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Chapter 20

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Chapter 20 gives us a better look at the Solana family, and what they are facing in the future. I also fixed a typo in Chapter 19. Please let me know when you find them; I am happy to fix them. Thanks.

Chapter 19

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Not sure how it happened but I had a naming error back in Chapter 12. Fixed. Thanks to therealalpo for catching it. Otherwise, in Chapter 19, Jack has some more fun and Tina is brought to submission. Enjoy!

Chapter 18

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Got an email a few chapters ago:

"You need to get Jack's head out of his ass and start him preparing for war or its all over. I can't count the number of times he's been told the most important thing he can do is to get the shard to the East, but he spends time securing a promotion in a job he doesn't need and creating a harem he doesn't need when he can fuck any women he meets any time he wants. If he really needs his harem he should have just loaded it on an RV or a private jet and taken it with him. With a mind this keen he's making rubber tires look like razor blades. He's supposed to be a sharp advertising executive for Gods sake, but he can't seem to think beyond the next blow job. With a "HERO" like this I hope you plan a long and slow death for him, it's all he deserves so far, in this war."

I replied that maybe the reader should wait a few chapters. Hopefully by now I have answered the concerns noted in the email. Some people are just too damn impatient!

BTW - I won't discuss whether Jack is a sharp advertising executive. I used to work with ad execs. The thing to remember about advertising is that half of what you spend in ads is wasted, but you never know which half, and neither do the ad execs.

Chapter 17

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The Order is examined, and true evil is found. The war is upon Jack and how he deals with it will define his future. It's a shorter chapter, but that's how it works out sometimes. I could probably add Violent, Rape, and Torture to the categories, but decided not to. In the whole story it is only a few paragraphs and our hero fights against it. Since many of us filter these items out, I decided against categorizing them.

Chapter 16

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Fun and games at the resort for Jack, as he learns more about the crystal and the power it gives him.