Chapter 2: 1st Step Back

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft, Consensual, Science Fiction, Polygamy/Polyamory, Oral Sex, Pregnancy, Cream Pie,

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 2: 1st Step Back - Returning home turns out to be harder than expected. When the shuttle crashes far from the colony Firehawk must make his way with two teenage girls.

While mom took Alex and Jade into the bathing room I grabbed the comm and went to get the three bird bats and the dragons. I went around the porch and out onto the side porch as I called my father's comm number. I opened the door and walked into our huge nesting room and caressed the three bird bats after hanging them.

Dad's voice finally answered, "I am in a meeting Maureen."

I smiled as I led the small dragons out of the nest, "I was hoping you might give me a ride to the central colony center in Kimber."

There was a pause before he answered, "Firehawk?"

I led the three dragons into the house, "I just got home."

"I will be there as soon as I can."

He ended the call as I opened the bathing room door, "Gloria, Drake, go to momma."

They perked up and went into the room and I closed the door, "lets go find my room Hunter."

She followed as I crossed the living area and climbed the stairs by the tree trunk to the third floor. I went around the trunk and into the last room. I smiled at Griffin on my bed and turned to lift Hunter up beside him, "this is Hunter."

I scratched under Griffin's chin, "I missed you."

They sniffed each other as I stripped and pulled out old clothes I had packed away years ago. I grabbed my robe and put it on, "ready for a bath Griffin?"

He was up and moving off the bed as I scooped Hunter into my arm, "I thought you would like that."

When I walked into the bathing room Alex and Jade were just getting out of the huge tub. My mother held two robes and turned to look at me. I grinned as Griffin went straight to the tub and slipped in like an old earth otter. I set my clothes aside as the girls giggled and kept drying their dragons. I put Hunter down beside the bath tub and tapped the side, "in."

She went to her back legs and looked in before climbing in slowly. Griffin was floating contentedly at one end as she slipped into the water. I smiled as she began playing and the girls laughed and pulled their dragons back. Mom snorted, "silly dragons always love water."

I shed my robe and slipped into the bath, "dad should be home soon."

Mom led the girls out as I washed and played with my two dragons. I had to leave Griffin when I went into the service and missed him. I finally got out and grabbed a towel, "come Griffin."

I knelt as he slipped out of the bath and began drying him. When I finished it was Hunter's turn, "come Hunter."

She stuck her head over the side and I could see her thinking and chuckled, "come on girl."

She slipped out and I wrapped the towel around her before hugging her. I dried her off and stood to dry myself. I dressed in my old clothes before leading them out. Mom had found some of my younger brothers old clothes and dressed Alex and Jade. I went onto the porch as she took them into the kitchen.

I started moving the pelts and everything else up to the fourth floor storage rooms. I laid out the tiger and lion pelts before combing and cleaning them. I was just finishing when I heard dad's transport land on the roof pad. I grinned at Griffin as I stood, "dad is home."

He lift his head from the pile of pelts he and Hunter were laying on. I started for the door, "come on."

I heard dad and my brothers on the stairs as they walked around the trunk. A minute later I was going downstairs when dad yelled, "FIREHAWK!"

I reached the bottom and moved between Leopold and Tiger, (my brothers), "you bellowed?"

He turned as my brothers slapped me on the back. He walked to me quickly and embraced me. I gave him a hug and a minute later he stepped back, "you are late."

I smiled as I looked at Alex and Jade in the kitchen doorway with mom. They had told me their dad was the only one they had and he died in the shuttle crash, "I brought two young ladies with me."

Dad turned, "anyone else make it?"

I shook my head, "we are the only ones that survived."

He nodded, "I was speaking with the colony council. They want a few of us to retrieve the remains."

I looked at him hard, "it is out of range of the lift transports or flyers."

He nodded, " they were going to do a plasma burns."

I opened my mouth but Leopold my youngest brother snorted, "we told them we would leave them in the forest with a pen knife if they did."

I grinned and dad nodded, "that will not stop them."

I shook my head as I looked at Alex and Jade and sighed, "Leo, Tiger and I can build landing platforms."

Dad frowned as mom walked to me, "you just got here."

I smiled before looking at her, "I was thinking of a little colony support."

My dad chuckled but Alex walked to me, "if you go we will too."

I frowned, "no..."

She touched my mouth, "were we just a piece of ass?"

I smiled, "as pretty is it is, no."

I looked at Jade, "you girls are safe here..."

Jade shook her head, "who would watch if you are busy working?"

Mom laughed, "I think they have already decided your fate."

Leo grinned as Tiger slugged my shoulder, "she does have a point, we need eyes."

I ignored him as Alex cupped my face, "we claimed you Firehawk."

I smiled and hugged her before looking at my amused father, "I need to think about how to do this."

Hunter scratched my leg and I looked down before grinning, "and I need to hunt."

My brothers laughed and dad nodded, "a family hunt. Everyone go get ready."

I pulled Alex and Jade after me as I climbed the stairs and went to my room. I unlocked and opened the gun cabinet and pulled out an old twelve millimeter Richards pistol. It was for someone with small hands and only carried ten rounds. I loaded it and added two spared magazines before putting a belt on Jade.

I settled the thigh holster on her right thigh and showed her how the release worked. I added an old bush knife to her left hip before turning to Alex. I pulled out a twelve millimeter Wild and put it on her like Jade and added another old bush knife. I settled my weapon belt before grabbing the bow and several very old arrows.

The three young dragons were eager and seemed to know what was happening. When we came downstairs mom pulled the girls out and they came back grinning. They had their bird bats and wore soft wicker packs. Mom had a half dozen bird bats draped on her and smiled, "the vine and citrus melons should be ripe."

My brothers whistled as they walked onto the porch and their dragons ran to them. It was different than moving with just the girls and I. The older dragons did the searching and I let Hunter go with Griffin and Gloria and Drake followed. The bird bats started collecting fruit when we dropped down two branches and walked west.

My brother Tiger was leading and stopped as one of his dragons got his attention. He used his bow to kill a lemur and the dragon dove to bring it back before he could pull it up with the line. Griffin was next to find something and then my brother Leo. Dad mostly stayed with mom and kept talking to her. I know he was trying to get her to let him go with us.

Dinner was wonderful, with vegetables from my mother's hydroponics garden. I was surprised when two girls appeared together to eat dinner with us. Sandy was twenty like Tiger and Terrie was eighteen like Leo. Apparently they had an understanding with my brothers, mom and their parents.

I spread the tiger pelt out on my bed and turned when Alex and Jade walked in. Alex grinned as she started undressing with Jade. Griffin was watching from his over large perch above the bed and Hunter peeked over him. I bent to lift first Gloria and then Drake so they would be beside them.

I undressed as the girls slipped into bed and then turned out the light. I laid down beside Alex, "mom knows you girls are here?"

Jade giggled, "she said if we have been sleeping with you this long we might as well keep doing it."

Alex rubbed my chest, "nice and slow?"

I smiled as I moved over her and gave her a kiss before moving down. I licked through her pussy and nibbled on her labia before covering her clit and sucking. She shuddered as her hips lifted and Jade moved over her and kissed her, "good?"

Alex hugged her and kept shaking, "yeah."

I teased her clit and kept licking her and a few minutes later she arched her back and screamed, "YES!"

She jerked and spasmed as she covered her pussy. Jade grinned as she moved, "now fuck her."

Alex held out her arms as I moved up and kissed her before slowly pushing into her. I fucked her slowly with long thrusts that she met. She held me and kissed me a minute later when she started shaking again. I buried my cock and kissed her as I humped and pressed into her. Jade hugged me as her sister spasmed and convulsed while screaming.

I started fucking her again with nice long thrusts. She kept jerking and lifted her legs as I started planting my cock. It was a minute before I pushed into her and kissed her as I started cumming. She shuddered as her pussy tightened and grasped my cock. I gushed and spewed and pumped strong spurts into her until I was done.

Alex sighed as she relaxed, "that was the best yet."

Jade laughed and shook me, "lick me and fuck me hard."

Alex laughed and kissed me before pushing me back, "I will lick the silly slut."

I grinned as I pulled out of her and laid beside them. Alex turned and moved over her grinning sister before kissing her and moving down. When she began to lick through Jade's pussy she lifted her hips and spread her legs more. I smiled when Jade began to shake and then shudder.

When she wailed as she spasmed and pushed her sister away I grinned and took her place. I kissed her and pushed into her slowly. Alex rubbed my hip, "hard and deep."

I laughed as I began to fuck her with long, firm thrusts. She was thrusting up to meet me as her pussy started grasping my cock. It was not long before she was spasming and jerking. She wailed and howled as I fucked her and kept planting my cock. She thrashed around and clutched me as we fucked and finally I pushed into her and held her as I gushed and spewed cum.

When I was done I chuckled before pulling out and laying between them, "loud sluts are going to attract every predator within miles."

I heard mom laughing from the shadows outside the door and Alex giggled as she turned to rub my chest and put her head on my shoulder. Jade snuggled against my other side, "we both get you here."

I shook my head as I relaxed, "go to sleep."

Alex scratched me, "I meant it when I said we go with you."

I hugged her and let them relax. I could not sleep and a couple of hours later got up. I glanced at Griffin and Hunter when they lifted heads, "stay here."

I grabbed my robe and went down to the kitchen. I sat at the table and sipped juice as I thought. Dad patted my shoulder when he walked in, "not sleeping?"

I glanced at him, "not as easy after the action is over."

He nodded as he sat across from me, "any ideas yet?"

I smiled, "many."

I looked towards the door as my mother came in, "you are not going though."

I looked at dad, "this should not be hard. A total of four platforms, three between the wreck and here and another at the wreck. We need one or two more men besides us, we use anti grav vests and belts and equipment bags. We get dropped, move down to mark and find a site for the platform. A heavy transport drops one of those large cargo pods that they will not send back up and reuse."

I grinned at dad, "put four large anti grav units on each upper corner. Remove the solid doors and put a half grate on the right and a grate door on the left."

Mom snorted, "a shelter."

I nodded, "curtain hangers to separate the inside into sleeping chambers with small battery powered lights. Add a set of angled ramps that hook into the floor on the front so we can go from a branch to the door."

I sat back, "load the platform beams in the container so we only have to make one more trip. We cut the upper branches down to larger solid ones. Build the platform in a preset pentagram web before adding premade tristeel decking."

Dad nodded before grinning, "but I am not going."

I shook my head, "we need someone we trust to build the decking and the next cargo pod. We leave the cargo pod when we are done for a emergency shelter. If we set the pod and platform correctly a set of stairs or rope ladder down to the top of the pod would be perfect for leaving transport batteries."

I leaned back, "we rest a day or two between platforms."

Mom set a cup of tea in front of me, "what about the girls?"

I sighed, "I will take them with me and arm them with my old rifles. They have learned what to watch for and can keep watch while we work."

Mom shook her head but dad stood, "I will need to go speak with the council first thing in the morning."

I sipped my tea as they left and finally cleaned the cup and went up to bed. The next couple of days were busy as I bought new clothes for myself and the girls with money from selling most of the pelts and feathers. I also spent time each day having them fire the two pistols and two rifles I pulled out.

I was not the only one with girls going, Leo's Terrie and Tiger's Sandy were both going as well. The last ones going with us was Sandy's older brother Peter and his wife Emily. I had Hunter in a chest sling like Alex and Jade with their dragons, Griffin laid in the seat beside me. Their bird bats were snuggled into pouches just like the other bird bats that were going with us.

I glanced at the copilot as she turned and waved and smiled and stood, "time to get ready."

It was barely dawn, the morning rain storm had ended and we were almost to the first site. I lifted my pack and adjusted the anti grav vest and belts before turning to check the girls. Their rifles were secured to their packs just as my bow and quiver was secured to mine. I moved to the side door and slid it back before looking out.

I looked towards the copilot and nodded and she turned away. The transport slowed and hovered as I looked out again, "Griffin?"

I stepped out and turned up the anti grav as I started to drop. I turned to look around me as I drifted down into the leaves below. Griffin flew down and around before disappearing. Jade and Alex were right above me as I dropped through the top layer of leaves. I moved to the side as I headed for a body thick branch.

Griffin was already on the branch watching below us. I landed and started towards the tree, "to the tree Griffin."

He turned and started for the tree as Alex and then Jade landed behind me. Leo was behind Jade and Terrie was behind him followed by Tiger, Sandy, Emily and then Peter. I glanced down as I reached the tree and dropped to grab the branch before letting go. I shifted my weight to slid to the right to land on the next branch.

Griffin followed and landed beside me as I started around the tree to make room for those following. It was a little while before we reached a large enough branch, we were almost a hundred meters below the tree tops. I glanced at the others before opening the comm, "we are down and safe."

The transport had been circling and headed for home now. I glanced at the others, "comms on the satellites only now."

They nodded and I looked around, "time to find a site, we have several hours before the pod gets here."

I turned to pull the two rifles out for Alex and Jade as the other girls were helped. I set the three younger dragons loose before heading out towards the end of the branch. Leo went one way as Tiger went another. An hour later we had the perfect site and I pulled the beacon out and attached it to the branch.

I stood and headed back to the tree we had chosen to put the pod in. We hung the packs off smaller branches before pulling the laser saws out of our packs. I move out and started cutting the branches. The girls knew to start watching because when branches started falling the larger predators would come looking for the cause.

My brothers and Peter were on other branches doing the same thing. Sandy was the first to spot something and used the personal comm we all wore, "a leaf leopard is coming up."

I shut the laser off and started looking. Tiger saw it next, "second branch down moving toward Leo."

I saw something through the leaves but Alex was the one to speak, "I have it."

I glanced back as she fired and turned to look. Alex stood, "I got it."

Leo chuckled, "right through the back of the head."

I grinned as I hung up the laser and headed towards the tree trunk, "Griffin, Hunter."

Alex and Jade followed as I grabbed the cord I had tied off and dropped to the next branch below us. The dragons followed and then flew out and ahead as I headed towards the dead leopard. I kept looking as I dropped down to the next branch. I skinned the leopard and rolled up the hide before tying a vine to a leg.

I had cut off several chunks and fed Griffin, Hunter, Gloria and Drake as I worked. Now I was going to pull half the body up to feed the other dragons. I kicked the upper body off the branch after taking claws and long canine teeth. I gestured to the girls, "up."

Jade turned and slung her rifle before climbing another vine. Her dragon leaped and flew up to wait and Alex started following her with her dragon already flying up. I glanced around before climbing up and turning to pull the meat up. I left it by Terrie and headed back and around to go back to work.

We killed three leopards, two lions and eight wolfapes. We only managed two branch levels before the pod arrived. I went up with Alex and Jade when we got the call and saw the transport through the leaves. I pulled the remote I had been given and opened the comm, "drop it."

As the pod dropped I activated the anti gravs and it slowed and then began to drop very slowly, "okay we have it."

I watched as it came through the leaves out in the center of the area we had selected. As it went past I nodded to Jade and she turned to drop down with Alex following. I dove after the pod and switched on my anti gravs. I caught the front grate and glanced down and jerked to spin the pod.

I caught a thrown cord and pulled to move the pod out of the center and closer to the tree we had chosen. I let the cord go and jerked to turned the pod again to miss a branch. As the pod started dropping into the cleared area I caught another cord. I hooked it to the solid part of the grate.

Peter pulled and Tiger joined him as the pod slowly went past the branch we were going to use for the beams of the platform and a side branch from the tree. We pulled it around the tree quickly and I dialed up the anti gravs to full. It took a little to position it on the two branches and in the laser cut groves we had made for it.

I slowly shut the pod anti gravs down and it settled. I twisted to open the door and reached in for one of the two meter wide ramps. I removed the cord attached to the front grate and hooked it to the ramp.

My brothers started pulling and it came out as Peter jumped down onto the pod roof. He laid down and looked in before tossing me a hook that I attached to the other end of the ramp, "slowly."

I shifted as he took the weight and started lowering it and moved down to position the four pins. I pushed them into place and gestured to my brothers. The second ramp was longer and wider and we had to shift to the other side of the front before lowering it and locking it in place. I shut my anti gravs off, "home sweet home."

Everyone laughed and we brought our packs around the tree and put them inside. We had almost two meters of space at the top, the pod was just over fifteen meters long, four high and five wide.

I looked at the others, "enough work for the day. Drop down a branch level or two and spread out. Use the bird bats to find fruit and look for fire and spice leaves. If you find something big enough kill it."

They nodded as I closed the grate door. I grinned at Alex and Jade before tilting my head and walking down the ramp and then climbed down to the branch below. The dragons spread out and moved from secondary branch to secondary branch. I went down a couple of levels before turning to the north.

Alex and Jade had their bird bats bringing back apple berries and the small melon fruit. I stopped the girls a little later and pointed to a nest just off the main branch we were on. The nest was in a group of thin branches that held it up. I was grim as I looked around, "Griffin."

The dragon leaped and flew to me from above and to one side. I pointed, "kill the squirrel rats."

He turned to look before growling. I started walking, "kill the squirrel rats Griffin."

He leaped and started flying fast and the other three dragons joined him. They hit the mass of small rodents around and on the nest. Hunter, Gloria and Drake were old enough for this and used claws and teeth to rip and tear the rats apart. Alex and Jade stayed behind me as I kicked a rat off the branch when I reached the dragons.

I knelt to touch the ripped up body of the mini Leopard, "this was a Mini Leopard, they are very rare."

I looked at the nest with the other body covering her eggs before looking around. I pulled a vine closer and then another as I turned on my anti grav, "mini leopards look like their larger cousins but only reach about eight kilograms."

I was still trying to find a way to reach the nest without making it fall when Jade moved closer, "what are you doing?"

I looked at her and her size before shaking my head, "trying to move the female to see if the eggs are broken."

She looked and knelt, "Drake?"

The small dragon looked up from eating a dead rat. He dropped it and went to Jade and she hugged him, "brave dragon."

She turned his head to look at the nest, "bring momma the body."

She said it twice before Drake shifted and she let him go. He jumped and spread his wings for a moment before closing them. He landed on the edge of the nest and looked back before reaching out to grab the tiny leopard. He lifted and turned before jumping as he beat his wings.

Jade moved so he could land and pet him as I looked at the nest with what looked like five whole eggs. I shook my head, "I need to get them."

Alex touched my shoulder before pointing to the nest as she held Peaches up, "bring that back."

The bird bat looked at her before looking at the nest. Alex repeated it and Peaches leaped into the air. She landed in the nest and shifted uncomfortably as she reached for an egg. She looked at Alex doubtfully. Alex gestured and finally she lifted the egg and jumped before flying back.

Alex took the egg and hugged her and gave her a sliver of melon like I had taught her. She sent her back and handed the egg to me, it was not brittle yet so we had time if we kept it warm. Peaches brought all five eggs back and I caressed her before relaxing and looking around, "time to go back."

I bent to pet Griffin, "good job."

The way back was a lot easier than it would have been months ago. My brothers and Peter were back with a dozen tree rabbits. Emily and Sandy had pulled out a burner and Terrie was cutting up the meat. Leo and Peter had taken all the pelts away to be cleaned. Alex and Jade put the fruit we had gathered with the rest as I went to the pod.

I checked my pack for the warming pad I had packed in case we found dragon or bird bat eggs. I pulled it out and knelt as I put the mini leopard eggs in the pad. I switched it on and put it aside before turning. Tiger smiled, "we finally have mini leopard eggs?"

I glanced at the girls, Alex had already told them about the squirrel rats and getting the eggs, "we will see if they hatch and can be tamed like the dragons."

He nodded and we pulled out the spiral stairs that attached to the left side at the front of the pod. We had to assemble them before locking them in place and welding them with small metal laser clamps. I walked up to the top of the pod and to the other end before coming back. Leo and Peter returned grinning and handed the cleaned pelts out.

I opened the cargo bag mom had sent in the pod and handed tanning moss out she grew in her lower garden. After dinner we started setting up the pod and where we were going to sleep. The dragons had been doing a lot of flying and crawled in before it even got dark. All the bird bats were together on one side as we laid out the pads that had been in the pod.

We spread out our sleeping pelts and I glanced around when it went quiet outside before turning, "inside."

Peter and Tiger were the only ones outside with me and moved into the pod quickly as I followed and started pulling the grate door closed. The huge king lizard came over the far branch and straight across the ramp to slam into the door before I could push the roof and floor bolts into place. I pulled my pistol as someone screamed and the door bounced open.

I fired into the side of the lizard's head as it tried to move around the door and it dropped to the two ramps, making them groan. It was silent as I looked at the huge animal, "well that is my first king lizard."

Peter cleared his throat, "only six have ever been killed."

I pushed the door open, "yeah but now I have to skin it."

They laughed and the next thing I knew my brothers and Peter were helping. We closed the pod and they went with me to clean the hide after dumping most of the lizard off the ramp to fall the three hundred meters to the forest floor. It was dark when we returned using flashlights. As they walked in and moved back I closed the door.

I locked it before sitting and tanning the hide. I woke to Alex moaning with the crash of thunder and turned my head. Jade was between her legs kissing her and humping. I turned onto my side and reached over to rub Jade's butt. She shuddered and pushed back and looked at me, "fuck me?"

I looked past her and into the darkness of the pod before Emily spoke up, "fuck her before she rapes all of us."

Everyone laughed or giggled and I grinned as I pulled her off Alex and rolled her onto her back. I moved over her and between her legs, "the storm bothering you again?"

She pulled on me, "yes."

I lifted and pushed into her before giving her a kiss and fucking her with deep thrusts. She hugged me tight as her pussy squeezed. Alex rubbed my shoulder as I heard moaning further back in the pod. She giggled and the Emily laughed, "well hell, we might as well fuck them."

I smiled as I kept fucking Jade and kissing her. She started lifting her hips as her pussy grasped my cock. She was moaning in my mouth as I kissed her and it was echoed all the way to the back of the pod. I laughed softly and began to fuck her hard, "this better?"

She spasmed and jerked as her pussy clenched around my cock. I continued to fuck her as she convulsed and shook. It was awhile before I slowly pushed into her and gushed cum. She jerked and clutched me as I pumped thick spurts. When I stopped she sighed and relaxed, "it stopped raining."

Everyone chuckled and Alex pulled me off Jade, "tonight you are getting so fucked."

I kissed her before turning to the door. I picked up my pistol as I looked around before slowly releasing the bolts and pushing the door open. I dropped onto the ramp and kept looking around before moving away, "clear."

I waited and watched as everyone got dressed and climbed out. I finally went back to pull my pack out and get dressed. While the dragons stretched and moved up onto the top of the pod I checked the mini leopard eggs. I checked the time and pulled out the sat comm as Jade and Alex handed out melon.

I waited and a moment later it was answered by mom, "we are here."

I smiled, "everything is going fine."

She paused, "your father is arguing with the council over the cost again. They want to use plasma bombs."

Everyone looked at me as I smiled, "call dad after you get off with me. Tell him to ask them when they are together how much one plasma bomb will cost."

I glanced at the warming pad with the eggs, "on another note I have five mini leopard eggs. Their mom and dad were killed by a swarm of squirrel rats. I hope to hatch them and try to tame them."

Mom laughed, "you and your soft heart."

I smiled, "tell dad we have a large king lizard hide for sale."

She sucked in, "King Lizard!"

Leo leaned closer, "we were in the pod mom, safe and sound."

She was quiet as I looked at my brother and he winked. Terrie shook her head and pulled him away. I shook my head, "back to business. Let dad know we should have one more day of cutting before we start putting the platform beams together, so two more days before we will need the grate sections."

"I will tell him."

I sighed, "we will call you tomorrow."

I shut the comm off before putting it away, "time to go back to work."

It took two hours to go up another two branch levels and then just another two to finish. I smiled as I watched my name sake soaring above us while holding Griffin and Hunter. I turned away after it was gone and started down with Alex and Jade going before us. Everyone was stretched out on the top of the pod and I let Alex and Jade join them as I checked the eggs.

Birds were making regular sounds and so were the animals. When it went silent I pushed the pad in and to the side as I stepped back. This was like in the shuttle and had the same feel. I ran up the stairs to see everyone sitting up, "in the pod now!"

They moved quickly as I pulled my pistol. The tiger came over the other end of the pod and towards me. I aimed and then Griffin roared as he dove from the side with all four feet out, reaching with claws extended. The tiger paused and I fired twice through its head. Griffin struck as it dropped.

He bit and tore at the head and I grinned before moving forward. I pulled him back, "you killed him boy."

He growled as I knelt and hugged and pet him. Tiger peeked over the roof, "what happened?"

I grinned as I rubbed under Griffin's chin, "Griffin killed him."

His jaw dropped as he stared and I had to laugh. I let Griffin go and pulled my knife and started skinning the tiger. The others came back up and my brothers helped me. We fed the meat to the dragons, especially Griffin. Emily and Sandy cut the back straps out before we rolled the heavy body off the pod and let it fall.

I carried the pelt with Alex and Jade following and went down and out to get beatle ants to clean it. When we returned my brothers and Peter were already pulling the beams out for the platform. They had taken the straps off the pod that held the four anti gravs. We attached two units to each beam and floated them out before putting three together.

The pentagram came together quickly on the four large branches above and around the tree from the pod. The other girls took turns watching as Alex and Jade tanned the tiger hide. I was glad mom had insisted we put chilled water blisters inside the pod because this was hot, hard work. We were a quarter finished when we stopped for the day.

With the beams we had used, the pod seemed much roomier. We all went fruit hunting together and had good luck because we found dozens of citrus vines with ripe fruit begging to be taken. The bird bats seemed to like the delicious citrus melon like globes as much as we did. They were a yellowish color with red strips.

We even took the time to weave large baskets so we could carry more. Of course where there is large concentrations of fruit there is squirrel rats. I turned Griffin and Hunter loose on them and it was not long before the other dragons joined in. Tiger chuckled as his dragons rushed back and forth after any rats that escaped the slaughter, "you have always hated squirrel rats."

He continued to glance around, "you should look for a blood falcon nest and train a couple."

I smiled as the dragons finally stopped and came back to us. Blood falcons were small, only about eighteen or twenty centimeters tall. Their diet was almost exclusively squirrel rats. We had a large dinner on top of the pod before it starting getting dark. After everyone had gone to the bathroom I closed and locked the door.

I smiled at the curtains as they were pulled and started undressing since we had room in the pod now. Alex stripped quickly before pulling me down onto our nest of pelts. I kissed her as she rubbed her body against me. She pushed me onto my back and straddled me before Jade positioned my cock for her.

Alex sighed as she wiggled and pushed down. I reached up to cup and knead her breasts as she started rocking and thrusting slowly. Jade put her head on my shoulder as her sister shuddered and her pussy gripped my cock. I rubbed and tugged on her nipples as she began to shake and jerk. She was moaning softly but so were the other girls in the pod.

Gradually she started to fuck me harder and faster. Her pussy was grasping and squeezing my cock almost constantly. Each time she spasmed and jerked erratically she would cover her mouth to quiet her screams. It was awhile before I thrust up and pulled her down as my cock erupted and I began to gush.

She shuddered as she settled on me and her pussy tightened while I kept pumping spurts of cum. When I was finished she sighed and laid on me before starting to rock back and forth again. Jade giggled as I grinned and hugged Alex. She kissed me and continued to fuck me, she did it two more times before stopping.

I woke to the morning rain storm and looked at Jade sleeping with her dragon on top of her. I glanced at Hunter against my other side with Griffin beside her. I shook my head and looked over Alex to see Gloria and frowned, they were not babies...

I turned towards the door and the semi darkness beyond. Hunter put a clawed foot hand on my chest and I looked at her, "something outside?"

She looked at Griffin who growled in his throat. I smiled and caressed Hunter, "okay."

I sat up and let Alex slip to the pelt as I reached for my pistol, "Peter?"

He was just beyond the curtain and I heard him shift, "I am awake."

I lifted my flash light, "Hunter and Griffin think something is outside."

I heard him moving as I shifted Hunter and Griffin before moving closer to the door. Lattice lightning spider webbed across the sky and with the huge hole we had made I saw the crouching tiger easily. It was at the other end of the ramp facing us and watching intently. Alex and Jade sat up as Peter walked towards me, "can you see..."

Another lightning bolt shattered the semi darkness and he stopped moving. I glanced back and grinned, "yes?"

He shook his head before kneeling beside me, "what are you going to do?"

I smiled, "the grate holes are just large enough to shoot through safely."

I held up my flashlight, "you aim while I put the light on it?"

Peter nodded and put the barrel of his pistol through a hole in the grate. I turned on my flashlight and aimed at the tiger and it started to stalk closer. Peter fired and the head exploded before the body dropped and began convulsing. I opened the door and we moved closer to make sure it was dead before going back to get dressed.

My call to mom was short and did not mention the tiger. It was noon when we finished putting the platform beams together and reset the beacon. We even ran a set of beams from the frame to the branch above and behind the pod and from those down to the top of the pod. While my brothers and Peter went hunting with their girls, Jade pulled me into the pod with Alex.

She grinned as she closed the door and Alex started stripping me. I smiled and waited before reaching for Jade and laying down with her, "did not get a turn this morning and horny now?"

Alex laughed as she sat beside the grate with all the dragons. Jade pulled on me and I moved over between her legs. I kissed her as I pushed in and began to fuck her with deep strokes. Her pussy was slick and kept grasping my cock as I buried it. It was a few minutes before she pulled my face down and kissed me as she screamed.

I fucked her hard and deep for a couple of minutes and she was spasming before I slowed. It was awhile before I thrust into her and pressed hard. Jade was convulsing and her eyes had rolled up as she clutched at me. I began to spew and pump strong spurts of cum and she jerked as if they were burning her.

When I stopped she sighed and relaxed before humping up, "once more."

I fucked her again and by the time I was spurting inside her, she was spasming but unconscious. Alex was grinning when I pulled out of her sister and looked at her. She had her two bird bats and was feeding them slices of fruit. I laid beside Jade and felt her tummy as she shivered and opened her eyes, she smiled and caught my hand.

I stood and pulled her up with me and helped her dress before dressing myself. I opened the door as she sat with Alex to feed her bird bat. I checked the mini leopard eggs again before going up to keep watch. The heavy transport was not supposed to be here until tomorrow morning but I turned at my comm, "Firehawk this is transport seven two one heavy."

I opened both the transport comm freq and our private one, "this is Firehawk."

"We are ten minutes out from your beacon."

I was almost afraid to ask, "you have our cargo of platform grating?"


I glanced down at the girls looking up at me, "I will be waiting."

As soon as he ended the call my brothers and Peter said they were on the way. I moved up and around onto the platform beams as the girls followed to watch for me. The transports appeared in the sky above me and hovered before slowed descending. Peter appeared and moved onto the beams with me.

The transport hovered a couple of meters above the beams before the back cargo hatch opened. The two men inside started pushing large stacks of grating out and we moved to catch it and move it to one side. I was glad when Leo and Tiger arrived and we were able to move the grating off faster.

After the last one, the men waved and we backed off as the transport started back up. After they were gone I looked at the others and Peter shook his head, "no time off for the wicked."

As we began to snap the grating into place and activate the auto welding clamps the girls split up. I was a little nervous about that but Emily and Sandy knew what they were doing. They went to start a large meal as Terrie, Alex and Jade kept watch. By the time it started to get dark we were putting the last grate in place on the two beams at the back of the pod.

Leo had already called mom to let her know we would be ready to go after the morning storm. Dinner was very good and then they headed to bed. I sat with Alex and Jade at the door after I closed it and just watched the night. Our dragons crawled into our laps and I held and caressed Griffin and Hunter until Jade yawned.

I smiled and turned to let the two dragons go as I reached over to start undressing her. We moved back from the door and onto our pelts. Alex and Jade snuggled together with the dragons as we lay down. I held Hunter on me and pulled Griffin against me as I relaxed. I woke to rain but no lightning which was not normal.

Griffin put his head on my shoulder and I smiled as I turned my head to watch the rain. I finally hugged Hunter and slid her off me, "time to get up."

When I stepped out I turned to check above me and froze. I started to lift my pistol and stopped, "Tiger?"


I winced at his loud voice, "quietly. I need a dark cloth or bag and a piece of cord."

Everyone was quiet and a minute later my brother stepped out and held out a dark green fiber blanket and a piece of cord. He froze and I smiled as I took them and slowly shifted and started moving. I went up the stairs and took a deep breath before tossing the blanket out and over the head of the dragoneagle.

It screamed and spread its huge wings as I dropped and whipped one end of the cord out and around the legs, "help me!"

I pulled and the huge bird fell as I struggled to tie the legs together without getting myself injured. Tiger, Leo and Peter rushed up to help as I fought with the bird, "cover the head!"

Tiger dove and wrapped his arms around the bird, pinning its wings. Peter repositioned the blanket with Leo coming to help me. When we stood up the dragoneagle was tied up at our feet. I grinned, "call mom Leo, tell her to call that colony zoologist."

He grinned as I looked at the others, "help me move her and then we can pack."

We watched the transport descend and land before glancing around one last time and grabbing packs, bags, pelts and baskets. I grinned at dad as I started handing things in. Alex and Jade climbed in with the other girls and the dragons. Leo and Tiger carried the dragoneagle to the transport. Dad grinned as he helped them load it and then moved so Peter could climb in.

I took a look around before climbing in with the mini leopard eggs cradled against my chest and sat between Alex and Jade.

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