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They were dumb enough...

February 3, 2012
Posted at 1:47 am

...to leave a computer next to my bed :)))

I'm sick and I'm not writing. When I do it's gonna be an illustrated bible black novel. Get ready for that.

I asked Peter to cut 1500 words out of Tina Vazquez chapter 8 ...He called me back and said 1600 were gone. All adverbs. hahahah what a dick.

He's my brother in law, btw, which is why I trust him. If he screws me, I'll divorce his brother. Wait...That came out bad, didn't it?

Bestial brother will update on the last day of every month until it's done.

Other stories in progress will update as required by the Pope. He's a big fan, but a slow reader.

I'll try and do some email over the next few days, but this is really wearing me out. Honestly. It sucks being me right now. Chin up, eh? :) Love it.