Did You Ever Have to Make Up Your Mind?
Chapter 1

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/ft, Mult, Consensual, Fiction, Harem, Polygamy/Polyamory, First, Slow,

Desc: Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - What to do, what to do? Our main man can work wonders in the field, but to try to have him tell 'his' girls anything and he seems to be unable to say 'No' to anything they say. Sure they are cute, well built, long legs and are blonds, but still, how could they take over his life. C'mon man, get real. It should be an easy decision, right? His 'Masters' at work think so. There is just something about them though.

And they call this 'Living'! Well it was above ground, almost. For houses that seemed below sea levels, they were damned expensive here. Where was here, Southern Florida, the East Coast, in Palm Meadow a rather new-gated community. There was still not much around it. Some Rec Park had gone 'belly up' and the 160,000 acres they planned on building on was the first to go. I bought six lots, three were waterfront, the three adjoining those gave me the 'privacy' that I wanted. The builder at first was a might 'hesitant' when I told him, after paying cash for the lots through a 'holding' company, that there would only be one house, and one dock built.

That reticence was eventually 'eliminated' when Mr. Biggie Mann failed to show up for work one day. There was a lot of that kind of sudden 'vacations' in Southern Florida these days. (Gators have to eat too, you know) The next guy was a gal and she aimed to keep me happy. My house, dock and cabana were built just as I wanted. Mirage Estates even put in a sauna and hot tub, at no extra charge, imagine. It took near nine months. When the house was done, I scheduled myself, much to the consternation of my 'masters' to take an extended R & R in my new home. I did not feel a few weeks off was such a big deal. I guess if they 'retired' me those 27 packages, from three different places, would end up being sent out. OH Well! It would not be my problem; I just reminded them that I hoped I remembered to make a certain call. I guess they now thought some R & R was in order since they sure wanted to make certain I had everything I needed to remember that call.

Decision, decisions. Nice to Paris, Nice to Frankfort, Nice to Rome. All would get me to Miami. I took the executive choice route and started that rhyme, einie, meanie, something. It landed on Rome so I made my booking, First Cabin all the way and reserved the other two. (Expense account and Refundable) The route did not matter to me, I was not in Nice, nor would I be on any of those flights. I was in the 'Garden Spot' of the Desert, beautiful and lush, Aleppo, Syria. Right, maybe 20 years ago, today fallen walls, bomb craters and rotting bodies sullied the scenery some.

Cairo was tourist friendly, to a point. Air Canada had one of the cheapest (Hey, I was on my own dime here) as well as US Customs was used to Canadians escape that cold. 14.5 hours turned into a bit more as many Cairo ' exit fees' seemed to always be needed since tourism had fallen off. I digress. Sorry. There were no non-stops and using Air Egypt or Alitalia would delay me a lot when trying to clear Customs.

I got on the 'Company' chariot for the short flight to Cairo. Not easy dodging a couple SAMs but I did get the right papers and passport ready. I would get the obligatory 'tourist' items, a half dozen authentic, ancient figurine (Stamped made in China) and that truly rare stuffed Ibis idol for Customs to seize along with some fresh fruit to eat on my trip home. Home, it had a really nice ring. It had been a while since I would call anywhere home again. Never knew my Dad, although I did see him once, I think. Mom was in a nursing home, I visited her often, think last year even.

We Canadian tourists were always welcome at the car rental places that 'try harder'. A good choice I was told was the Mitsubishi Gallant. There must have been a real good sale on them; there must have been 100 of them. I think taking one; driving off the lot, then driving right back on; saying I heard a noise, gave the guard visions of a ton of paper. When I suggested I just take another of the same instead, it was an easy out. Let someone else fix the papers later. Colour, and plates being different, I would get to my house via the nearby mall and cab it over. It should be a while finding the car there. It would be much harder trying to find the sandy haired man with a beard the videos would show. Hell, I did take a car they had a lot of, not some Porsche or Mercedes, what did they want, Oh Yeah!

Anyhow, I toyed with the idea of leaving some cash in the car but had none of that colourful Canadian play money. As I said, it was not as if they did not have a lot (No Pun) of them.

I exited the not to bad Gallant. It was not a bad car, a little small for me but even at 6' 4" there was both headroom and driving was OK. I figured I was going to need a car, but that entailed a few problems. Getting a boat, I found out, also presented me a few other issues than registration. The interdiction lackeys would not take light of some of the things I was planning to have with me. Damn, that .50 Cal would be explainable for a shark I had thought. But no, even joking with the marina about 'pirates' brought me a funny look. So much for 'sport fishing', I thought.

I pulled in off US 1. The mall was pretty small as malls go but it had some neat stores. There was also a 'Piggly Wiggly' nearby, walking distance from where I had left the car. It was dangerous crossing US 1. I thought it funny, leave a war zone to be hit by some 'grandma' in her '58 Buick. Man I had to get me a car and join the crazies on the road. First, I assumed I needed some food and stuff for my new home.

I gave up the idea of crossing that death trap again to get to the mall. A pretty face up front, a couple of big smiles, saying I was the new sheriff in town and needed a few good, well not so good gals to keep me straight, got me not only a couple suggestions how to see the sights but two of my new 'deputies' scurrying off to get me a cab. What I did not expect was the blond bombshell saying she would 'take me home'. Her shift was long over and she was just working extra hours now.

Now I estimated she was 18 or 19, at least. They sold beer and wine and 18 was the minimum age for that. If she drove, that also meant I could buy the store out and ready the house. I asked her a few things. "I really, really would appreciate a ride. First what can I call you besides 'cute'?"

Blush time, big blush and it was not a suntan.

"Kelly. And do I call you 'tall, dark and single?"

"Got it in one Kelly. I'm Sam. Was in the sun a might so the dark part might wear off. You are very cute Kelly, if I 'hired' you to help me buy and load up your car with just about everything one needs for a new house; I'll pay you then take you for good food, if your boyfriend will not mind?"(I did not see a ring)

Sam, you must be new, just about every single guy my age is in Orlando or working the beach. I mean with those 'Beach Bunnies' that come down here spending 'Daddy's' bucks and keep 'forgetting' to tie up those string things they almost wear."

"Kelly, tell me how you really feel?"

"Catty, huh Sam?"

"Not really Kel (Damn she is cute, now calling her by a new shortened name too) I imagine living here at your age is not that easy. Well, anytime you feel like driving or helping me out, you got a job. We locals have to do the right by a neighbor."

We each took a cart and started emptying the aisles. Another sweetheart, also blond, and looking like a miniature version of Kelly, joined us. She started pushing her cart.

"Sis, you robbing the store or did you win the Lotto?"

"My sister Kathy, Kathy this is Sam, I'm just helping him shop then get this stuff home."

"Sure sis, and if he has any brothers I can 'help' them too."

"Hey, I'm here too you know. Hi Kathy and no, no brothers, Mom didn't have any children that lived!"

That put a look on both their faces.

"Kel, I just realized not only will I probably need more stuff than your car will hold, I don't have any idea what I will need to buy if I get a housekeeper or cleaning service, pool and gardener or driver. Do you both have time to help me? We can go to the model, get the keys, check out what we need maybe buy a phone or two and make some calls to arrange services. Same deal, I'll pay both of you, and then take you both out for good food. I don't know if you realize this but I am clueless, this is my first house. What do you say, feel like helping an old man?

"Mister, if you're an old man then... !"

"What Kathy means is that although it may be 'hard', since we are such 'good' girls it feels like our duty to help an 'old guy' like you. So 'Lead on Mac Duff', or whoever you are.

That first load ended up to be $515.57. I gave Kathy six $100 bills and told her to keep the change. Kel and the cashier both ended up looking at me as Kathy pocketed the change and smiled like the 'Cheshire Cat'.

"What! We still have a lot of shopping and work to go. My pockets are full, so she is doing me a favour."

From Linda, the cashier, "I'll do some favours too 'big guy', even share with these two, if I have to."

To quote that famous line, I said, "We'll be backee!"

Not quite sure if they all had cricks in their neck's or just tossing that silky smooth hair around but I followed to the car. Did I mention all three were healthy and well-tanned girls? I also should mention that I stood by holding the two carts as they both sashayed to bring the car around.

It was nearly 10:30 am when we pulled into the model home, got my keys and drove up to the door. To me I never thought the house was going to be anything that special. It was not going to be the largest nor the smallest there. The Company was installing various fencing and security items but none were completed. They were several houses larger already in our sub and already built. None had six lots and a dock though several were on the water.

I opened the driver's door first for Kel and tossed her the keys to the house, asking her to open the door and make certain the AC was on. I scooted over and opened the other car door for Kathy. The scream of "Kathy" from inside the house made like 50 things go though my mind. Instinct took over; I pulled Kathy back, extracted a small carry pistol and began to enter the house.

Kel was almost half-standing half sitting on the arm of a chair overlooking the Oriental garden and Cabana. I looked around. Nada. I did notice that Liz had done a great job of decorating the place (With my money of course).

"Kel, please do not, I repeat, if you are going to be working around me, do not ever scream like that again. You near killed me!"

She turned towards me. Her lower lip way above the upper, face and eyes contoured and she was crying.

"Kel, what's the matter? Are you hurt? What's wrong, Hon?"

The other, smaller bookend, Kathy, came peeping through the open front doors (Yep, two big ones). She apparently heard some of what I asked her sister because after a very deep breath she marched over to hold her, saying. "No brothers, Damn, I guess Linda's idea of sharing would be OK! Damn though!"

As Kel slumped onto the chair, her left hand alternated from her mouth to her eyes. Thanks be, the chair was leather or it would have been soaked by now. I did the man thing. "I think there is cold water in the kitchen, there are some guest bedrooms and bathrooms to the right if she need them or wants to lie down. I'll open the trunk and start to bring the frozen and cold stuff in. I think two or three of the rooms have beds so just pick one. Damn, unless Liz bought some for me, I don't know if we have and glasses or drinks. I know we did not buy any this morning. Get Kel to bed, then see what you can find, OK Kat?

I exited ASAP; I just knew 27,000 questions would soon follow. Damn, damn, damn, why did they have to be so cute? The Walther slid back under my shirt. They both had to have seen it. What was I going to say? Neat lighter maybe? Right! Two young blonds drowning in a pool would not fly; maybe it would if worse comes to worse.

Trip 1 ended up with me carrying three bags. Milk, juice, bacon, eggs, ham and grits in one, a variety of frozen stuff in the other two. Inside the kitchen a 'wet hen', Kat was sitting on a really nice table. Man, Kat had long legs, I never noticed them before. Maybe it was what she was wearing, if...

"I have a question, Mister tall, dark and single?"

"Yep. Knew it! Now I was taking a deep breath maybe two. I responded. "Couldn't find any glasses huh, well we did buy OJ and some milk if Kel will drink it from the carton?"

Ugh, OH, the Spock eyebrow lift. Every guy past puberty knows that when that happens the girl is pissed.

"So, just who the Hell is Liz? Girlfriend? Wife? Mistress? Well!"

Like a ton of excrement had just been lifted off my head. Another breath. "Well you don't have to get so angry if you couldn't find any glasses. Liz is over in the model. She works for the builder. She helped design this house and decorated it while I was overseas. Why don't you run over there, see if she has some glasses while I bring in more stuff. Is 'Princess' Kel" OK?"

"How old did you say you are and do I have to worry about 'your' boyfriends? Kel never said if you were a younger or older sister!"

I think that gave her something to think about, for her mouth suddenly was in the open and locked position. I had found something other than cute, pretty and beautiful to derail anger in a girl. Just tell a young girl she looked older or an older girl she looks young. I was smiling now. Then I realized I had become a beast of burden and would be carrying in all the bags. Not something to smile about on a hot day in Florida. The sight of those long legs strutting to the model house did draw my attention. I did want to know just how old, or young she was. We guys can't always tell. I guessed she was about 16 however.

The other 'Princess', Kat came, with hips swaying, about the same time I tried carrying the last five bags in one trip. She was carrying four glasses. I thought she was going to take one or two of the bags from me. But Nooo, not Miss Long Legs, she merely continued on, saying now 'we' had glasses in 'our' house. I now had a suspicion that the Company had sent them and forever more I would be cursed to put up with them, her anyway. On second thought, there were worse ways to die, several of them. Did I happen to mention that they were both very, very cute? I would have to inspect a bit closer, but if Kel's legs were as long as her sister's, I already knew, their top parts were more than a mouthful. I was 24, almost 25. Never married and as you might have guessed from the beginning of this story, my 'work' came first.

I had bought the house because I had felt something was missing in my life. I had indicated the close bond that I had with my family earlier in the story. (Not) I did not even have to see the rest of the house to know that it was not having a home that was going to make me happy.

I had told Kel that she had a job here at the house or driving me around. I felt that extending a similar offer to Kat was in order. I asked, indirectly of course.

"Kat, check on your sister please, we need a lot more things. If she is still resting, can you drive her car?"

"Not yet, I turn 16 next ... Man, you are good! You got me, now what are you going to do to me, I mean with me, Oh Hell, whatever?"

"I could try throwing you on the bed and ravishing you, or toss you in the pool to cool you down, but I was going to offer you a job, similar to what I offered Kel!"

"Let's see, Door 1, ravish, Door 2, naked in pool(I never said naked, but... ) or Door 3, being a 'slave', mmmm, decisions, decisions, don't suppose I could get all three, huh?"

Now I was the one slumping down and holding my face in my hands. "How old did you say you were, near 16 or was that 26?"

"She better be the former or my sister is one of those POD people. And just why is she to be a ' naked slave' and how many of 'us' do you have Buster?"

I did the man thing, as that was all I could think to do. "Oh Princesses, thy radiant beauty dost confuse thy humble servant. I do not know the words to say to convey the words in my mind. I am overwhelmed by the very sight of you and am truly blessed if you deem me worthy to even kiss thyne feet."

"Well, a decent start. We may allow the likes of you to serve us; however, I am not so sure I like the 'naked slave' part. No, she can't drive yet. I can, but I have a few questions you need to answer, Who is Liz? Is she your girlfriend? Wife? Ex-wife? Mistress? What is she to you?'

From Kathy and I in stereo. "She designed and decorated the house. She works for the builder!" That ended up followed by both of us laughing. Yep she had long legs and now she had a few buttons undone and was missing a bra. Yes indeed, far more than a mouthful on top.

"Girls, I need to just sit here and rest up. Please look around and see what we need. I have asked Kat if she would like a job here that is similar but different to do from those I offered you. No strings attached, unless ... Hell I travel so much that neither of you would put up with me!"

While they looked around the house, indoor pool, (Snakes and Gators just love outdoor pools) cabana, Sand garden, 5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, 8 closets (No basements in that part of Florida), garage (Yes we had a four banger and no carport) I had pretty much decided on doing some other jobs to pay for the extras.

When they came back from the inspection, the only comment was, "Ready!"

"Are you both willing to do everything that needs to be done around here or not? What I mean is live here, take care of this place, drive me around when I am here, do what you can and call in help or tradesmen for things you will need done. If you do I will pay you very well but there are some things you will never be able to tell another living soul; that is if you want them to stay living."

Damn, why do they have to cry? Guys can't stand to see a girl cry, not unless they are sicko. I now had two crying bookends holding onto me. Two items would need to be added to 'our' list today. "I'm going to assume my offer is accepted. There are some rules but in general, you both will sort of be in-charge of things here and maybe a couple more places. We need to go now, you buy, and I'll just pay for things like a good little boy."

"We need cell phones. Here is money for the small things. (I had taken extra from a money belt earlier) They just looked at the $1,000 in both their hands, then at me. You put everything we buy in your names; the more expensive things will be in the name of the business."

"That would be, what exactly?"

"The business you both work for. One of you can be my Executive Assistant; the other can be the Office Manager, or anything else that you will need to be. That reminds me, we will need to make another stop today. Whenever asked our business name is 'Worldwide Services'. Okay?"

Wally Mart got us six cell phones. Three were pre-paid; three were billed on the business credit/debit account. Out next stop was a Citizen and Southern Bank Branch Office to get the girl's credit/debit cards and have them added as authorized to sign for things. Both Kel and Kat looked at least 21 so with my Id and card I got that done. They fumbled a bit entering a pass code but that was usual. That reminded me to have business cards printed for them. Next stop, that was a question.

"Girls, we need a car. Something you can use and still be something for the few times a year we will need to be formal. Please go to someplace that has those kinds of cars."

Import Motor Cars looked like it was a great choice. My original intention was to get Kel's car fixed up (It was not in the best of shapes) and give it to Kat. We got out of her car and started walking around. Surprise, surprise, a sales type came over and gave us what was his best horse smile and the words, "Those are the expensive cars, dude and dudeets. We got some used, cheaper ones in the back."

Nodding to Macho Man, I turned back to the girls and told them to decide on something they liked, and what colour. It did not take long. While they were deciding, I made a call, using the open cell, to advise the Company the business-needed insurance on two cars and two new employees. I gave them a start date and salary and told them the names and SS numbers would soon follow, also to start vetting them for some future clearances.


"Yeah, right!"

"Maybe Black, Silver or Blue, would be OK colours. Let's go inside."

Now remember, a beater car, two young girls and a little older guy was not their typical clientele. Of course we were not typical anything. (There, 'they' got me saying "we, our, etc. like we were together. In your dreams. Yeah, that would be interesting.)

"We'd like to see the Lease Manager or the dealership manager please!"

Mr. Macho was giving us a look, maybe not us but the girls for certain.

"I'm Chris Johnson, may I help you."

"Yes, we are opening a new office nearby. Currently the home here is where we operate from, but we will have rented offices shortly. C & S is our local bank, the business office in London can confirm I am the CEO and have been in operation for 5 years. We wish to lease two cars from you; here is my debit card and the name of our insurance group. Please deduct the full cost for the term of the leases and both should be for 12,000 miles."

"In my experience 12,000 for a 24 or a 36 month business lease will not be enough."

"I'm sorry; the leases on both should be on a 6 month basis, we will need you to keep them refreshed at that rate. The girls will tell you what they want and the colours. Girls!"

"We think the S-550 sedan in Black or Blue would look good for your formal things, both of us think the Model G thing would be a lot of fun and would give you enough room for bags and luggage to and from the airport. Silver for that, if we could get that?"

"I never thought of that and it would be ideal to take things to the boat."

"Are you certain you want those cars?" from the man.

"I think it was English we asked for them, but I can repeat it in a couple other languages, what was not clear?"

"There is no way I can write you a lease for 6 months on these cars."

I made another call on my new cell, holding up a finger for Mr. Johnson to wait. I called the MB dealer in Coral Gables, told them to prepare 6 month business leases for a Black S-550 and a Silver Model G SUV, that we would be there shortly. I took back the debit card, read it off to the person answering, took the insurance contact's information and thanked Chris Johnson for trying so hard. I took my girls(Yes, they were now my girls) by the arms and walked back to Kel's beater.

"We need to go to the Coral Gables MB Dealership to get your cars. Is there an Executive Suites or someplace where we can get you some offices on the way?"

It was probably too much, too soon, for I think both were crying.

"You're for real aren't you?"

"Well my name isn't Casper, so I think I am, wait, let me check."

I made to touch my arm then pinch myself. "Ouch! Yep! I'm real all right, hurt now but real I guess."

It did not take long. We found more than we needed at the Catalonia Avenue Venue in Coral Gables. Phones, computers, two offices, 1 large, 1 smaller plus use of the shared conference rooms. Monica manned the phones 9:00 am to 4:30 pm less lunch time. Kel and Kat gave her their public Cell numbers. I would give them secure Sat phones when their vetting was over, at least the initial one.

On the way to the MB dealership I asked Kel if there was anyone she wanted to give her old car to. I told her that she and Kat would get new ones every 6 months, they just needed to pick something out. It could be anything they wanted, not just a MB.

Kat, probably to test me, said, "A Red Ferrari might be nice."

"OK, but they usually take a few months to get the Red in the US, you can have my Black one sent from Rome if you want something to drive till then?"

Kel wanted Linda, the girl she worked, with to have the car. She was taking a bus or walking to work. Instead, the dealer would be delivering to Linda a 2-year old trade in and an envelope containing the keys, title and $5,000 in cash to her at work, that very day.

Everything was as the girls wanted. Kel's old car was taken, ostensibly to go Linda. The replacement car and cash actually delivered was charged to the Worldwide billing.

Kel and Kat were expecting to now do the items they had prepared for purchase. Instead, "I'm hungry. Let's find some food, OK?"

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