Harry Potter and the Game of Life

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Desc: Fan Fiction Sex Story: Prologue - Harry Potter thought he'd done what he was meant to do when he allowed Lord Voldemort to kill him. He'd destroyed the last Horcrux only moments before and now Lord Voldemort could be killed by anyone. But a Meeting with Dumbledore int he Afterlife sheds light on the mans actions. Resolved he travels down a tunnel of light to go back to life. Just not in the way he intended...

"Congratulations gamer, you have succeeded in accomplishing your primary task! You may choose to restart the game from a random point or continue to play, please state your choice."

"What the hell just happened? Dumbledore said that this would take me back into the real world!" Harry exclaimed confused. "Restart the game? What does..."

"You have chosen to restart the game! Good choice!" Announced the annoyingly cheerful voice.

"Wait I didn't choose, I was asking! What the hell is going on!" He angrily demanded.

"You have beaten the game on realistic difficulty, thus unlocked new reward points to spend. Your choice to restart the game and try to earn more rewards allows you to allocate your current rewards and have another go at life!"

Harry stood dumbfounded and looked around. After walking down the tunnel Dumbledore had told him would lead back to life he had ended up in this plain circular room, which inexplicably now had no exit.

Considering what little the voice had said he tried to work out what was happening. Was he dead after all? He couldn't be, he certainly didn't feel dead and Dumbledore was a little too freakish and abnormal for him to imagine.

His contemplation brought no new answers so he resolved to try and learn more from the already annoying voice.

"What is the game? And how did I beat it? What do you mean restart?"

Sounding as cheerful as before the voice replied.

"The game is life. There is no heaven nor hell after life. If you fail the game you die and that is the end of your story. But if you win the game you get to try the game again with the rewards you earned for beating the game."

Harry digested this information slowly. Much like the train station where he had spoken to Dumbledore there was no sensation of time here nor any reason to rush. It seemed that every time the voice answered his questions it raised more questions than it satisfied answers.

"How does one win at life?" He asked curiously. "How do you score such a game?"

"Excellent question" The voice praised. "The game of life is quite simple. You must do everything you can to survive and achieve as much as possible. When a new player is born he or she is randomly assigned a goal. One task that if accomplished means the player has beaten the game. Simple."

"Huh" Harry said nodding. "So I'm guessing my goal was to defeat Voldemort? Considering the prophecy that seems rather obvious. But I didn't actually kill him!" He protested.

"Your goal was the destruction of the Dark Lord Known as Lord Voldemort. Voldemort came into being when he created his first Horcrux, at that moment Tom Riddle was buried beneath hate and ambition. By destroying all of his Horcruxes you rendered the Dark Lord mortal once more, and destroyed the greatest source of his power. Though the husk of Tom Riddle lives, Lord Voldemort has died. You accomplished your task."

"That actually makes some sense." Harry mused idly. "Voldemort was an immortal Dark Lord who could not be killed, but by destroying his Horcruxes he ceased to exist. It's a bloody good job I found Nagini before I died then! Else I would have failed!"

"Yes, had you died without killing the snake, upon your death Lord Voldemort would have just withdrawn from the fray and let his followers destroy his opposition believing, quite rightly, that none could stop him once you were dead."

"So Dumbledore was wrong?" Harry asked shocked.

"Yes" The voice answered succinctly.

Harry sat down on the smooth floor heavily. The reality of how close he had come to oblivion scared him a little. He had thought himself ready to die, but as soon as he started talking to Dumbledore he had realised that those feelings were just a result of despair and hopelessness. Once he learned more about Dumbledores plan he really wanted to live. To beat Voldemort and destroy all of his forces once and for all.

"So now I have to do it all over again? Will I remember any of this? Can't I decide to carry on playing after all? I want to finish the job properly!" He declared all fired up.

"You have decided to restart the game. This decision cannot be changed. You will have no true memories of this time or the time before you restarted the game. But by choosing to restart the game you have been bestowed with the Deja Vu perk. This perk will give you strong instincts related to your past knowledge, but without true memories."

"Well that's better than nothing I suppose." He muttered. "I suppose the game will restart from birth?"

"No. Winning the game allows you to go back to a random point but as your failed to achieve the secondary condition you may not choose when you restart or know before hand when it will be. Would you like an accounting of your performance and rewards now?"

"An accounting of..." He exclaimed. "Yes tell me how I did, what I earned and what I failed to do."

Harry was curious as to what the secondary condition was, clearly he didn't need to accomplish the condition to win but there are rewards for doing so. But what kind of rewards could he earn? Choosing when he restarted from would be useful he supposed, but it seemed limited.

"You completed your primary task and destroyed the Dark Lord Voldemort and so earned one customisable Major and Minor perk and ten attribute points. You failed to outlive the Dark Lord and so you only earned the Major Flaw Martyr. You succeeded in keeping your best friends alive and so earned the achievement Protector of the weak and one customisable minor perk. You failed to keep Hogwarts free and so earned no reward. You failed to keep Albus Dumbledore alive and so earned no rewards for this aim. You failed to keep the Ministry of Magic intact and so failed to earn any reward. You failed to keep all the members of the Order of the Phoenix alive and so failed to earn any reward. You chose to restart the game and so earned the major Perk Deja Vu. You partially overcame your flaw Malnutrition and so earned the Minor Perk, Body Magic. Would you like to allocate your new customisable Major and minor perk?"

"Wait, wait a minute." He exclaimed.

So his aims were to Beat Voldemort, outlive him, keep the Ministry intact, keep Hogwarts free, keep his friends, Dumbledore and the Order alive? All fairly simple and things he would want to do but how could he do all that?

"If these are all my aims then what are the aims of the others?" Harry asked, a little annoyed. "Surely I can't do everything?"

"Players are assigned random tasks, and the rewards for said tasks are proportionate to the difficulty of the task."

"Okay so I earned big rewards, these perks? But what do they mean exactly? And what are the customisable perks?"

"Perks define you as a person. They can improve, or in the case of flaws, worsen your Attributes, which from the foundation for your capabilities."

"Well did I have any perks before? And what are my Attributes now? Did you say I have attribute points too?" He asked curiously.

"Previously you had three major perks, Orphan which reduced your Charisma and Confidence attributes by one point but increased your Will by two points. Last of the Potters, level one, which increased your Magic, Will and Wisdom attributes by one each. And lastly Child of Prophecy which gave you one point extra in each Will, Magic and Wisdom. You also had three secondary flaws, Malnourished which subtracted two points from both your Health and Physique. Trust Issues which took three points each from Confidence and Charisma and Finally Independent which added one point to your will at the cost of two charisma points."

"Wow. It seems some of those are double edged swords." He mused. "Can I change any? And why is Last of the Potters level one? Can it be upgraded or something?"

"Perks and Flaws often have advantages and Disadvantages some are clearly one or the other but this is rare. Last of the Potters is awarded because you are the only surviving heir to the Ancient and Noble House of the Potters. The perk can be upgraded in game."

"How do I upgrade the perk? And can any others be upgraded?" He inquired.

If he could improve his perks then surely that would make it easier for him to fight Voldemort and achieve his goals. The benefits and drawbacks of the various Perks was clearly obvious to him, even if their exact effect wasn't.

"Some perks can be increased a level in game or after completing the game. I cannot tell you any more." The voice stated, cheerful as ever.

"Okay, so a hidden task then?" He mused. "It seems obvious that improving the perk related to my family has something to do with this Ancient and Noble house stuff. I'll have to research it when I go back. Oh, uh will I remember that to do that?"

"You will remember to do what you want to do, but not why. The desires will seem like a natural part of your actions. The information will be there only subconciously."

Harry nodded in understanding. So if he decided now he needed to do something then when he restarted he would still want it but not know why or question it. Good.

"What about my new perks? What do they do?" He asked.

"The perk deja Vu gives you two points in Wisdom, Confidence and Magic, as well as a sense for important events and subconscious desires. Your flaw Martyr will make you want to protect the underdog all the time and make you more likely to suffer in silence in place of others, it does however give you the added benefit of two points in each Will, Confidence and Magic. Protector of the Weak give you plus two Charisma and Will points, and makes people recognise you as someone who is intrinsically good and protects people. Your minor perk Body magic will allow you to channel magic into your body thus using 10% of your magic attribute to strengthen your Health and Physique."

"All good advantages to have, though I don't see why the Martyr is flaw. It seems it's already my goal to protect others. So what are my current attribute totals and what does each attribute do?"

"Your attributes currently stand at ten Health which determines your overall Healthiness and how quickly you recover from illness. Twenty two Will, which covers how stubborn you are, Will is used as a save roll against the Imperius Curse as well as a factor when trying to learn new spells or fighting an opponent. Physique is currently at ten and determines your overall fitness how fast you can move how much you can lift. Magic is at twenty one and determines how much raw magic you have available to you. Your intelligence is at twelve and determines how fast you learn and how much you remember. Your charisma is at Eight and determines how persuasive you are. Your wisdom is a measure of your Judgement skills and is at sixteen points. Your cunning is at twelve and is a measure of how good you are at deception and trickery. Your confidence makes you more likely to succeed at new things and helps make you a better leader and is currently at twelve."

"Wow" Harry breathed.

He began to think over the numbers and their uses, as well as where he could put those ten points he had to spend. As much as he'd like to be healthier and stronger Health and Physique had never been a problem for him before and he'd gone up because of the body magic Perk. So they were out. Cunning and Charisma seem a little useless in a war unless he meant to go into politics which he didn't so likewise they were out. That left, Magic, Will, Intelligence, Wisdom and Confidence. He already had very high Magic and and Will scores so they could be left really. But confidence, Intelligence and Wisdom could be useful.

"Am I right in thinking that the base score is a ten then?" He asked.

"You are correct." The voice replied. "And all attributes can be increased up to level 50."

"Okay then I want to put four points each into Intelligence and Confidence and two into Wisdom." He declared.

"Your changes have been recorded, Changes will be applied when you restart." The voice replied cheerfully.

"Now what about these Perks I can choose, how many do I have?" He asked, now eager to restart his life and try again.

"You may pick one Major Perk and two Minor Perks." The voice informed him. "A list has been provided in front of you."

Looking down Harry saw two pieces of A4 paper, one entitled Major and one Minor. The Major list all looked fairly useful, some were just massive increases in a single stat like, Born Leader which gave +7 confidence, a very tempting one or some gave a single ability such as Metamorphagi and many other things he didn't know the use of. Questioning the voice led to no new knowledge just that the information was provided in front of him.

Deciding that it would be safer to take an obvious overall increase Harry decided upon Symbiotic Magic which allowed him to increase all of his Attributes by 5% of his Magic attribute, the increase was only by 1 stat point but that was on Eight different Stats and it had level one by it so he may be able to upgrade it in the future.

For his Two Minor Perks he picked Iron will which allowed him to use his Will Attribute instead of cunning and charisma in various checks, a clear positive as his Will was so high and those so low. HE also chose Chameleon which allowed him to increase his 'Skills' by 10% of that of his lovers. He didn't know what skills were and the voice wouldn't say but it could prove to be a very useful way of gaining skills.

Once he had finalised his choices the voice asked him if he was ready to restart. Any attempts at wheedling information out of t he voice failed, and just got the same question repeated so he ally just said yes.

Next Chapter -

With a sensation not unlike waking up Harry rapidly became aware of his surroundings and had a sudden epiphany, one that was immediately summed up succinctly by Ron Weasley.

"Oh Fuck"

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