Jonas: Favorites

1: The Anderson Chronicles by Erotica Author
Each time I saw an update notice for this story, I swore I wasn't going to read it. It didn't sound like my style. But something kept gnawing at me, and now I anxious for the next chapter. Well written, and very erotic.
2: Bec by BarBar
Great writing, great focus on life growing up. Just loved this story. Again, I echo this for the sequels, Bec2 and Bec3. BarBar has one of the most unique writing styles which I'm not sure anyone can emulate.
3: A Correct Destiny by Al Steiner
This story caught me off guard, but it captivated me. I can really relate to the leading man, so maybe that's part of it. Well done, Al.
4: The House at the End of the Street by A Strange Geek
This is part of an awesome series having to do with the town of Haven and a group called the Harbingers. Again, I'm not into paranormal usually, but this series is freaking hot.
5: Judgements by Moghal
Great storylines, great characters, and freakin' hot sex. What's not to love?
6: Once More With Feelings by The Night Hawk
Great premise. I really enjoyed this story, even getting into the whole volleyball thing. Go team!
7: An Ordinary Teenage Sex Life by bluedragon
Someone reminded I need to add this to the list. May be my second favorite "coming of age" story (including its sequels), just behind the Summer Camp series.
8: Pete: A Young Man's Story by Magi
This story is huge, and has been going on for a long time. Yet the last chapters are as good as the first. I can't wait to read each upcoming chapter. Normally, I'm not into "rich and famous" characters, but these ones seem so relatable...
9: Playing the Game by Rev. Cotton Mather
Someone recommended this story to me. Loved it, but you can't read it and not the sequels, which are just as good. I didn't realize it, but I'm a romantic at heart. Could be why I love to read about people falling in love...
10: Sisters by Jan Vincent
This was the first piece of erotic fiction I read (sure I read stroke stories, but I don't really classify them as "erotic fiction"). I was hooked on the story and the genre. Awesome characterization, intense relationships and great writing. Not to mention, sexy as hell! Jan has a site she hosts that contains a sequel to this story, as well as lots of other great stories:
11: Sleepwalker by Shadow of Moonlite
This story is awesome! I'm not normally in to paranormal stuff, but this caught my attention and kept it throughout. And then SoM added the sequel, Dreamweaver, which left me panting for more.
12: Summer Camp - Book 1: Susan by Nick Scipio
What can I say? A classic. An absolute favorite... I only include the first book here, but this applies to all the sequels, too.