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The Pornomancer Goes to the Movies is up!

September 5, 2016
Posted at 1:51 am

Chapter 3 of the Pornomancer series has now been submitted for posting. Once again, my ability to write simple porn has been forced to suffer my need to write plot, and unexpected developments are now occurring. For those who are looking forward seeing what comes next, tough!

Instead, the next chapter of Paradise In A Name is on the docket, picking up where we last left Sam. How I managed to find myself juggling multiple series at the same time is a long and complicated story involving a cranky red dragon, several nuclear weapons, and far too many Harry Potter fangirls.

My cat is now glaring ominously at me, which is her way of telling me to go to sleep so that she can use me as a bed. Before I bow to the inevitable and obey my feline overlord, here's a link to a bit of artwork for the latest Pornomancer chapter!