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Update on changes to "Don't Sleep in the Subway"

July 16, 2018
Posted at 10:15 am

Book 1 is still being edited and when all changes are made a revised edition will be posted with all 50 chapters.
Book 2 is projected to be submitted betweeen July 2018 and November 2018 with a total of 50 chapters. First 3 chapters submitted on 16 July 2018. Estimate 3x chapters a week until completion.
Other unfinished stories in this account will be updated in next 30 days. Following annex to be added to revision of Book 1.
(This is an annex to be inserted into Book 1 of the 3 Book series "Don't Sleep in the Subway")

(Character related time lines)

Time Line Element for Book 1 is complicated because of time travel constraints. The age and development of the main characters is kept as plausible as possible within the scope of the full scenario of Book 1. The final draft will have some of the conflicts and contradictions explained in terms of the space-time continuum in a way that is more palatable for the average reader rather than in scientific terms.
In the simplest of terms, there are two time-lines in Book 1.
(Primary Time-line)…The primary time-line follows the age cycle of the main character Jack Kruger.
Jack Kruger…Born… 14 February 1952
Military Service…1969 - 1989 - United States Marine Corps
Age at beginning of story…Biological (63) (Space-Time reversal (48))
During the period of backwards travel until his return to present day, Jack Kruger did not age as we know it in terms of life cell deterioration but actually reversed the process and when he returned to current day of 2015 at the end of Book 1 in chapter 50, he was 48 and not 63. His official age was still 63 in documentary terms, but he had physically turned into a fit and well-muscled man of 48 at the peak of his military abilities.
Thus, at the beginning of Book 2, Jack is 48 years old and quite a testing contradiction to the VA medical staff at the hospital that treated him for some damage received whilst on his travel back to the secondary time period.
(Secondary Time-line)…This is the part in Book one that extended from 1863 - 1878. The times are somewhat approximate but covered a period of fifteen life-cycle years that apparently were subtracted from his biological age of 63 at the very beginning. This secondary time-line effect reverses Jack's age from 48 to 38 during the course of Book 2 in terms of actual life cell cycles. His step back in time to the 1775 -1785 time period highlighted with action during the American Revolution and immediately thereafter lasted some 10 years and at the end of chapter 50 of Book 2 Jack now has a secondary time-line age of 38 and he must adjust his current day lifestyle accordingly. The final part of the story in Book 3 will see Jack make the time-reversal transfer one last time with a trip back to World War II during the period of 1939 - 1945. This seven year reversal results in a return to current day in 2015 with a secondary time-line age of 31. Fortunately, the story will conclude at that point and the danger of reversing his age cycle to some ridiculously younger age is precluded.

Note: Due to Jack's constantly younger appearance, it was necessary after each return to make a fresh start with new friends and a new job changing his address to an area in the city where he was not known in order to eliminate annoying questions about the strange changes in his aging process. The VA doctor in Book 2 suspects the truth but she is more interested in her relationship with the younger retiree than in confirming her theory about his mysterious age reversal.

(To be continued)

Concluding Chapter 50 submitted "Don't Sleep on the Subway"

April 21, 2018
Posted at 8:30 pm

This concluding chapter 50 makes this story come alive with a transition to Book 2 that moves to the American Revolution. The Book number 1 is about 115K words or 252 pages of novel length historical fiction and fact. Book 2 will be about the same length. An interesting note was that in Book 1 it took me 2 and a half years to write the first 25 chapters and only 65 days to write the last 25 chapters. Of course, the first half included about a 2 year period of Chemo Treatments for Cancer that ruined my writing concentration. Of the 400 plus letters I received after I started chapter 26 on 18 February 2018, one struck me as impressive as it asked me if I was a ghost writer called in to finish the last half of a promising story. In a way, I feel a bit like a ghost because I did not expect to be around to finish anything. I plan to write and complete book 2 in about 4 months because I am putting most of my other pen names on hold until that second book is complete. I will be writing conclusions to uncompleted stories and moving them to the completed list to eliminate all yellow stripes from my pen name lists of stories.

Chapter 45 of "Don't Sleep on the Subway" submitted today.

April 15, 2018
Posted at 11:40 am

Only 5 chapters left. Sorry it took so long with the delay for medical reasons. I hope to finish this story or at least the first full draft in the next 15 days. This chapter 45 is titled in my outline as "Revisions to History". I finished the chapter and shocked myself because there was no sex in it. That doesn't happen too often with my writing because I have a writing style that constantly pulls in sex to illustrate a point or the story is sheer erotica to begin with. I must thank those readers that are sending me corrections on the story. I have already made over 200 corrections to the text and probably will have a lot more to go.

Chapter 38 to be submitted today 4/8/2018

April 8, 2018
Posted at 2:19 am

The story is moving quickly now. Already have chapters 39,40,41,42 all blocked out and outlined with research already completed. The story has a major shift in chapters 41 to 50 that tie everything together for all readers. I appreciate immensely the help I have received from several readers who have sent me comments to correct errs in the story. I had a problem with the story in that I had about a 2 year time period where I was unable to write logically due to some chemo treatments that scrambled my thinking processes. All of my longer length stories suffered during this period and I apologize to all readers. As soon as I reach the 500 maximum story limit I set for myself on my Harry Lime pen name, I will devote my writing time to finishing up my longer length stories like "Don't Sleep in the Subway" and concluding my shorter stories to eliminate the risk of being awarded the yellow stripe of inactivity. My other 14 pen names will also be updated in the same way. I will do my best to not start any new stories until all of the some 800 odd stories are concluded according to SOL requirements. Thank you again to all those readers that have used their sharp eyes to help me make this story more accurate. I will submit a completely revised version with all the changes as soon as chapter 50 is finished. Thank you.

"Quang Nam Diary" is still not corrected.

March 15, 2018
Posted at 9:54 am

The new revision doesn't seem to have been entered into the system correctly a second time. I will try retyping the entire story in a new word document and see it that will load correctly. I also noticed that the footnotes were apparently causing a problem with the content submission. I will try to make the footnotes load without going into bold format or repeat a second time. I think it is confusing the loading program because of either the (*) or the numbers entered. Sorry about the problem. Hope to get it all sorted shortly. Thank You for your patience.