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Long time no see

August 4, 2012
Posted at 2:49 am

Hello all,

I know that I have not posted in some time, and for that I am sorry. A lot has been happening the past few weeks, and I have been trying my best to try and find work. I have not stopped writing, only it has significantly slowed. I am hopeful to post the next chapter to new moon rises soon.

I am also still being told that there are grammar and flow errors in blood moon and new moon. I am sorry that this has happened. I had hoped one proof reader/ editor would be enough, but things still slip by us. I am going to be looking for one or two others to help ensure that my readers stay immersed in the story instead of worrying about grammar, spelling or syntax.

I hope to have a bit more time soon to write, however I am unsure how much time. Until then have a great one, and beware of the woods when the blood moon rises!!