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Formatting Issues

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I'm trying to figure out why all the scene breaks are appearing in the middle of the last chapter. It's a formatting issue but so far my usual tricks aren't working. I may have to rewrite and resubmit the chapter which is delaying my progress.

Hopefully I can figure it out tonight at work.


Travis? Really?

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Okay okay. The death threats and interesting methods of disposing my body were...damn, just brilliant. I give up.

Here you go. It isn't Carter, Gil, Kevin or... (sheesh) Travis...

Why does the dog get blamed for everything? Except when my room smells like low tide in the morning...


Rotten Rotty Ass

Spyder's Web Chapter 10

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I just dropped chapter 10 and I promise another eclectic cliffhanger. Spyder's Web is wrapping up quickly and I want it to end with a bang. I'm interested to see your remarks. I hope it posts soon.


Happy Thanks Giving

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I just dropped 2 chapters (10 & 11) for Below the Belt. Now I have to sleep because I have a turkey to cook tomorrow. I've rarely been accused of being normal so it should surprise none of you that I make sure none of my kids goes without a drumstick. Solution? I cook a four-legged turkey!
Okay, I buy a couple of extra turkey legs and make it 'look' like a four-legged turkey... Never gets old I tell ya.

Go stuff yourselves!


I just finished Chapter 8--Spyder

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At last, y'all finally get to meet Sam (or Spyder). Hopefully, the chapter will be posted soon. I hope you like her as much as I do.




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