2014: A 50 Year Sex Odyssey
Chapter 1: In the Beginning

This five decade sexual saga began in the summer of 1957, in a major city in North Carolina. At age 10, I had little say in where my family chose to live, so I had to give up the country life and my best pals for the Big Move into the City. It was a great house, with plenty of yard (for me to mow, as I found out), and was situated on a gentle sidehill, with a huge park below, beginning at the foot of my street and extending nearly a half-mile south to the new main entrance to the development.

That park was where I spent a lot of my summer and after school time – for I was in love with "ball", whether it be baseball, football, basketball, or golf... "me and my new buddies" built the diamond, the fields, the court, and our golf course to our liking – with no help or interference from City Park planners. Oh, I almost forgot two changes in the landscape. We had for the first time, a basement ... and the other big change? We had neighbors right next door, instead of "down the road, apiece". The combination of these two "new additions" were to prove instrumental in the accelerated path my life took in the next few years.

The family in question lived just below us, having moved in about a month after we were settled. My parents had already put up a fence surrounding our back yard. Of the two daughters next door, one was already in junior high school, and her brat sister was a year younger than I. That little brat sister was a flashy showoff, who craved attention from anybody who would listen. I remember anytime I hit the backyard, or went for the door going into the basement, I had to "explain myself" to this little loudmouth, as she scaled and hung on to our fence. What a royal pain in the Ass!

My family numbered just three, with my Stepfather a long-distance Trucker, gone 90% of the time ... and my Mom, who started out as a housewife, then transitioned into a 40 hour-per-week job, to bring in extra cash. So that meant I had a LOT of alone time in the house, to be (at least in my mind), the keeper of the castle. I was a pretty big boy for my age, and got a kick out of playing sports with the older guys in the neighborhood. They beat on me pretty good, but kept me around for laughs – I do remember when it was time to "choose-up teams", I was lapped up second or third by the 13-14 year old "captains". Oh yeah, the little loudmouth pixie next door JUST HAD to follow me as I went to the park, virtually every afternoon. I was told by both sets of parents that "she was my responsibility" – YUCK ... My teammates and opponents, once they found out she WASN'T my little sister, ragged on me repeatedly about my "shadow" (or worse yet ... my girlfriend)

As the seasons passed, the two households got fairly close, meaning when we were invited for dinner next door, I HAD to clean up, put on some decent clothes, and wear a smile for 3-4 hours. I observed as time went by that "Beverly" – yes, HER – got a bit more tolerable, and wasn't bird-dogging my every move and my every breath, every moment I spent outdoors. But she was still around. School was easy, "ball" was great with my Boys, then I hit "teen hood" ... but I was STILL required to go to those damn two-family get togethers next door. I remember the evening that us kids had finished our dinner, and were getting itchy sitting around listening to the adults talk about stuff that bored us to death. Then out of nowhere Beverly blurted out, in a voice that could be heard all over the house, "I wanna go for a walk". Older sister Barb was smart enough to duck into her parents bedroom to call her high school boyfriend – two phones in the house? Impressive! The result of that was, four sets of parental eyes fell toward me ... I knew I had been pegged for duty.

I thought "oh, well ... get it over with". So with the blessing of the four parents, "the two young-uns" struck out for a pre-dusk hike in the woods, just above the north-south stream that flowed toward the park. I enjoyed being older and smarter than Beverly, as she was a mere 12! We worked further into the woods, when she finally cut the nonstop blabbing, and said "let's play like we are in a nightclub" ... I got a "say what??" look on my face, but she convinced me to check out (endure?) "her act" – one that she said she got from watching TV ... I figured after all the grief I had given her over the 3+ years, I could go along with her plea. There was a downed tree trunk a few feet away, so I figured that could be my "front row seat". So I was seated as a patron, and Beverly sang to me, while basking in the role of the hot nightclub feature act. At the end of her "love song", I was of course required to applaud (one of the stupidest feelings in my Life, up to that point). Then she got a microphone – a small stick, no less – and announced that the person in the audience who found a special "ticket" on their table, would receive the prize of a Kiss from the Singer (this, my second "say what" moment).

Hoping this was the show's final act, I played along, improvised, and picked a leaf off a short tree within arm's length, and held it up. She stepped forward, verified that I had "won" and climbed into my lap, threw her arms around my neck, and planted a huge one on my mouth. She HAD been watching TV ... It was sloppy, awkward, and I got my head shoved backward as I got my "prize". I was 90% horrified, but 10% shot-in-the-ass with her "performance". It flashed in my mind at that moment that my Mom always spoke of Beverly as such a cute little thing. After this little shocker, I didn't know what to think. So I just shrugged and collected myself, then quickly suggested we head back toward the lights.

Some 4-5 weeks later, it was again time to take the covered dishes just down the hill for the Big Feed next door. The same scenario following the meal, and once again, the kids were given a chance to roam ... but this time I didn't fight it. In my mind I figured what the hell – while the rest of me was dying to know what the little "cutie" had planned this time ... So in 10 minutes, we ended up in the same place, there was another song (ugh), then a new "contest" was announced by this 12 year-old starlet. She proclaimed that whoever had the special ticket (which on cue, I quickly produced), would get to see her with her clothes off ... My reaction? She scared the living Shit out of me, I scrambled to my feet, and stumbled toward the "safety" of her back yard, just 400-500 feet away. All I could think of was "what the hell happens if older Sis Barb, or one of the adults ventures out to see if We are OK?" ... All I could think to say was, "hey, I gotta go... !"

The winning ticket ended up on the ground, lost forever among the other leaves, and the young entertainer was forced to save the "grand prize", and the strip-tease show for much, much later. I reached the edge of her back yard in a few seconds, and considering I was out of breath, decided to wait for her there – it may not have looked good for me to get to the house ahead of her – looking back, that was a pretty smart move for "this boy", considering that my mind was racing in so many different directions. When she reached me, there was no talking, and no eye contact. We walked up the back steps and kinda blended in with the group assembled in the kitchen for clean up.

The thought of that night stuck with me several days, and this fraidy-cat did not even GLANCE in the direction of her house for days. It crossed my mind that she might get grilled at some point by Mom & Dad – surely she would say NOTHING about the details of "the hike" ... right?

As time went by, I sorta accepted the thought that nothing was said, and the coast was clear. So I just moved forward, carefully. After a few more days, we started firing the usual one-liners from back yard to back yard, across the chain link fence. Eventually we moseyed up toward the fence, and talked in more civilized terms -- with NO mention of the two "hikes". Then one day I could stand it no longer, so I asked her at close range, had she told Mom or Dad, or Barb (?) She immediately said "no way" – and yes, people used those two words way back then, too.

Then came more longer meetings at the fence, where we covered school, told stupid people stories, and kicked around any other mindless subjects that came up. I learned what a sharp-witted, smart girl she was ... but I kept in mind that she was a smarty-pants, too. I still couldn't shake the thought of that second hike, what she may or may not have done in front of me, and how we could have been caught. But alongside that set of fears, I also felt myself looking at her in a different way ... the began to occur to me just how cute she really was, and how she looked in her tight tank tops. Perhaps that was the moment I discovered Girls ... I could see that Beverly was growing up, her legs were tanned and athletic, I could see a round butt in the making ... and most notably, she was now wearing a Bra. I was taking it all in, as it happened. I had not ever imagined these words in my life to that point, but I then realized in my own terms that she was "precocious" and for sure, my first concept of "eye candy" (or whatever I called it) ... The contact between us wouldn't occur for nearly two more years, but I could see even then, that something was brewing...

I had a desire to see more of her (double meaning), but since I was young and stupid – and scared – I kept my mind on "ball", and my boys in the neighborhood and school ... Later on, I was to make a discovery that brought everything into focus, and turn my innocent world completed around ... it'll shock you as much as it did me ... I was about to turn 15 ... leave boyhood ... and become a MAN...

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