I Hate That Bitch
Chapter 1

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Cheating Wife Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Cheating wife and husband's reaction

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I am Stanley Bridgewater and my wife's name is Melissa Bridgewater. I was the only person she allowed to call her Mel, everybody else called her Missy. We met while attending the University of Tennessee at Knoxville and I literally ran over her coming around the corner from the mailboxes in Morrell Hall. I was a senior studying animal science and the only time I was near the elevator lobby was to check my mail. Mel was headed to the elevators to ride up to her room. I fell in lust for her when I saw her deep blue eyes.

Mel had on a dress that hung loosely over her body. Her hair was blonde and long, in a pony tail that ended between her shoulder blades. She had on a pair of red plastic framed glasses that were too big for her face. At 5' 7" tall, she was an inch shorter than me. There was no way I could even guess at what her weight might be because her dress hid, what I would find in the coming weeks, a very curvy and sexy body. I did feel her firm breasts when they were mashed between our bodies that brief moment we were in contact with each other. I grabbed her arms to keep her from falling back and stammered an apology then headed toward the stairs because it was quicker for me, living on the second floor like I did.

I started hanging around the lobby of the dorm when I wasn't in class after that to catch her there, to ask her out. I approached her the next time I saw her passing through, headed to the elevators.

"Hi, I don't know if you remember me, but I almost knocked you down the other day. I'm Stanley Bridgewater and was wondering if we could go out for a beer or something." I said to her.

"Hi, uhm, I'm Melissa Harding and I, uhm, don't think I can, sorry." Mel told me as she rushed away.

I kept asking her out every time I saw her and she finally accepted. We really hit it off on our first date and began dating after that but it would be a couple of months before I would see her luscious body but it was worth it.

We had been kissing and touching each other since the third date and Mel continued to wear the same style of clothing. She always wore big, baggy dresses or large blouses and pants that hid her body. The only time she took her glasses off with me was when they got in the way of our kissing. I knew our make out sessions were over when she put them back on. I would have to rush back to the suite's bathroom to masturbate whenever we had spent an evening together and wondered if Mel was doing the same thing. From her flushed cheeks and heavy breathing when we parted, I knew she was aroused.

I had the best situation for a college guy living in a dorm. My roommate's girlfriend had an off campus apartment and on Friday afternoons, James Colyer, my roommate would take the books he needed for the weekend and go to his girlfriend's thus I wouldn't see him again until late Sunday evening. I had to get Mel into my room on a weekend somehow. It wasn't a matter of it being against any rules for a girl to be in a guy's room, it was Mel's resistance.

Two months after we began dating, I convinced Mel to come to my room on Friday after sharing a pitcher of beer at "The Last Lap" on the Strip. We started kissing and touching each other as we listened to an album on James's stereo. I don't remember which album it was, but I managed to get Mel's dress off before the side ended and that was the end of the music for a while.

I was stunned when I saw Mel's semi-nude body because it was beautiful. Her 34B breasts were unfettered by a bra and I knew from earlier petting sessions that they were firm with nipples that got very hard when she was aroused. Her stomach had a small bulge from extra weight, but it only added to her beauty to me. Her hips were broad and her ass big, yet firm. She had on a pair of "granny panties" in white.

"God Mel, you're beautiful. Why do you hide that beautiful body under all those baggy clothes?" I exclaimed that night.

"My body's not beautiful. I have a fat belly and ass, my tits are too small, and my hips are too wide." Mel answered me as she tried to reach for her dress.

I grabbed her and pulled her down on my bed then began kissing her and caressing her body.

"Your body is beautiful. If you wore some clothes that showed it off a little, one of those rich frat boys would be after you in a heartbeat." I said to her as she got more and more aroused.

Mel didn't try and stop me when I moved my hand to her panty covered crotch. I could feel the heat from her pussy. The absorbent nature of her panties had done their job, but I could still feel a bit of moisture on the outside of them. Mel didn't resist when I began pulling her panties off her. When my face was level with her valley, I licked up and down her slit with my tongue. I kissed and licked her honey pot, savoring her sweet, yet salty, nectar. I heard and felt her orgasm. She yelled yeses repeatedly as her entire body quivered and quaked. She had her legs clamped around my head and her hands were pushing my face into her center. I was barely able to breathe as I continued to flick my tongue back and forth on her clit, but stopped when she begged me to.

I stood and removed my clothes, put a condom on extremely hard cock and lay back down on my bed on top of Mel where I began to ease my turgid rod into her depths. I was mildly surprised when my rock hard dick had slipped into her without resistance. I bottomed out and began fucking Mel with long easy strokes. We kissed and caressed each other as we pushed and pulled our pelvises against each other. Mel was a much better fuck than my last girlfriend who only lay beneath me when we fucked.

"Fuck me hard and fast. I need it hard and fast." Mel implored me after breaking one of our tongue wrestling kisses.

I lifted up on my forearms and began plunging my steely pole into her sopping wet snatch hard and fast. Even with the condom, I was reaching critical mass in my balls.

"I hope you're close. I'm going to come." I yelled at Mel.

"Almost there. Don't stop. Please ... don't stop." Mel yelled back at me.

We were both slamming our crotches together hard and fast. I felt my load begin to shoot into the end of the condom and Mel began yelling yes as her orgasm overtook her. I felt her shaking beneath me as I continued to pump myself into her. We collapsed together when our peaks had waned. I hugged Mel and whispered "thank you" to her as I kissed her face. I grabbed the base of the condom when I felt my member begin to slip out of her. I went to the restroom and pulled it off over the toilet then wrapped it in tissue paper to place it in the trashcan. I hoped to place a few more with it before the night was through. I washed my flaccid penis in anticipation of more sex.

I re-joined Mel in the narrow dorm room bed. We kissed, talked, and laughed while lying in each other's arms. I think my lust went over the edge and into love that night.

I should have suspected something was off when Mel started trying to give me a blowjob. She did not provide any suction when she bobbed her head up and down on my semi-hard erection. When my tool was fully engorged, she would only take a couple of inches into her mouth. I had to stop her when she kept letting her teeth scrape my tender flesh. She put the second condom on me and straddled me in cowgirl and slammed herself down with one big plunge putting my cock balls deep into her hot and slick hole in an instant. Mel rode my hardness like a woman possessed. I was able to count two huge orgasms she had before the action became too intense. I obeyed when she demanded I thrust up to meet her. I was massaging her breasts in front of my face. Mel stopped plunging herself up and down on me after she had her second big orgasm.

"Let's change positions. I can't go any longer." Mel wheezed out at me.

"Do you like doggie?"

"Yes, yes I do."

We got into position and I tried to slide my erection into her. Mel rammed her ass back to me and begged me to fuck her hard. I did what she wanted and in a few moments we were both on the verge of cumming. Mel quivered in front of me when she felt my seed pulsing into the condom. When we were spent, I had to wait for Mel to use the facilities before I could dispose of the condom. Mel and I slept in each other's arms for most of the night. We made plans to have lunch together in the Presidential court yard cafeteria before going to sleep. I was a little disappointed when Mel awoke me while putting on her clothes to leave some time in the AM. She told me she needed to get back to her room so her roommate would not worry.

Mel and I were together all the time after that night. We would go to Big Orange football games or basketball games together but I think she only went for me. She took me to plays at Clarence Brown which I enjoyed much to my surprise. We would walk together around campus and Mel lost her small belly, her muscles toned up, and she was so happy. The separation between Fall and Winter quarters seemed like the longest five weeks of my life. Mel acted a little strange the first few times we got together after the break, but eventually returned to her normal self. We had sex every weekend and on occasion during the week. We both stayed on campus during Spring break not wanting to be apart. It was close to the end of the quarter when Mel finally stayed an entire weekend with me in my dorm room. We were both exhausted by early in the AM on Sunday morning. I asked her to marry me that Sunday even though I did not have a ring and she accepted.

We were married over the summer. Mel got an entry level job with a company in Knoxville and I started graduate school. We moved into a Married Students apartment not far from campus. Mel had begun taking the pill during Winter quarter so we were able to enjoy skin to flesh sex after it became effective. Some of the women from her work took Mel shopping for more appropriate clothes to wear to work. They helped her find dresses that hugged her body and pushed her breasts out and up. She was very sexy in her new clothes. We couldn't afford the contacts her girlfriends tried to talk her into but she did get a more stylish pair of glasses. I did some graduate teaching to supplement Mel's paycheck. She always told me not to worry about her working while I continued my studies. The next three years were the best in our married lives. Mel did not go out drinking with her friends when they asked. She came home to me and I would have a meal ready for her. I got my Master's degree and accepted a county agent job with the university about halfway between were Mel grew up and where I grew up. Mel was able to transfer to an office of the company she had started with close to our home.

Mel and I began trying to have children after we were settled. After two years of trying we went to the doctors to see why we were not having any luck and found out that I had no sperm count. My testes had been damaged some time in my youth and I would never be able to father a child which devastated us both.

Mel had gotten contacts shortly after we moved to the town in the county I was an agent in but kept her hair long and put it in a bun on top of her head for work. She had begun buying and wearing more revealing work clothes and still came straight home from work as did I.

Our sex life was great. I had coached Mel on how to give a good blowjob. She even loved to swallow my salty seed from the beginning. She started a tradition of giving me the best blowjob she could on my birthday. I would reciprocate by eating her pussy until she begged me to stop on hers. She allowed me to fuck her ass on occasion but always on my birthday. I had a perfect marriage for fourteen and a half years. Then the bitch re-entered Mel's life.

Pam Godwin got a job with Mel's company in February of mine and Mel's fifteenth year of marriage. I found out when I finally met her that she had been Mel's roommate for three years at the university. They had attended the same high school and became friends during their freshmen year. I did not like her on sight. She kept touching my wife any time she was near her. Pam was 6' tall, had blonde hair that she still wore in a Farrah Fawcett Charlie's Angels cut, and was slim but not anorexic with green eyes that had a permanent sparkle to them. She had 36DD breasts and wore dresses and blouses cut so that they barely contained her huge melons. Pam had not returned to the university for her senior year. I would find out why and how fortuitous for me that event had played in my getting Mel later.

It was April before my life began to change. Pam had talked Mel into going out drinking with her the first Thursday of that month.

"Mel, I'm home." I yelled up on arriving home from work. I was looking forward to a relaxing evening at home with my beautiful wife.

"I'm in the bedroom, dear." Mel yelled back to me.

I walked into our bedroom and found Mel in a sexy underwear set I had asked her to get for me on one of our trips to the mall. It had a lacy see-through bra and matching panties, both in black. I noticed the black dress on the bed and began to wonder if I had forgotten some special occasion. Mel was acting happy and not mad so I deduced that something else was the reason for her dressing up. I went to her to give her a hello kiss. She told me her lipstick was still wet and let me kiss her on the cheek.

"Are we going out?" Do I need to get cleaned up and changed?"

"No, I'm going out for drinks with Pam." Mel answered me in a matter-of-fact manner.

"Please don't go, Mel. I thought we could watch one of our taped movies and enjoy an evening of relaxing together."

"Don't you trust me, Stan? It's only a few drinks with an old friend and I won't be gone long." Mel turned to me with a serious look on her face. I usually kept my mouth shut when I saw that look, but could not that time.

"Yes, I trust you; but why put yourself into a situation that could be tempting. Don't you see enough of Pam at work?" I managed to blurt out.

"We can't relax and talk at work. I promise nothing is going to tempt me. I'll be home to you before you know it." Mel was trying to reassure me to get her way.

Mel left our home around 7 PM. I was an early riser since my childhood so conversely, I went to bed most nights close to 10 PM. I went to bed alone shortly after ten and managed to fall asleep. I was awaken when I felt someone push me from off my side onto my back. I felt someone climb onto the bed and straddle my legs and felt someone's mouth on my flaccid penis. I glanced at the bedside clock and saw it was an hour later than the time I went to bed.

"Stan, I need you to get hard. I need you so bad right now." Mel finally let me know who had awakened me.

Mel used her mouth and tongue to get my member erect. When it was fully engorged with blood, she crawled up to my waist and impaled herself on my turgid rod. She was sopping wet and began a furious pace from the get go. I managed to control my impending orgasm long enough for her to achieve two huge orgasms of her own. I splashed her interior walls with my steamy seed seconds after her last orgasm. Mel collapsed on my chest and we lay together waiting for our heartbeats to slow. Mel slid off my chest and snuggled up against me and was instantly asleep. I lay beside her wondering what had happened that evening to get her so worked up then went back to sleep.

The same thing happened the next two Thursdays in a row. The last Thursday of the month was the beginning of a new pattern. I went to bed at the usual time, but awoke the next morning alone in bed. I looked in the bathroom for Mel, but she was not there. I checked the garage and noticed her car was not in her space beside mine. I was angry, worried, and confused. I called Pam's hoping my sweet wife was there and okay.

"Pam, is Mel at your house?" I asked her in a much too loud voice.

"Calm down Stan, Missy is right here and alright. She drank too much and I thought it best to bring her to my house instead of waking you." Pam groaned into the phone. "Do you know what time it is? I was sleeping so well. I'll make sure Mel gets to work. She'll be home to you tonight. Goodbye."

The bitch hung up the phone on me. I did not get to speak to my missing wife and I was pissed. I called Pam's right back and got a busy signal. That cunt had left the phone off the hook, I assumed. I threw on some clothes and drove to Pam's house. Mel and I had eaten dinner with her a couple of times in the past few months. Pam was none too pleased when she finally realized I was not going to go away after I continued to alternating between ringing the door bell and knocking, then pounding on her door.

"I need to see Mel now, Pam." I angrily said to her as I pushed my way into the house.

"I'm right here." I heard Mel proclaim as she walked down the hall from the direction of Pam's two bedrooms. I should have recognized what that implied because Pam had exercise equipment in the second bedroom, but I was not thinking straight.

"Are you ready to go home?" I asked the woman I loved. She looked fairly good for someone who supposedly had drunk too much the night before. She did not appear to be hung over and she had had the presence of mind to dress in the clothes from the previous evening.

"Yes, Stan. My car is parked around the corner. I'll follow you home." Mel told me as she gave me a peck on the cheek, grabbed her purse, and walked out the front door. I could only follow in her wake. Pam gave me an "if looks could kill" glare before I closed the door behind me.

"What happened last night?" I asked Mel as soon as we were home.

"I drank too much and went to Pam's so I wouldn't disturb you."

"How did your car get to Pam's then? You didn't drive yourself to her house, did you?"

"No, one of Pam's friends drove it to her house while another friend followed her and picked her up." Mel explained to me in her end of discussion tone. I kept my mouth shut that morning, not wanting to start the day in a fouler mood than I was already in.

When it happened again the next week, I decided to find out what was going on. I called Mel on the next Thursday and told her I had to work late. It had not happened often, but had on occasion in the past. I followed a fishing buddy to his house and borrowed his wife's car because Mel would have recognized his truck. Pam picked Mel up at our house at 7 PM. I followed them to a bar and grill where I watched them eat dinner. Pam and Mel went to a nightclub from the bar. After watching the club for a couple of hours, it dawned on me that I had not seen any men go into the club. Imagine my surprise when my wife and her "friend" came out with another woman and got into Pam's car. I followed them to Pam's house and waited until I saw all the lights go out except the one in Pam's bedroom. My imagination was running wild with images of three women in sexual situations. I did get an erection, but also felt a twinge of sadness. I knew my wife was cheating even if it was with other women.

I made some calls in the week before the next Thursday. I found one PI who had a bisexual woman as one of his employees and she agreed to see if she could get Pam and Mel to pick her up that Thursday. When Thursday came, I was a nervous wreck. I went through the day on auto-pilot at work and could not sleep that night at home. I was tempted to drive to Pam's, but managed to resist the temptation.

One good thing that came from Mel's Thursday activities was the sex on Friday night. Mel would beat me home with enough time to shower and be waiting on me either clad in sexy lingerie or completely naked. She would give me one of her better blowjobs in the entry way of the house as soon as the door was closed and locked. I would bring her to orgasm using my fingers and mouth on the throw rug in the living room. We would fuck each other to exhaustion on those Friday nights usually missing supper.

I got the evidence of Mel's infidelity on Monday. I was both saddened and excited from the pictures the woman had managed to take that Thursday when she successfully got picked up by Pam and Mel. She also had managed to get an audio recording of most of the night's activities. One picture explained why Mel's pussy had felt looser the Friday after that particular Thursday night. Pam had on a strap-on with a plastic phallus that had to be twice as big around as my dick was. The woman had taken numerous pictures of Pam fucking my dear wife with it. I could not listen to the audio recording during the period Pam was pounding into Mel.

I loved my wife and was torn between divorcing her, confronting her and demanding she stop, or living with the knowledge she was cheating on me. I decided that I wanted my wife back and devised a plan to accomplish that goal. I sent out resumes to other universities with county agent positions. It was only by coincidence that all the elements of my plan came together during the week of my birthday.

"Dang, what's Her car doing in the driveway." I thought to myself. "She's blocking both garage doors, too."

"Mel, Pam's car is parked in the middle of the drive. I had to park behind it." I yelled to my wife of fifteen years.

"Honey, if you'll park on the street, we'll be out of here in a few minutes." Mel told me as she came from the kitchen.

"Did you forget what today is, baby?" I asked her in shock and amazement.

I was shocked thinking my dear wife had forgotten my birthday. I was amazed by how beautiful she looked and the clothes she had on. She had on a clingy black dress that I had never seen before. The scalloped neck curved across the top of her 34B breasts which were threatening to pop out at any moment. The hem barely covered her crotch, it was so short. She had on black spaghetti strapped sandals with four inch heels. Mel had gotten her hair styled some time during the day. The long flowing mane she once had was gone. It had been feather cut to highlight her face and she had on more makeup than I had ever seen her wear.

"No Stan, I know today is your birthday, but we can celebrate it all day Saturday, if you know what I mean." Mel purred at me. "Pam and I are going to meet some people from work for drinks. I won't be out too late."

"Please Mel, don't go. Not tonight, please." I begged of her.

"Honey, you know it's important for me to socialize with my co-workers. Bob Staylee and Gene Shelton are both going to be there this evening. I promise not to be late. I'll give you your birthday blowjob when I get back." My clueless wife said to me.

Mel was ready to leave in a few moments. The bitch gave me another one of her drop dead looks behind Mel's back. If my plan worked she would probably be wishing she had killed me herself. I spread some of the pictures from their night with the PI's employee on the coffee table in the living room and covered them with a sheet. I slipped the mini recorder into my pocket and drove over to Pam's. I had found a spot of concealment that allowed me a view of Pam's drive and front door. I was fortune that the two women were alone when they got to Pam's and it was early. Mel must have meant it when she said she would be home that night. It did not change my plans, but it made me feel a little better. I gave them ten minutes before I drove to Pam's and parked in the street.

"Hello Pam, I need to speak to Mel please." I said to Pam when she opened the door. "And no it can't wait and I'm not leaving till I talk to her."

Pam glared at me, but didn't say anything. She yelled for Mel as she walked away. I could see the signs of arousal in my beautiful wife's face as she approached the door.

"What is it, Stan?" Mel asked of me.

"I'm going to wait ten minutes in the car for you. If you're not in the car by then, I'm going home, changing the locks on the doors, packing as much of your stuff in your car as I can, and parking it in the street. You can get the rest of your stuff later. You will be served with divorce papers and your lover and company will be served with lawsuits for "Alienation of Affections". Ten minutes and I'm gone." I said to my by now shocked and trembling wife.

"Lover? I don't have a lover." Mel tried to explain to me.

I took the mini recorder out of my pocket and pushed play. It was already cued to the spot I wanted her to hear.

"Yes ... yes ... yes. Eat me Pam, Stan is good; but you have always been the best at eating my pussy." Mel heard from the recorder. I turned and walked to my car as Mel stammered and begged behind me. Ten minutes later, I started the car and was about to drive away when I saw Mel come out of Pam's house and run down the walk to the car. I pushed her away when she tried to lean into me for a kiss. She sat beside me crying during the whole drive to our house. I did not open her door like I normally did and was sitting in my recliner when she came into the living room. Mel saw the sheet covering our coffee table and began to sob again. I motioned for her to sit on the couch in front of the coffee table.

"I need you to do two things if you want to remain my wife, Melissa. Tell me everything from the beginning and don't lie is the first. Depending on how you do with it determines if you even get to hear the second." I told her. "Remember you don't know how much I know, so don't lie to me."

Mel told me the sordid history of her and Pam's relationship. They had become lovers in their freshman year of high school. Pam had seduced her during one of their sleep overs. Mel had not had a steady boyfriend until me. She had only had sex with men while with Pam in threesomes. She enjoyed sex with the men, but Pam was the jealous type and kept her away from boys and men. She and Pam had been roommates the first three years at college. Pam got pregnant during the Spring quarter their junior year and had not returned to school so she could have the baby. Pam's parents were raising the child for her. I was the only guy who persisted when Mel turned me down for a date. She was lonely, horny, and hurting when she finally broke down and agreed to go out with me. She had liked me from that first date and said she managed to delay any sexual relationship with me as long as she could. When I did make love to her, it was the best sex she had ever had with a man.

I asked why she had tried to give me a blowjob that first night. She told me she wanted to repay me for the good job I did eating her pussy. I was the first guy to get her off with my mouth. Pam had been the only one to do that before.

"Do you want to remain my wife, Mel?" I asked her after she had stopped talking.

"Yes Stan, please forgive me. I'll do whatever you need me to do if you let me continue to be your wife." Mel cheerily exclaimed as she moved toward me with a smile on her face.

"Wait. I'm not finished yet." I rebuffed her advance toward me. She sat back on the couch and frowned. "You need to go into work tomorrow and quit effective immediately."

"But ... but ... but ... I'll lose all my seniority and everything if I do that." Mel stuttered at me.

"So work is more important to you than our marriage?" I said to her in a stern tone. I continued before she could say anything. "I'm not making a request, Mel. You said you would do anything to remain my wife. This is the second thing you have to do. Quit work tomorrow, I'll go with you if you need me to. No more contact with Pam of any kind. That bitch is the reason we're in this mess. If I find out you even send her a postcard, I'll divorce you and use the pictures to keep you from getting everything." With that being said I removed the sheet covering the pictures of her infidelity. They showed her being eaten by and eating Pam. The one that was dead center of the spread was the one of her getting fucked by Pam and her strap-on's large appendage. Mel paled noticeably when she saw it.

"I'm moving to Colorado. I've taken a county agent job with the university. I'll live on campus in university housing and be provided with a vehicle. You have until the morning to decide if you're going with me or not. The phone is tapped so I'll know if you call Pam. I probably won't sleep well tonight and will hear you if you leave. If you leave, your stuff will be on the sidewalk at the street. If someone gets to it before you do, that's too bad. I love you and want you for my wife, but I won't share you with anybody and won't force you to stay. That bitch, Pam, has no say in our marriage. I meant what I told you about contacting her. I think you need to sleep in the guest room tonight. I'm going to bed." I told my crying wife as I left for our bedroom. I locked the door behind me, something I had never done before. I lay on our bed on Mel's side and cried my own tears into her pillow while I breathed in her scent.

I do not know when I drifted off to sleep, but was awakened by a knocking at the door. I saw that daybreak was near as I walked to the door. Mel was standing in front of the door buck assed naked.

"Stan, I want you; not Pam. I'll quit work today and never see or talk to her again. I'll burn anything she sends to me without opening it if she tracks me down. You know she'll do that, don't you? That's how she turned up working at the company, she tracked me down. She considers me to be hers and won't stop trying to get me." Mel said to me as she ran her hands all over her nude body. "Can I give you your birthday gifts now, Stan?"

Mel did not know I had planned revenge on Pam. Copies of the pictures downstairs should be posted on every bulletin board and ladies restroom at Mel's company's offices at that very moment. Mel's face and any other identifiable attribute of her body would have been blurred out. Pam would be served with a restraining order that declared that she could not come within a thousand feet of me or Mel. Someone should have poured sugar into her gas tank in the middle of the night. I know it was sophomoric, but effective. I would have to get a new restraining order in Colorado when we moved, but it would be worth it.

Mel gave me my birthday blowjob and fucking of her ass before we went to her company's offices so she could quit. Her HR manager tried to talk her out of it until I spoke up and threatened the company with the "Alienation of Affections" lawsuit and cited the alienation as the reason Mel was quitting. The HR manager did not know who might have been hitting on Mel and did not say another word after that. I explained the Thursday nights out and Mel's not coming home on some of them. I implied that I had proof of improprieties in behavior toward Mel on those Thursday nights. The icing on the cake was seeing Pam in handcuffs when she violated her restraining order by coming to our house. She was fuming by the time the sheriff's deputy got to our house and took her away. A charge of assaulting a law enforcement officer was placed against her when she struck the deputy in the face. I gladly signed the complaint as a witness.

Mel and I moved to Colorado. It was hard for Mel to have to start over with a new company, but within a year she had risen to within a couple of spots of where she had been in her old company. She was mad when I made her wait a day for her birthday pussy eating, but accepted it for what it represented. I could only hope that we would be able to enjoy a long marriage together. One second chance was all I was willing to give her. Some of you think I should have dumped her, but I could not. My love for her did not die when I found out about her cheating, I wanted her to remain in my life, and did what I thought was best to achieve that. I am on the lookout for Pam and any signs of contact between her and Mel. I have not seen any yet and pray I never do.

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