesome It'll probably be in the next couple days.