Tom Frost: Stories

New Rome

In a world that has diverged from our own in the first century AD, a second Roman Empire has arisen in the New World and, after a thousand years, returned to conquer Dark Ages Europe with tanks, battleships, and bombs. In the New Roman Empire, rapidly-advancing technology hasn't changed many of Rome's institutions. Oracles still advise the Senate and slaves still serve at their owner's pleasure. How long can this world endure?

Secret Diary of a Tomcat

The author shares details of his life as a shape-shifting tomcat/writer living in and around Washington Square Park in New York City.

Stone Family, Billionaire Life

Follow the adventures of Nick Coyle, a member of the rich, powerful Stone Family, and his friends as they navigate life with money.

The Honeybee Syndrome

When men around the world started being less aggressive, less violent, and less predatory, it was lauded as a trend towards civility. When birth rates started to drop, the media hailed it as as a relief from overpopulation. But as fewer and fewer children were born, humanity had to change or disappear silently from the face of the Earth.
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