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Okay -

April 17, 2017
Posted at 7:21 pm

Got through it - will do my best with the next one. Thanks for following it!

Yow! I hear you!

April 15, 2017
Posted at 9:16 am

I inadvertently left out a rather important section in chapter 16 - where a new character is introduced. Just corrected that - I hope!


April 11, 2017
Posted at 4:05 pm

Must get serious-er about the next book! This one is almost done. Now have to write around the traps I left for myself in this one.

Okay, here goes

April 9, 2017
Posted at 8:13 pm

No going back after this one! I hope you like it!

Chapter 11 is up

April 3, 2017
Posted at 11:19 am

Too fast? Too slow? More or less detail? Just wondering what you're liking or disliking about it so far. It's hard to guess at it, and it does travel some stranger paths in the next few chapters.
Book 2 is in progress, but largely depends on reaction to this one.