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Update: Not Writing Yet

April 17, 2013
Posted at 9:24 pm

I've taken an unplanned hiatus from writing to deal with work issues and family issues. Not too stressed about, though, because after finishing a story, I often have burnout. Here's an update, such as it is:

I had planned for Finding Bathsheba 3 to be the next story I write, but over the last three years or so, I've had a Sci-Fi story swirling in my head. Its form has solidified enough that I can't ignore it. What that means is I'll probably be writing two stories concurrently when I start writing again: this new story and FB3. Not sure how that'll go. If it's like the last time I tried to write multiple stories at the same time (which was back in the beginning of my writing days), one of the stories will probably win out eventually and get the bulk of my focus.

After those two stories, I think I'll either jump into Brody's next installment or pick A Road Less Traveled back up. I know some people want to see that one finished (me included), but I can't really get to it until FB3 is done.

Anyway, next time I blog will be after I've begun writing in earnest again, which I hope will be soon.

Thanks for reading and for your continued patience!