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Reposted "First Time With Kathy". I hope I didn't flub THIS one

August 11, 2018
Posted at 10:25 pm

So, thank you one and all. Wriggle suggested a resource for my family and me to use regarding dealing with my mother: Thank you, very much!

I have reposted my (reviewed) (looks clean) version of the complete story. I hope folks enjoy it, without the jarring discontinuity of "Whoa! I've seen this chapter before!".

Thank you all for reading, and commenting.

And, for those who care, my sons have stepped up as MEN, volunteering to drive out to my mother's, on short call, and pack her up and move her. (proud pappa moment!) In short, all my (first world) drama, is settling out.

I f#@$%ed up.

August 2, 2018
Posted at 10:10 pm

So, several folks have gone to the trouble to tell me that I re-posted, as new material, old chapter(s) of First Time With Kathy.

I'm sorry. I had thought that I had new material, that hadn't been posted, because I did not properly implement the delayed posting feature of the website.

Nope. I screwed it up, in an altogether different way. NOW< I have to determine how I screwed it up, and what happened to the material that I thought ended with

"I entered my apartment, and I turned from locking the door, to find a smiling, topless Kathy waiting for me, her blouse dangling from one hand."

So, patience please, folks. I started a second job (nearly full time, itself), continue in my primary full time job, we're trying to determine what to do about my obstinate mother, in her 10th decade and unsteady on her feet, and forgetful, who does NOT to stop living on her own, while dealing with the daily grind of housework, paying and keeping track of bills, animals, grandchildren, etcetera.

Not complaining, simply outlining the constraints on my editing, writing, and proofreading time.

I will attend to it, at the earliest opportunity. Thank you for reading, thank you for commenting, and thank you for bringing my foul up to my attention.

First Time With Kathy: final chapters are in the queue.

July 1, 2018
Posted at 4:00 pm

Well, everybody will see that I have (screwed things up terribly)(figured out the delayed posting feature). (select one: wait for it!) In either event, stand by for the final three chapters. I have set them to post once a week, on Saturday (Calendars: they're a thing!). I hope everybody who enjoyed the version of "Kathy" that I posted in May, enjoys the additional chapters.

NOTE! FOR THOSE WITH TENDER LANGUAGE SENSIBILITIES! In Chapter 5, there is use of what, with our delicate and easily offended sensibilities of the 21st century, we term "THE 'N' WORD!". It is a direct quote, of actual vocabulary really employed when the woman who is the model for Kathy, and I were dating. Now, this was all of 39 years ago, but, well, read at your own risk.

Thanks for reading.

First Time With Kathy: Repost

July 1, 2018
Posted at 3:40 pm

I have reposted "First Time With Kathy". You may notice that I have now delineated chapters, which, I hope, will facilitate transitions in the tale. In addition, I've written three additional chapters which may illuminate an episode of, shall we term it, unenlightened behavior from someone who ought to have known better. Oh, yes: and, describe another "romantic interlude" with "my little black girl".

Reflecting on "First Time With Kathy"

May 27, 2018
Posted at 12:39 am

I graduated from nursing school nearly 40 years ago. At that time, The Big City was significantly different from what our society is like today. My sainted parents kept their own counsel regarding my career choices, and my living in what, at that time, was "The Murder City". (That, of course, would explain a lot of the going-their-own-way life choices my own children have made, wouldn't it?)

At that time, I worked for the Big City Fire Department's EMS Division. Things were, to be kind, tense, on many of our scenes. I wore a ballistic vest (because a pistol would just be a felony), carried multiple knives (and kept them honed to a fine edge), and constantly kept my head on a swivel. I was truly blessed to have as a partner (let us call him) "Doug", who was about good patient care, good clinical judgement, and common sense. We were kindred spirits. When he was attending to the patient, I made it a point to watch his back, and when I medic-ed, he watched mine.

So, in any event, the views of some of the members of the department were, let us say, benighted. One particular dim soul went to another guy I had been partnered with, another stand-up guy, good medic, and my friend, and asked him if I was still "seeing that nigger bitch".


So, as you likely know, that was just wrong. Even beyond the vulgar characterization of a women that he had never met, there was the entire mis-characterization of a lovely, educated, hardworking woman as what we, today, circumlocute as "the "N" word". Then, there was the fact that Kathy was about as far from bitchy as any woman I have ever been blessed to spend time with.

Just a bit more deliberation leads to the question of just how and why my love life (or lack thereof) is/was any of this fools business?

So, as it developed, I was a fool, myself, and cheated on Kathy. I was in my young twenties, and, well, f@cked up when another woman presented the opportunity for a dalliance. Rather than passing it up, and realizing that no nookie could be worth my relationship with this woman, yep, I took the bait.

And, as is common with women, she KNEW ALL immediately once we next met, and pried every tawdry detail from me.

To my everlasting shame.

So, I hope that I can do her honor, and justice, in my tales. She did not deserve the shallow poltroon that I was at the time. The only slim reed of redemption that I can claim, is that I never cheated again on any girlfriend. Or wife.