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Final Words (on War of the Crystals)

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I've had several thoughts on this story.

First, a major dichotomy developed in the readership of the story. One group wanted more sex, more graphic sex, more of the harem, and more breeding. The other wanted less, in some cases significantly less, and more about the crystals and what they could do. It seemed that it was a fine line to walk, and I don't think I walked it the way most people liked. I thought it would have done better in the ratings than it has, especially compared to the original unfinished story. I am also sure that is my vanity speaking and not my intellect. Oh well.

Many readers enjoyed the premise of the final chapter, where Construct explained how Jack could fix much of what is happening in Washington. I heard from readers on both ends of the spectrum and most everybody agreed Congress and the Presidency are massively screwed up currently. Many wanted the story to continue, to show how Jack and Construct fixed things. Unfortunately, once you get past the 'Washington needs fixing' stage, nobody can agree on what the fix should be! As a result, I took to sending out the following reply - "Thanks but continuing the story would get into too much politics, and I don't need the hate mail." I got enough of that with both Carl Buckman and the Grim Reaper!

Chapter 30

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And so we come to the end!

For those curious about spelling, capitol and capital are often used interchangeably. Not sure what to use, I googled it. The answer I found was interesting. Capital with an A refers to a city that is the seat of government for its region. Capitol with an O is only for buildings; that's its only use. So, Washington DC is the capital, and is the location of the Capitol.

For those who complain about politics intruding into the story, Construct said it best. "What do you think I have been training you for?" If Jack is going to become a leader, he will have to deal with politics. As to why the villain is a right-wing kook, it was just easier that way. As Construct also said, "The other side has their kooks as well." I could have had an ultra-liberal East Coast femi-nazi spout about the need to kill all the billionaires and nationalize every company in the Fortune 500 but that just didn't have the same visceral gut punch of reinstituting slavery. Get over it!

Chapter 29

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Justice is served on Kirsten's rapists, and Jack purchases a larger home.

Chapter 28

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Jack finishes his collection trip and returns home, where he has to work hard to satisfy his harem.

Chapter 27

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Jack begins collecting crystal shards on the West Coast and questions the rightness of doing so.