Marcie's First Visit to the Gynecologist
Chapter 1 - Preliminaries

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BDSM Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Preliminaries - Innocent 14-year-old Marcie Hamilton is nervous about her first trip to the OB/GYN, and she would be mortified to know what's going to happen to her. Her parents have arranged for an experience that is far beyond a simple pelvic exam, and it will prepare her for a lifetime of sexual pleasure.

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Fa/ft   Teenagers   Coercion   NonConsensual   Lesbian   Heterosexual   Fiction   Mother   Father   Daughter   BDSM   DomSub   Humiliation   Light Bond   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   First   Oral Sex   Sex Toys   Doctor/Nurse  

Alex Hamilton parked the car in front of the medical pavilion and subtly patted the hand of his wife, Lori, before they opened their doors. Fourteen-year-old Marcie climbed from the back seat and joined her parents as they walked to the front door of the medical arts building.

Marcie was nervous, even though her mother had tried to reassure her the night before with a gentle description of what would happen on her first visit to the gynecologist.

Nonetheless, Marcie was bashful by nature and sexually inexperienced beyond some guilty self-pleasure. She'd never made out with a boy, much less been naked with one. Her health class had discussed enough sex basics for her to realize how little she understood. She'd seen porn on the Internet, but she'd always rushed to close the browser window when sexy feelings and her guilt became too intense.

After watching a video of a woman masturbating, the girl discovered how to pleasure her secret place. In the privacy of her bedroom, her fingers stroked her little bud and produced countless orgasms. Like most teenagers, though, she was stealthy in her explorations and would have been mortified for anyone to know.

By any measure, she was beautiful in an All-American way. Dark green eyes and a ready smile could melt steel. She kept her brown hair cut short in a boyish style. Her breasts had begun to develop, and she proudly wore an A-cup bra. A snug pair of jeans or shorts could show her firm bottom to great advantage. And she'd turned plenty of heads at the swimming club last year when she wore her bikini.

Secreted inside her bikini, her pussy boasted a tiny tuft of fine hair that had begun to sprout about a year earlier.

None of this was on her mind, though. Her heart pounded while she walked with her parents to the elevator. Alex punched the button for the fifth floor. Her nerves were on edge at the prospect of the doctor examining her intimate places. It was all she could think about, and she was almost trembling.

The arrival at Dr. Johnson's office was routine ... check-in, insurance and paperwork. And more paperwork. Her mother helped her fill out the forms in the waiting room while her father perused his iPhone.

After a short wait that seemed too long to Marcie, her name was called. She'd decided last night to go back alone and let her parents wait out front. "Remember, text me if you need me," Lori reassured and blew a kiss as Marcie turned to walk with the nurse.

"I'm Ms. Blaylock," the young nurse said, extending her hand.

"Hi, I'm Marcie Hamilton," the girl said before realizing the the nurse already knew her name.

They stopped in the hall to check Marcie's height and weight. Then it was into a large examining room that felt more warm and inviting than her usual doctor's office. The walls were a tasteful combination of paneling and wallpaper in soft colors, and the warm lighting was subdued. Several armchairs worthy of a living room were against the walls.

There was no ignoring, however, the full-fledged gynecological exam table in the middle with all of its medieval implications, no matter the modern features intended to soften its presence. Marcie felt a shiver down her spine.

Nurse Blaylock escorted Marcie to a dressing cubicle in the corner. "Take off your clothes; you can hang them here," she said with a gesture to a hat tree with some clothes hangers.

"And take off everything. Some girls try to be modest and keep their panties on, but there's no point. That's exactly where he's going to look, so you might as well accept it." the nurse said evenly.

Marcie shuddered, even though the room was a comfortable 74 degrees. She was approaching the moment of truth that she had dreaded.

Nurse Blaylock handed her the infamous paper gown that physicians seem to buy by the trainload. "The opening goes in the back," she instructed, "so that you'll be totally covered in front. Come out and sit down when you've got it on. I'll be back in a few minutes."

The nurse exited and closed the door. The nervous 14-year-old took a deep breath and began removing her clothes. She blushed a little while unsnapping her bra to expose her little titties. And took a big gulp before pushing her white cotton panties to the floor.

She hurriedly unfolded the gown, briefly puzzled by its design. She figured it out quickly, though, because she was desperate to cover her nudity.

She peeked around the corner to confirm the room was empty and then slid into the nearest chair, locking her knees together and pressing the gown into her lap in a desperate bid to protect her modesty. Her heart pounded.

A light tap on the door startled her, but she exhaled with relief when Nurse Blaylock's smiling face appeared in the opening.

"Oh, good," the nurse said when she saw Marcie. "This is going to be easy peasy, honey, if you keep following instructions. OK, it's time to get up in the chair."

The nurse guided Marcie to the foot of the table and helped her sit on the edge. "Scoot back," she said, and Marcie lifted her bottom when it wouldn't slide.

"OK, lie back and relax."

Even reclined, though, she was still mostly upright because of the way the table was positioned. "Now, we're going to put your legs up here," she said, gesturing to padded leg rests.

The nurse leaned down and lifted a leg. As she lifted the second, Marcie closed her eyes and tried to forget what was happening. The gown theoretically covered her front, but she knew her sex was open beneath the garment.

With her eyes closed, the virgin didn't see the nurse reach for a wide web strap and wrap it around Marcie's left calf before securing it with velcro. By the time Marcie's eyes flashed open, Nurse Blaylock was already moving a strap into position on the right leg. She fastened it before Marcie could react.

"What are you doing?" Marcie exclaimed.

"This is standard procedure," the nurse assured her. "It's more comfortable for you in the long run, and it's safer for the doctor," an explanation that unsettled Marcie further as she imagined a stranger between her legs.

The nurse turned to the counter and made some notes on the girl's chart. Turning around, she smoothly reached beneath Marcie's right arm for another strap. Using her spare hand, she pinned Marcie's arm while smoothly closing the velcro.

"I'm not sure about this," Marcie said with foreboding. She tried to reach with her free hand, but the experienced Nurse Blaylock intercepted her.

"We always do this to first timers," the nurse said. "None of us know how you might react, including you. You'll be more safe and comfortable; trust me."

Before the shocked, innocent girl could muster a defense, her final limb was restrained, and her heart raced faster than a speeding bullet. Testing her bonds, she twisted her torso, but it was all the movement she could muster. She was confined.

Her Mom! Her cell phone! Oh, no. She'd left it in the dressing cubicle. She couldn't text her Mom. Oh, horrors!

The nurse turned and made further notes in the chart. Heading to the door, she said, "the doctor will be here in a minute."

As the nurse left the room, Marcie realized the position of the exam table left her private region completely exposed to the hallway when the door was open. Before Nurse Blaylock could close the door, another nurse walked down the hall and glanced in at the trembling virgin. Marcie could tell that the nurse never saw her face; the nurse just looked between her legs.

The girl was mortified and prayed to shrink into the table after the door was closed and she was alone.

Minutes passed, and Nurse Blaylock tapped on the door and stuck her head in before opening it wider. Marcie thought she would die. Her parents were standing there. The nurse escorted them into the room and gestured toward two chairs near the door. "You can sit here."

Her Mom and Dad had a perfect, eye-level view of her virgin treasure framed by her splayed legs, a site they hadn't seen since she began bathing and dressing herself. Marcie blushed a deep red, closed her eyes and futilely prayed to be taken to heaven immediately.

"How are you doing?" her mother said softly.

Oh, God. What a question. "How do you think I'm doing mother. When are you going to release me?" she cried.

"Not yet, honey. You haven't even been treated by the doctor, honey. It will be over soon."

"But why are you here? You said you'd stay out."

"The doctor's staff insisted that since it's your first time, the doctor would like to be able to talk to us as he examines you."

"Mom, please, please, please. Please let me loose."

"No, honey," her father spoke firmly. "You must go through with this."

The nurse was silent as Marcie's parents denied her entreaties, but then she came to Marcie's side with a clipboard.

"OK, I have some more medical questions now. Have you smoked cigarettes?"


"Smart move. Have you had alcoholic beverages?"

"Mom and Dad let me have a few sips of wine at home sometime."

"Nothing else?"


"How about street drugs like marijuana or pills?"

"Never," Marcie said indignantly.


"Now, let's talk about your sexual practices."

Marcie died another thousand deaths.

"When did you start masturbating?"

Marcie was taken aback by the premise of the question. She wasn't being given a chance to deny that she played with her pussy. The nurse just assumed that she did.

"About two years ago," she murmured after a long pause to build her courage.

"I'm sorry, did you say two years ago?" the nurse said loud enough for her parents to hear.


"Please speak up. Do you usually have an orgasm when you masturbate?"

Marcie's throat clenched, and she couldn't speak for a moment. "Yes."

"And do you just use your fingers or do you have any sex toys?"

Marcie's face was bright red. "My fingers."

"That will probably change soon. How often do you masturbate?"

Marcie knew she wouldn't be able to answer this one. She lay there in silence, the circuits of her mind overloaded by the question. After a long pause, she stammered, "a few times a week."

"Every day?"

"Yes," she said softly.

"More than once a day?"


"Have you ever put anything in your vagina besides a tampon?"


"Not even a finger?"

"Well, yes, I've done that."

"How far?"

My God, was there no end to this? "Not far; it wouldn't go in far,"

Marcie couldn't believe she was having to spill her entire sexual history, limited as it might be, in front of her parents. And having to do so while they could clearly stare at her exposed genitals from their seats at the foot of the exam table.

Her crease was showing signs of moisture. Marcie didn't realize it because she was focused on the nurse, but her parents did.

"Now, how about boys. Have you had sex with a male?"

Finally, an easy one. Marcie had hardly dated and only once experienced a chaste goodbye kiss. "No."

"How about oral sex or mutual masturbation? Those are sexual relations, too."

"No," she said, relieved that she had another answer that wasn't embarrassing. Marcie had never seen a penis in real life.

"And what about girls? Have you had sexual relations with a girl?"

Oh, no. Not this. She couldn't tell the truth about what she did with Amy Perkins.

"No," she murmured, but she didn't convince an experienced inquisitor like Nurse Blaylock.

"Marcie, I'm not sure you're telling the truth. You must tell me the truth so the doctor can examine you properly."

A long silence filled the room.

"It's OK, Marcie. Tell the nurse the truth," her mother urged her.

Another silence hung in the air.

"Amy and I fooled around some," she said while closing her eyes to hold back tears of shame.

"It's OK, honey. Lots of girls experiment with each other," her mother said.

Relief washed through Marcie as she realized her parents weren't upset ... or at least her mother wasn't. Little did she know, her father was aroused by the mental image of Marcie and the nubile Amy naked together.

"OK, so what did you and Amy do together?" the nurse said, resuming her interview.

"We kissed and touched and, and..."

Even with her parents' support, it was still too embarrassing to admit everything they'd done together.

"Did you touch each other's breasts?"


"Did you touch each other between the legs?"


"You put your fingers in her sex and rubbed her clitoris?"


"And did you put your face between her legs?"

Marcie knew life as she'd known it was over. She was completely humiliated; she might as well confess everything.

"Yes," she said softly but with a new inner peace.

"Did you kiss and lick her vulva?"


"Did you lick and suck her clitoris?"


"And did she have an orgasm while you did that?"

Marcie closed her eyes and dropped her chin to her chest in shame. "Yes," she whispered.

"Did she do those things to you, too?"


"Did you have an orgasm while she licked you?"


"How many?"


"Did she penetrate your vagina?"


"Where did this happen?"

"In my bedroom during a sleepover."

"Finally, have you ever inserted anything in your anus?"

"No!" she said indignantly.

"OK; no more questions. The doctor will be here in a few."

Nurse Blaylock departed again, leaving Marcie alone with her parents. "It's OK," her father reassured her. "You're just a beautiful girl growing up in a normal fashion. You have nothing to be ashamed about. We're proud of you for being so courageous."

To Marcie, that was easy for him to say. He hadn't just spilled his sexual secrets to an audience.

She noticed both parents staring at her sex while her father talked to her, and she blushed when she realized she was lubricating.

Before she could think about it further, a firm rap at the door presaged the entry of Dr. Johnson.

A tall, handsome physician in a white lab coat strode into the room with a broad smile, followed by Nurse Blaylock. He looked Marcie directly in the eye while introducing himself and patting her shoulder gently. He turned and introduced himself to her parents, who sat back down.

"OK; let's see what we've got," the physician said while reading her chart. "Go ahead and remove her gown," he said to the nurse.

The nurse turned with a pair of blunt-tipped scissors.

"Wait!" Marcie said.

"I need to examine your breasts, Marcie," the doctor said.

The nurse strategically sliced the gown and removed it, leaving Marcie completely naked and exposed. The doctor continued to look at her chart while her chest heaved in everyone's sight. Her nipples were hard and protruding.

"I'm glad to see that you're an active little masturbator," the doctor said while studying the chart, reminding her of an embarrassment she'd prefer to forget. "Good for you. Orgasms are good for your health, so I want you to have a lot of them.

"Mom and Dad, feel free to encourage her and make sure she has plenty of opportunities to play with herself."

Marcie absorbed another blow to her dignity as she heard the doctor coach her parents about her sex life.

"And good for you for experimenting with other girls. I see that you had orgasms. Did you like the taste of her pussy?"

"Yes," Marcie groaned as her own became wetter with the memory.

Standing beside her, the doctor placed a hand on each breast and began rubbing gently and sensuously. His fingers skipped lightly across her nipples, teasing the erect nubbins. Then he massaged her little tittles with his index finger and thumb, adding to the arousal in her sex.

Marcie's hips began to gyrate subtly as the sexual tension built within her. Everyone but her noticed, but no one said anything, all silently appreciating that the little girl was coming on heat while the doctor manipulated her little boobies.

The 14-year-old turned her head away from the doctor, only to stare at a realistic painting of a couple in the throes of passion. In soft colors, the man's erection and the woman's impaled vagina were featured as they copulated. Staring at the scene further inflamed the girl's virgin body. Her hips pumped more lewdly and her drenched pussy spread before her mother and father. Her swollen clit was obvious, her slit was filled with liquid and her pussy lips were hot pink.

"Nurse Blaylock, would you give our little patient an orgasm now to help her relax?"

Oh my god, no. No way. Marcie would resist with all her might. But she realized she was helpless. The straps still held her securely, and her sex was on brazen display.

The nurse moved to her side opposite the doctor and let her fingers slowly trail down Marcie's stomach and abdomen. The gentle fingers caressed the insides of her open thighs and slid ever closer to her prize.

Then the fingers were slowly manipulating the outside of her sex. The nurse could feel how easily Marcie's lips slid against each other and knew the girl was in need of a climax. Delicately, sensitively, she slid her fingers into the channel and began rubbing up and down.

Marcie's hips were rising and falling as if she'd long ago been mated and had been copulating for years. It was entirely intuitive, though, as nature made her eager to offer her pussy to a penis and coax the semen from it.

Nurse Blaylock focused on Marcie's clit, rubbing it just a few feet in front of Mom and Dad while they stared at their daughter's wanton genitals.

Faster and more insistently, the nurse skillfully rubbed the writhing girl's love button until a loud groan followed by a guttural scream announced Marcie's orgasm. Even a deaf person would have known, though, because her groin lurched and lifted as if receiving an invisible lover.

Her father stared directly into her pussy and watched it quiver and palpitate while Marcie came. The nurse continued with her fingers, prolonging Marcie's orgasm and humiliation.

"Come some more for me, honey," the nurse encouraged. "You can do it."

Another scream announced another crash through the girl's body, and her body strained at the bonds. People walking past the room in the hallway could plainly hear cries of passion as the orgasm swept through her.

Realizing that Marcie was finished, Nurse Blaylock removed her fingers and put them to Marcie's lips. "Clean my fingers for me," she said, and the virgin meekly complied.

Marcie wondered when it would end.

As the girl slowly recovered her senses, the doctor moved between her legs and sat on the stool. Marcie looked down with embarrassment as he stared directly at her oozing pussy, but she was subconsciously excited by his gaze. The endorphins of her orgasm were still flowing through her body, and this handsome doctor was staring at her horny sacred place.

"Scoot down," he said, and he cupped her bottom to help her move. She realized it was spreading her pussy open even more. Now her sex was just gaping at the doctor. Then he adjusted the stirrups to open them wider, too.

"Turn up the lights, please," he said, and the nurse pushed a button to brighten the exam lights shining on Marcie. Her parents were behind and slightly to the side of the doctor, and they practically looked over his shoulder at the entrance to her sex.

With a bare finger, he slowly rubbed her clitoris and its hood. Lightly and steadily his finger traced her inverted V and began her excitement again. "She lubricates nicely," he said to her parents. "She'll definitely be very fuckable when boys start mounting her."

"And that's going to be soon, isn't it?" the doctor asked rhetorically. "Now let's look inside."

With one finger of each hand, the doctor gently pulled Marcie's lips apart to reveal the entrance of her love channel. "There it is. Do you see her hymen?" he asked Alex and Lori.

"Yes," they affirmed almost in unison as Marcie rolled her eyes and wished to reclaim her dignity ... or die.

"Let's start with a No. 2 dilator," he said to the nurse.

To the parents, he added, "we like to open them up gently so it's less stressful when they're taken the first time. We'll take her up to a No. 4, which is a little smaller than her first penis will be. She'll still strain when he takes her, but it won't be as painful."

Refocusing his attention on the quivering patient, he resumed rubbing her clit.

"When was your last masturbation before coming in today?" he asked.

"Last night," she replied with resignation.

"How many times did you orgasm?"


"Nice. I'm glad to hear that. When you play with yourself, do you sometimes think about a penis?"

"Yessssss," she exhaled, partly from the thought of a penis and partly from the doctor rubbing down there.

"Well, we're going to prepare you to begin entertaining penises with your vagina. Would you like that?"

"Oh, doctor, I'm not really ready for that. I'm too young."

"You might be more ready than you think. Girls your age usually take to the penis quite readily once they're introduced. That's why you're here ... your parents want to be sure you're prepared properly. Now, let's see what Nurse Blaylock has for us."

He reached to take the No. 2 vaginal dilator from the nurse, who'd warmed it. Smooth and shiny, it was the size of a Sharpie.

The doctor coated it with lubricant and put the tip to the entrance of Marcie's unplowed furrow. He pushed it until he felt the obstruction. "Help her relax, nurse."

Nurse Blaylock reached in to rub Marcie's clit with one hand and hold her abdomen down with the other. Dr. Johnson pushed the dilator inside to begin stretching the hymen, as Marcie inhaled and groaned.

"That's a girl. Just like that. That's the first step," he coached while holding the dilator in her tightness. Once she'd caught her breath, he began sliding the dilator in and out of her steadily and noted that she was responding by lifting her pelvis slightly.

He resumed responsibility for rubbing Marcie's clit, freeing the nurse to return to the counter and warm the No. 3 dilator. After several minutes of pumping with the No. 2, Marcie was clearly lifting herself to meet the cylinder.

"I think she's ready for the next one," the doctor said. "Ms. Blaylock, would you hand that to Mrs. Hamilton to lubricate? Mrs. Hamilton, do you mind?"

"Oh, no," she said, though she hadn't expected to be an active participant in her daughter's defloration.

She applied some lubricant to the artificial shaft and stroked it with her hand. She remembered all of the cocks she'd milked in her life and stroked it just like she was once again trying to coax semen from a horny buck behind the school or in the pool house. She thought of the dilator's destination and felt a small twinge in her pussy. She handed it to the doctor when he reached for it, and he handed her the smaller one.

"Lick it if you like, and you can taste your daughter. I can tell from here that she has a very delicate bouquet with an unmistakable scent of desire. It's a great aroma for bringing a boy to stand when she's in heat."

Mrs. Hamilton sniffed the dilator and licked it before passing it to her husband. He did the same and then slid it into his mouth to capture every drop of his daughter's sexual fluid. His cock throbbed in his pants, and he knew it was leaking.

They watched the physician place the No. 3 dilator at Marcie's opening. Again, the nurse rubbed the girl's clit and held her in place while the doctor slowly and insistently pushed the intruder into the innocent girl to stretch her hymen. "Ooomph," she exhaled as the full width passed the constriction at the entrance.

Again, the physician began slowly sliding the rod in and out of Marcie's excited love channel, and the girl responded favorably.

"Are you looking forward to sex with boys?" the doctor asked as he pumped the girl.

By now she was so excited that she just gushed, "yessss."

"Ms. Blaylock, let Mr. Hamilton prepare the final dilator."

"Yes, doctor," she said as she handed the father the warm, smooth No. 4 shaft. It was about an inch in diameter and seven inches long. Mr. Hamilton thought of his daughter's pussy as he prepared the intruder for her. He looked at the dilator and imagined where it was about to go.

The doctor turned, and they exchanged dilators. The parents needed no suggestion this time to sample the abundant pussy juice that coated No. 3. Then they turned to watch Dr. Johnson place the largest one at their daughter's tunnel. "It won't be long until boys are putting themselves in you like this," the doctor said as he pushed the dilator into the 14-year-old virgin.

He saw her lift her hips slightly and knew it was a sign to push into her. "Arrggh," she cried as her cunt expanded to new dimensions.

"There, there. Plenty of cocks are no bigger than that, and look at you. You're impaled, Marcie Hamilton. That could be a real cock in you right now, and you'd be able to take it. Aren't you a big girl?"

She looked behind the doctor to see her parents smiling at her and then looked down to see the base of the dilator protruding from her crotch. She beamed with a mix of pride and arousal to know that her cunt was able to accept such a large intruder.

The physician continued stroking the dilator in and out of the virgin love tunnel while intensifying his tickling of her clit. The combination was taking a toll on Marcie, especially when it was enhanced by an exhibitionistic streak she was discovering.

If Marcie was going to be reduced to a quivering sex pot, something about letting her parents see it was immensely exciting at the moment. Her moans and whimpers were increasing along with the motion of her hips as everyone stared at the junction of her thighs and watched the doctor pump her with the artificial phallus.

Nurse Blaylock reached around and pinched Marcie's turgid nipples. With little warning, an orgasm exploded inside Marcie's groin and immediately spread to her brain. She cried out and strained at the straps as spasms wracked her body. Her pelvis lifted to invite penetration, and a sexual flush covered her chest while wave after wave of bliss rolled through her.

Her parents stared as they saw her cum again, pleased in their role as parents and aroused in their role as sexual beings to see their daughter expanding her sexuality. They both noticed how tweaking Marcie's nipples had initiated her chain reaction, and they tucked the knowledge away for future reference.

Dr. Johnson pumped the phallic device in and out of her while spasms continued wracking her body and her cries filled the room. Slowly she slumped over as the sensations subsided.

The dilator was coated with her secretions when the doctor pulled it out of her. He handed it to the nurse, who held it to Marcie's lips. "Have you ever tasted yourself?"

Marcie looked alarmed at the idea as she shook her head.

"Go ahead and lick it. It will taste a lot like your friend tasted," the nurse said.

The girl's first lick was tentative, but then she took some longer swipes with her tongue before the nurse gently pushed the tip past Marcie's lips. Everyone watched Marcie's mouth grip the dilator like it would grip a penis. The nurse stroked it in and out of the virgin mouth in a gentle fucking motion.

Her father imagined it was his own cock in his daughter's mouth and nearly ejaculated in his pants.

"I think Jason would be a good fit for her," the doctor said to the nurse. "Is he ready?"

Marcie's eyes flew wide open at the mention of a real guy.

"Yes, he is. He had his last one about 90 minutes ago, and he's had a shower."

"Great," the doctor said. "Tell him we'll need him in about 10 minutes."

Nurse Blaylock pulled the door open and exited into the hallway. To Marcie's horror, the nurse didn't close the door. It was standing wide open, and anyone walking by could see directly between Marcie's legs and up her body. It wasn't long before a passing nurse stared at her, first her pussy and then her face.

"Jason's 19 and quite virile. We get our best stallions at the college. They're bright and easily trainable. They typically work two days a week and can do four girls a day, if they don't cum on their days off. Marcie will be his third today."

A few seconds later, a male nurse pushing a cart down the hall stopped and openly looked at her drooling sex, winked at her and proceeded on his journey. Marcie felt another surge of embarrassment.

Relief swept through her when the nurse returned and closed the door. "He'll be ready," she announced with a big smile.

"Fine. Marcie, we're going to play a video now to show you what's about to happen to you and to get you in the mood."

The nurse punched a few buttons, and two flat-screen televisions glowed to life. One was above Mr. and Mrs. Hamilton for Marcie to watch, and the other was behind Marcie for her parents to see. Most of the exam lights dimmed, but two remained brightly focused on Marcie's pink, swollen, wet labia.

A DaneJones logo filled the screen and faded to a softly focused young couple writhing gently on the bed. Slender and beautiful, they caressed each other's naked body while kissing soulfully. Marcie felt herself relax and her vagina begin to swell again as she watched the beautiful young man arouse his lithe partner as cameras slowly surveyed every detail of their intimacy.

The first glimpse of his stout, hefty penis took Marcie's breath away and then it was gone as the man lay on his stomach and began to kiss and lick the young woman's pussy.

During eight minutes and 47 seconds of beautiful erotic photography, Marcie watched the pair writhe, merge and thrust in erotic passion.

Halfway through the video, she could clearly see the hard, thick shaft's first penetration of the young woman's flower. The actress moaned as she felt the hard cock stab her smooth, shaved pussy.

Watching the same movie on the other screen, Marcie's parents were highly aroused. The Hamiltons copulated this morning in eager anticipation of the day's events, but now they were horny again. Lori Hamilton's panties were drenched, and Alex Hamilton's cock was leaking into his boxers. He kept staring at his daughter's inviting sex organs, open, swollen, wet and red.

With less than a minute remaining, the actor in the movie began grunting and quickened the pace of his plunging into the woman's receptive vessel. Her cries encouraged him. With a final lunge, he slammed deep inside of her and pressed his groin into hers. Marcie wasn't sure what was happening, but everyone else in the room knew her seeding was at hand.

The young woman in the movie was being inseminated, and the look of ecstasy on her face was of sheer bliss. Her partner's face was scrunched and his eyes tightly closed as he emptied himself into her.

Slowly, the actor pulled back and withdrew his twitching shaft from the pussy he'd fucked. The camera closed in, and the video ended with a prolonged view of the pulsing, dripping cock and the beautiful pussy leaking semen.

Marcie wanted to be penetrated again. She would have gladly let them open the door so strangers could watch, if only the doctor would stick the largest of the vaginal dilators back into her pussy. She pumped her pelvis slowly, silently begging to be taken. She saw her parents between her legs and lurched at the thought of them watching her.

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