The Old Ladies and the Bar
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, mt/Fa, Fa/Fa, Ma/Ma, Mult, Coercion, Drunk/Drugged, Lesbian, Heterosexual, Fiction, Slut Wife, Aunt, Nephew, MaleDom, FemaleDom, Light Bond, Humiliation, Gang Bang, Group Sex, Black Male, White Male, White Female, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Sex Toys, Bestiality, Double Penetration,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Three middle aged women, and ones nephew are shanghaied by a bunch of jocks at a college bar. Debauchery ensues.

"Hey honey. I'm so sorry I forgot you were coming this weekend. Dave took the kids to his Mother's for the weekend and I'm having a girl's weekend. It looks like your stuck hanging out with a bunch of old ladies all weekend."

"You aren't old. Besides I love hanging out with you. I would have come even if I knew your kids weren't going to be here."

My aunt gave me one of her famous boa constrictor hugs. My sister and I had always hated these from the time we were little kids, but had learned to accept them as the price of seeing our favorite aunt. She was one of those people who felt their love could be measured in the strength of a hug.

"So what's the plan for us girls?"

"Well, I've hired a limo and we were planning to go to a strip club."

"Oh that sounds like fun, but why would you want to go to a strip club, its usually just bunch of gross guys."

"Male strippers, silly. I'll change the plans for tonight. We'll go to a club or something. Let me call Sarah and Marcie. I'll see if they have any ideas for a good club for us all to go to."

"No, no don't worry about it. I've gone to the usual strip with girls, so I guess I should have the same experience. Besides, I'm curious to see if women are as piggish as men at a strip club. Maybe I'll get a lap dance, just for fun."

"No, I don't want you uncomfortable, besides I'm not sure if I can go there with my nephew. It'll be too weird."

"If you're really sure that it'll be too weird, but I think it would be funny. It's your night so it's up to you gals."

"I'm going to call Sarah and Marcie to see what they think and if they have any other ideas. Put your stuff in the guest room and get yourself a drink, I'll be back in a few."

I heard my aunt Rebecca calling up her friends, but couldn't really hear the conversation. I put my stuff away in a few minutes and went downstairs to grab a beer. A few minutes later, Becky came down and told me that Sarah didn't want to do the strip club anymore; in fact she hadn't been looking forward to it before I was tagging along. Marcie the wild red head, who's idea it was to go to the strip club in the first place did say that she had a few ideas, but wanted to keep them secret for the time being. She did promise that there weren't any strip clubs on her list.

While telling me what was going on, Becky sort of smirked when she told me that Marcie had some ideas. The red head with big boobs was Becky's wildest and sexiest friend. She always loved to tease men, the younger the better in her mind. As far as anyone knew, she hadn't gone any further than teasing, since she got married that is. In fact telling stories of her wild younger days was one of her favorite methods of torturing younger inexperienced guys. I'd discovered that the first time I'd met her.

I was 17 when I first met Marcie and still a virgin. She deduced that fact as soon as we'd been introduced. Standing there in a shortish tight, green dress her flaming red hair and big breasts had drawn my attention the second I spotted her. As she went to shake my hand, she leaned over to give me an eyeful of her ample freckled cleavage. That was just the start to the tortures she would put me through over the few years leading up to this weekend.

Anytime she had me alone for a couple of minutes she would place a hand on my arm or some other part of my body. When I was hanging with the girls she would start to talk about her sexual exploits in college with men and women, almost always keeping her eyes on my crotch to see if she was getting the desired reaction. Unfortunately for me, it never failed. I would always go to bed with visions of those wondrous globes and that firm tight ass dancing through my head like sugar plum fairies. Without fail I would have to jerk off, just to be in a position to consider getting to sleep. Also without exception, she would show up in my dreams, acting on all those fantasies she would create throughout the evening.

Sarah was just as pretty, with even bigger tits, but she had gained some weight since having her kid. I had known her for about a year before I met Marcie. For that first year, while I'd always thought she was quite attractive, she would never show up in my dreams. Marcie's stories of lesbian experimentation brought Sarah into those dreams. I would imagine walking in on the two of them scissoring each other or Marcie fucking the other with a big strap-on dildo and being invited to join in. It had gotten so bad that I couldn't even see either of them without imagining them having sex with me and every woman in the room, including my aunt.

Becky and I chilled for a few hours, cleaning the house and getting ready for whatever surprise Marcie had in mind for us. About 5 we both headed upstairs to get ready for the evening.

"Becky, what should I wear?"

"Oh I don't know. I don't think there is any reason to get dressed up. Just put on some jeans and a decent shirt. I can't imagine Marcie wanting to go to any place fancy, or even having much of a dress code."

By quarter to six we were both ready and waiting for Sarah and Marcie to arrive. Sarah got there first, as she always did. Dressed in a white button down blouse and a knee length skirt she looked wonderful. We waited for about 20 minutes, the women enjoying a nice glass of white wine and while I had a beer. Marcie finally showed up just after 6:30. As usual she was dressed to torture any man who came across her path. Tight short skirt, a black T-shirt two sizes too small, and very tight black jacket. I couldn't believe the women I was going to go out with tonight. I was going to be envied by every guy. With Becky's two friends in those boner producing outfits and my aunt in her classic fall outfit; tight white sweater, pencil skirt and knee length high heeled boots. All three classy, but looking sexy as hell.

The car wasn't supposed to show until 8. We all had a few drinks waiting for it to show. By 8 none of us were feeling much pain. Becky had changed the vehicle from a limo to a large sedan; I guessed it was because she felt this wasn't the wild glamorous night she had originally planned. I started to get into the front seat, to give everyone room, but Marcie grabbed me, pushed me into the back seat and sat down on my lap. All smushed together we took turns drinking from the whiskey filled flask Marcie brought with her. In the stop and go traffic Marcie's wonderful ass kept rubbing up against my swiftly swelling pecker. My brain hoped she wouldn't notice the tumescence in my pants, but my dick was hoping that she would not only notice it, but also enjoy it. After twenty minutes of driving, my legs were killing me, Marcie wasn't heavy, but I just couldn't support her weight sitting on me. When her weight crashed onto me at the next bump, I let out a whimper.

"Are you okay? Did that hurt?"

"A little. None of you are fat or anything, but I think I'm the lightest one in the car. It's not exactly comfortable to have someone sitting on my lap."

"Oh I'm so sorry, I thought you didn't mind me sitting on your lap," she said while grinding her ass into my crotch at the end of her sentence.

"I don't mind, but my legs are falling asleep and the bumps aren't too pleasant."

"Why don't we switch at the next light? I think I can take you sitting on me."

"No, no, why don't we all sit side by side, or maybe I should sit in the front seat."

"Nonsense," Marcie said as we pulled to the next red light. She slid off of me, and forced me up onto her lap. Wrapping her arms around my waist and her calves around my lower legs she kept me from trying to change position.

Becky, sitting in the middle seat, leaned over and in a stage whisper said, "Don't bother fighting with her. She always gets what she wants from men."

Realizing my aunt was right; I just sat there and accepted the slightly humiliating position. For a couple of minutes, Marcie was just wrapping her arms around my waist, but after we hit a few bumps in the road, her hands had wandered south. All of a sudden I felt a hand rubbing on my upper thigh. Slowly, it started to work it's way to my crotch. Apparently Marcie decided to tease me in a whole new way. Rather than work on my imagination, she had decided to torture me physically. Her hand was squeezing and rubbing into my burning crotch. After ten minutes I thought I was I couldn't hold it any longer, when the driver announced we had arrived.

I looked out the window, expecting us to be outside a club or some cool bar. The place looked like the average college dive bar, dark windows, heavy wood door, and lots of people who looked too young to drink hanging outside the front door.

"What the hell kind of place are you taking us to," Sarah blurted out to all of us.

"Come on, this place is the happening college bar. We'll have lots of fun," Marcie replied. "They have great cheap drinks and usually have a good band playing. Plus, every one has a good time here."

"Well, we're here already," said Becky. "We might as well see what the place is like. If it isn't any good, we'll get a cab and go some place else."

We piled out of the car, the three ladies walked in ahead of me, the bouncer looking up and down, while giving them a big smile. As I tried to walk across the threshold, he put a big meaty hand in the center of my chest and said, "Where do you think you're going, twenty bucks entry."

"You just let them in without saying anything."

"Yeah, well it's ladies night. Besides, we always let fine looking ladies like them in for free. It's good for business. So if you want to join your fine ladies pay up or get lost."

"No problem, you got a band or something tonight?" I didn't want to argue with the large man who looked like a Hell's Angel, so I pulled out my wallet, handed him the Twenty and walked into the bar.

"No man," the bouncer replied, much more pleasant now that he'd got his money. "It's just a Friday night and we're the most popular bar near the college. Have a good time. I wish I had such fine ladies with me."

Walking in I knew Marcie had made the right call coming here. The place was jammed. It wasn't a sausage party, but there were more guys than women in the bar. The bonus was all the women seemed to be really hot. Most of the guys didn't look like the average frat boys, but athletes and other imposing men. I figured the only reason I got in was the three girls. Struggling through the crowd, I found Becky and her friends at the bar enjoying some fruity looking girly drinks.

"Hey, looks like the three of you found the bar with no problem."

"Yah, after having your bony ass crushing me I really needed a drink. This is Tony," Marcie said indicating the bartender.

"Of course you've already made a friend here. How's it going? I'll have a Jack neat and a Guinness if you've got it. If not, a Bud'll do just fine."

"One Jack and one Guinness coming right up."

As usual it took a few minutes for my beer to be ready. After the bartender had taken care of a few other people he finished off my drinks and with a wink handed them to me.

"You sure are one lucky guy to have those three on your arm. But I have feeling you'll be even luckier before the night's over from the way they've downed their drinks. They each did a shot as soon as they walked in and already finished with their second drink and here is the third," he said handing me five drinks.

"Thanks Tony, what are these things anyway?"

"It's our own concoction. Vodka, rum, some Everclear, fruit juice, Hawaiian Punch, and lots of citrus fruit. It packs a hell of a punch, but doesn't taste like it. The girls all love it. We call it the handsome man, because it makes pretty much every guy look handsome."

"Sounds like a great drink. Do they know what's in it?"

"Yah, but we don't tell anyone the proportions. You want a taste?"

"I'll just take a sip of one of these. How much are these?"

"Guinness and shot, $8, for the others, this round is on the house. If it were up to me, your friends would drink free all night, but I don't run this place."

"Thanks man, here you go," I said putting $15 on the bar, giving him a nice tip. I downed my shot and went off to find the three who had wandered off after I got to the bar.

"Becky, Becky, here are your drinks," I called handing the three ladies their Handsome Men.

"Thanks sweetie," Becky yelled in my ear, "could you hold onto one for me Sarah and Marcie went to the bathroom. They should be back in a minute or two. So, what do you think of this place?"

"Looks like the place I wish I could get into when I was 19, or now if I were alone. The bouncer pretty much told me I only got in because the three of you were with me. Do you know what's in these Handsome Men?"

"No, Tony told me something, but I couldn't really hear what he was saying."

"Well, it's vodka, rum and everclear, plus a bunch of things to cover the taste of the booze. I have no clue how strong it actually is."

"Why don't you have a taste of it? Then you might know how strong it is. All I know is it tastes really good. Especially the fruit."

"I'd be careful. That fruit is probably soaked in booze. I think it's like sangria on steroids."

"We'll be fine, but I'll make sure Marcie and Sarah know what you just told me before they have anymore. But, you should have a taste of it before you get hammered."

I took a sip of the Handsome Man I had in my hand, Tony was right, you couldn't taste the alcohol at all. I knew that if it had as much booze as I thought, everyone drinking this potation would be completely wasted before the night was through.

Before I could drink anymore of the Handsome Man, Marcie and Sarah came back from the bathroom. Marcie came right up to me and put her lips to the drink and her hands to my crotch. Taking a nice swig, she pressed hard into my crotch asking if there anything I wanted to taste. I guess she'd seen me taking a sip of the drink, or she wanted to torture me again.

I didn't get a chance to find out exactly what she meant before Marcie grabbed my beer, handed both drinks to Becky and Sarah, then dragged me to the dance floor. We started off a couple of feet apart, but the crowd soon forced us together. Marcie ground up against my leg, really going wild. Within a couple of minutes, she had me rock hard and using my dick as a plaything. Turning around and shoving her ass into my crotch, she grabbed the first free guy she could find and made a Marcie sandwich. The three of us bumped and ground into each other for a few songs. Eventually, Marcie wanted to go back to the bar for another drink. Her new buddy and I joined her on the trek through the crowd. Sarah and Becky were at the bar enjoying what appeared to be yet another round of drinks.

As we got up to the bar it was obvious the girls were having fun. They were smiling and nearly doubled over from laughter at times. Each of them was surrounded by a gaggle of men. I couldn't believe how much my Aunt and her shrinking violet friend were flirting with all the young guys around them. I wasn't sure who was more infatuated the older ladies or the young virile men, who all looked like they were on varsity sports teams.

The guy who had been dancing with Marcie and me leaned into us and said, "It looks like your friends have made some new friends too."

"I doubt they're as much fun as you are sweetie?"

"Red, I'm the shy one of my friends. Those guys over there are the ones who always try to chat up the sexiest women in the bar. This is the first time I've seen them make a mistake. I've definitely got the hottest chick on my arm right now."

"Thanks. You know those guys?"

"Yup, we're all frat brothers. Our house is just a couple of streets over."

"You all live in one house. How are all of you so big and sexy?"

"You have to be on a varsity team to join our frat. Most of those guys are on the basketball team. The football players can't go out until the season is over. If any of the coaches catch them out on a Friday evening they get kicked off the team."

"Oh that's terrible. It's a shame the rest of your brothers can't go out and have fun. I wonder if there's something we can do for them."

I couldn't believe what I was seeing and hearing. The entire time Marcie had been talking to the basketball player, she was touching his arm and flirting with him outrageously. As she hinted at going back to the frat house, she dropped her hand onto his crotch and gave little squeeze. His eyes lit up at the thought of having fun with this hot older red head.

"Hey Davy," my aunt called as we got up to her group. "It looks like you're having a good time," as she brushed up against my groin.

"Yeah, Marcie is a lot of fun. Seems like you've made a few friends."

"These boys know how treat a lady. I haven't had to pay for one drink since I got here. I've already had four handsome men, and Sarah's had five. They're really great drinks. Here have this one. I need to use the ladies."

Becky, thrust the drink in my face and grabbed Marcie's arm as she yanked her towards the bathroom. Suddenly Sarah was right in front of me engaging in a bit of frottage. Her hip was firmly pressed against my stiffening cock as she ground herself up and down my body. I couldn't believe this was the same prudish woman who would blush at the slightest double entendre. I took a good long pull from Becky's drink as I fantasized about slamming my body into that luscious ass. She threw her arms around my neck and planted a sloppy kiss on my lips.

After a moment of shock I started to kiss back. The passion pent up in this woman was unbelievable. I didn't realize she had it in her. Our hands started exploring each other's bodies. With one hand I grabbed her ass to pull her closer to me, while feeling one of her magnificent tits with the other. As I slid the first hand around to the front of her body she let out a low guttural moan into my mouth. I felt something cool and soft on my dick. She had reached under my waistband and was giving me a furtive hand job.

I felt a tongue probe my ear. Breaking the kiss I turned my head to see who was there. Before I could see anything I was in a lip lock with another woman. She broke away from me. It was my Aunt. After a moment of embarrassment we went at each other like a couple of teenagers on their way home from the Prom. As we came up for air we saw another shocking sight. Marcie and Sarah were pawing each other. Both had a hand inside the other's blouse. They were totally unconcerned by all the young men looking on excitedly.

Suddenly feeling terribly thirsty, I asked Becky if she wanted another drink while we were enjoying the show being put on by her two buxom friends. With a look of lust and wild abandon she told me she wanted another Handsome Man to go with the one she had on her arm. We stumbled up to the bar. Before I got a chance place my order, Becky shouted out a request for four Handsome Men.

"Four, how much are you planning to drink tonight?"

"Only one is for me. I think this is the only way to distract those two wildcats, and keep them from getting into real trouble."

As we looked at the experimenting women I thought I saw one of the players motioning to the bartender. Before I could really be certain, my view was blocked by one of the biggest ballplayers at the bar. The bartender called out to let us know that the drinks were ready. Each of us grabbed two drinks and walked over to Sarah and Marcie. Thrusting the drinks between their faces we were able to separate them for a few minutes. We all headed over to a quieter place and sat down to enjoy the drinks and catch our collective breath.

Becky started to tease Sarah and Marcie about breaking some taboos, when Marcie started to cackle like a wild woman.

"Us breaking taboos, that's rich. I'm not the one making out with my nephew. No matter how cute he may be."

Becky's face turned a brighter shade of red than the Soviet flag. She looked like she was ready to run for the door.

"Don't worry sweetie. We won't tell anybody. Your secret is safe with us."

"Thanks, I can't believe what I was doing before. Dave can you forgive me?"

"Forgive you? I've been dreaming about doing something like that for years."

"Ooooooooh what a naughty boy," Marcie cooed. "I hope you've dreamed the same thing about me?"

"Well yeah. I guess so." By now I was starting to feel funny. I was drunk, but there was something more to it. I felt like I was almost in some sort of trance and incredibly horny.

A couple of the guys Sarah and Becky had been chatting with before came up to the booth and took hold of Marcie and Sarah and led them to the dance floor. I grabbed Becky's hand and followed everyone else out to the floor. Marcie and Sarah were each dancing with two guys lewdly grinding up against their partners, while Becky was pressed between me and another guy.

Suddenly, I felt someone pull me back and a body thrust itself in the open space. Before I got a chance to protest someone said that I'd better be a good boy and do as I was told or there would be trouble. From the tone of voice and the strength of the guy, I knew that it was best for me to listen. Plus, for some reason I didn't feel any real desire to disobey.

Sitting in the chair I was placed, I saw the girls start to really get wild. The men started to aggressively feel up the girls and started to loosen their clothing. Soon, Marcie's shirt was up over her breasts, exposing her sheer black bra to the entire club. Her skirt had been pulled high enough for the man in front to get hand all the way up it. The man grinding into Sarah's ass had unbuttoned her blouse and was digging his hands underneath her full-cupped bra, roughly getting his hands full of her enormous chest. But most shocking of all was Becky, the guy who had replaced me leaned in and whispered something in her ear. Suddenly, she reached down and took off her sweater and bra exposing her 34Bs to world. Each time she lowered herself to grind up against the man in front, she would lift her skirt a little higher. Within a couple of minutes, it was up above her waist, exposing her tiny g-string.

I knew that I should be doing something about this, but something was keeping me glued to the chair like I had been told. This went on for 20 minutes or so, with the girls losing more and more of their clothing, but not seeming to mind or even notice what was happening. Eventually, Sarah and Marcie were naked and dancing while surrounded by men on all sides. I lost sight of Becky, until suddenly I saw her in a corner giving the lap dance of a lifetime to the biggest guy in the bar.

Finally, the three were led over towards me at the bar completely nude. Four more Handsome Men were ordered. We were told to drink them quickly. For some reason we all seemed to enjoy the idea of complying with this order. After the drinks were finished, someone handed the girls their clothes and told us that if we wanted to have a good time we should follow him. The girls put on their bras and panties, but as they were starting to put their outer garments on were told to not put anything else on and follow the jocks wherever they were going.

We all got up and started to head out of the bar. In a daze I did as I was told. It felt like the right thing to do. We stumbled along for a couple of blocks through the packed Frat Row near the bar. There were college guys everywhere. Surprisingly, no one seemed too shocked or made a move to either grope any one or join the procession.

Within ten minutes we were at the house. It was a typical frat house. Slightly run down, with a couple of couches on the front porch, and loud music blasting out of the windows. Sarah nearly fell climbing the stairs, but was held up by one of the jocks leading us like the Pied Piper of Hamlin. The roar of delight as we entered the house was followed by the unmistakable smell of weed. I was a bit surprised that there were no girls in the house, but the huge joint thrust in my hand distracted me.

The four of us were led to a couch in the living room. We were continuously feted with bongs, joints, and pipes, all filled with great pot. Within a few minutes we were high to go with the drunkenness from the bar. I don't think any of us noticed what was showing on the TV until Marcie squealed.

"Holy shit, look at that girl taking on five men!!! That's so fucking hot."

"Oh my god those are the biggest dicks I've ever seen," Sarah moaned with a lust I didn't realize was in her until earlier this evening.

"God what I would do to have a dick like that pounding my fire-crotch. It has to 10 inches long. I haven't had one like that since I was in college."

My dick was so hard I thought I was going to cum in my pants. But instead of imagining myself fucking the girl, I was thinking about how it would feel to be the girl. I'd never even remotely considered being with another man before. I had no idea what was coming over me. I still wanted screw my aunt and her two beautiful friends, but I also wanted to drop to my knees and suck off every dick I could get a hold of.

All three girls were picked up off the couch and placed on the lap of a guy sitting in his underwear with his dick straining to break through the fabric. No sooner were they placed back down than they started to grind hard in the most desperate dry fuck I'd ever seen. Nearly bursting out of my jeans at this sight, I started to kiss and fondle Marcie who was sitting next to me. I was so involved I didn't notice the three guys who stood up in front of the ladies and whipped out their dicks for a blowjob.

I nibbled her ear, moved down to kiss her neck, as I was moving towards the front to reach those luscious lips, I saw a massive cock thrusting in and out of her mouth. As she licked down the side, and started to suckle on his balls I was overcome by an overwhelming urge to taste this monster in front of me. Tentatively, I licked the head of the black python in front of me. It felt so warm and soft I opened my mouth and swallowed the head.

"Holy shit, that stuff really works. Look at this little man sucking dick. He's so bad there is no way he's ever tried this before."

"I told you. It'll turn anyone into a cock hungry whore. Prudes, dykes, straight guys it don't matter. Just a little bit of that magic powder there ain't nothing they won't do to get some dick."

I felt a hand on the back of my head trying to push me further down on the dick in my mouth. I opened wider and let him fill my mouth. The feeling was incredible; I had never felt anything so warm or comforting in my mouth. His head was thrusting against the back of my throat. At first I thought I was going to gag, but slowly as I got used to the thrusting I started to relax. I felt it force its way down my gullet. He started to slow down and try to force all ten inches into my mouth and throat. After 10 or 12 strokes I felt the head slide down my throat and his pubes brush up against my nose. I started to leak spit from my mouth as Damon thrust his massive dick in and out of me.

Marcie started to play with my neck and ears like I had done to her earlier. I felt like I was in heaven. I had a massive dick thrusting deep down my throat and one of the most beautiful women I'd ever met playing with my body. Suddenly, he pulled all the way out and let me catch my breath. In the free moment I had I looked over to Sarah and Becky and saw them sucking the dicks in front of their faces like I had just been. I was hornier than I had ever been before. All I wanted to do was swallow that dick again and get a taste of his man juice. Breaking free from Marcie I got on my knees and prayed to the God who had made that magnificent specimen in front of my eyes. Before I got a chance to really enjoy myself I was pulled away from the ten incher in front of my face.

"You really like it faggot, don't you?"

All I could do was moan, begging for more dick without saying anything. Someone picked me up and put me down awkwardly on the other side of the room. I placed across a big plush chair with my legs hanging over one arm and my head and neck draped over the other. A different man put his shorter but thicker dick in my face and told me to suck it like the good bitch I was. I couldn't disobey my new master. Opening wide I let him fuck my throat hard. Working the top of his dick with my tongue, my jaw was nearly dislocated by his massive man meat.

Whenever this monster pulled away for a moment I looked over towards other cocksluts to see what they were doing. Marcie was letting out muffled screams through Damon's dick while riding the man beneath her. Sarah was giving a slow but steady hand job to the guy in front of her while dry humping the huge guy beneath her. The biggest surprise was seeing Becky on her knees, bobbing her head up and down the guy sitting on the couch in front of her, while being finger fucked by the guy behind her.

Suddenly, the guy I was sucking pulled away from me. I tried to grab hold of his hips to pull his fat cock back to my face, but someone had pinned my arms to my side.

"So the little cocksucker wants more dick? Is that right cocksucker?"

I was so horny I couldn't speak. I could only moan and nod my head up and down.

"Well, let's take all of you to the fun room. Everyone gets as much dick as they want there."

Before I could say or do anything, I was picked up and carried fireman style out of the room. Lifting my head, I could see Marcie and Sarah were in the exact same situation. I was jealous of Becky, however. The tallest, strongest guy in the room was carrying her. She wasn't draped over his shoulder, but was being carried in front of him, with her mouth at his crotch and her pussy right at his chest. She was bobbing her head against his crotch apparently enjoying giving a walking blowjob.

We were carried down a flight of stairs to a dark basement. I couldn't see anything in the room, but the guys knew exactly where everything was. I was placed on my knees; my head and arms were placed on something solid, but covered with a velvet cloth and padding. I thought there were depressions for my neck and arms. Quickly, I felt something press against the back of my neck and I heard a click, followed by three more clicks to my left and right. A part of me was terrified, but I was oddly willing to do whatever these men wanted of me.

Someone turned on a light, and I saw our predicament. There were six sets of stocks in the room. We were locked in the middle four. Becky was kneeling to my left, Marcie was next to me on the right, and Sarah was next to her. While I was a little nervous, the other three had only lust in their eyes. A pair of hands grabbed the side of my head and forced me to look forward. I forgot all my worries when I saw the magnificent specimen bobbing up and down. Instinctively, I tried to stretch towards it, but was held back by the stock. The Adonis standing in front of me stepped forward just enough so I could just taste the tip. I flicked my tongue out trying to entice him closer, but he stepped away just out of reach. This went on for several agonizing minutes. I was getting hornier with every move. Eventually, he stepped forward and forced his dick into my mouth. I gobbled down as much as I could, when he and the other men stepped away from their respective captives.

"Hey Don, if the stuff makes this guy so desperate for dick, is there any dick they won't crave?" This was the youngest looking guy in the room. He looked like he couldn't be over fifteen.

"I don't know little brother why don't we find out." I heard a loud whistle and cheering from the guys in the room. I looked around as much as possible while trapped in my bonds. From behind, I heard a scampering and clicking on the floor.

Two huge dogs appeared before my eyes. I was horrified by the thought of what these men wanted us to do. Someone led the dogs to each of out faces and we each got a sloppy kiss from one of the two huge mongrels. After I got my kiss, they were pulled away from our faces and I heard a low moan and protest coming from each side of me.

It only took a second for me to realize what was happening. The dogs were licking Marcie and Becky's sweet pussies. Within a few seconds the moaning was supplanted by the screaming of orgasms. The noise was so loud, I couldn't tell who had been licked by the two dogs. I was only certain it wasn't me. The young guy, whom I'd found out was named Ken brought the two dogs back around in front of us. Looking down at these two adorable animals, I saw that they were as excited as everyone in the room. Three or four inches thick inches was poking out of each doggie sheath. I thought this was the end of the show, but Ken, tapped the top of Becky's stock, and then the one I was trapped in. The dogs didn't need any more direction. They hopped up so their forepaws were up above our heads, and their small but growing dicks in front of our faces.

Someone pushed the haunches of the two animals closer. Suddenly, I was confronted by doggie cock only inches away from my mouth. I don't know if they sensed our trapped receptacles or smelled the excited women, but their dicks extended further out of the sheaths with each passing minute. Eventually, the dick in front of me extended enough, so that it pressed against my lips. In my excited state, I felt I had no choice but to accept the throbbing ejaculating member into my mouth.

The mutt was immediately shooting precum into my waiting mouth. He was doing a doggie dance, stepping slightly forward every few seconds, and thrusting like a jackhammer the entire time. Before I knew it, I had swallowed at least five inches of this hot rock hard dick. Eventually, he'd felt he had gone far enough forward and just trusted to his natural instinct that he would make puppies in my mouth. I let myself go and started to lick his doggie dick with my desperate tongue.

"Holy shit. I never thought I would see a real live slut sucking off a dog," I heard a voice that I thought was Ken the kid cry. "This is the nastiest hottest thing I've ever seen. What's more, you got a guy and an old lady to do it, not some wild college girl.

"Yeah that's the magic of the Handsome Man."

I really wanted to know what was in that drink, so I could use it in the future, but the only thing I could think about right then was how to get my canine lover off. He kept thrusting as his dick got longer and thicker. Eventually, I had eight inches deep inside my mouth. I never sucked a dick before tonight and here I was deep throating a dog. Something started to smash against the outside of my mouth. I could only assume this was the knot I'd heard about before.

Someone gripped around the base of the monster's knot, to simulate the tie that every dog seeks. The dog forced as much of his dick into my mouth as he could, when I felt a blast deep in my throat. I'd made my first dick cum in my mouth, and it wasn't even human. Quickly his massive shot overwhelmed my swallowing abilities. The tangy nectar started to seep and then flow from the corners of my mouth. He kept forcing himself up against me until all of his cum was expelled. I licked and sucked on the burning member in my mouth as much as I could until he'd released all of his doggie juice into my mouth.

Having fulfilled his natural urges, he hopped down from the stock and ran off to the corner to lick himself clean. I'd never wanted nor envied a dog more than at this moment. All I wanted to be able to do at this moment was to get myself off.

"So little brother, does that answer your question? Anyone who's had enough Handsome Men will suck any dick presented to them. In fact, without these stocks, these four cock whores, would crawl over to the two dogs or any male, no matter the age or species to get some dick."

As much as I hated to admit it, Don was right. I would try to suck anyone or anything's dick at that moment. It didn't matter if it was a dog, donkey, or wrinkly old man. Fortunately, I had a roomful of big dicked college men to enjoy.

Four of the studs lined up at the stocks. We all opened up to receive their dicks. The guy in front of me was only sporting a semi, but was already six inches long. My mouth watered at the thought of getting a taste of what was dangling in front of me. He shoved his dick in my mouth. I sucked and worked my tongue around it; very quickly it worked its way up to full size.

As I sucked and played with the tumescent member, he started to thrust his hips at me. Pretty soon he was fucking my face like it was a pussy. Spit was pouring out of my mouth, coating my chin and running down my neck. With one great thrust his head popped through my throat, making me gag. He kept fucking my throat as hard and deep as he could. Eventually, I learned how to relax my throat and accept all ten inches he had to offer. He pounded my throat for 5 minutes in the same violent fashion, finally dumping his load straight into my stomach.

He left me panting for breath as he pulled out. Before I got a chance to catch my breath another guy presented himself to me. Holding my head still, he pressed the head against my lips. The next time I opened my mouth to gasp for air, he thrust it deep into my mouth. I was mouth fucked like I was by the first guy.

Every time someone came, he was immediately replaced. This went on for nearly an hour. Eventually, I lost track of how many men I'd blown and had come in my mouth and on my face. At some point I heard Marcie ask to be released. She said her knees were killing her and she couldn't feel her hands. A couple of the older guys huddled together and had a conversation. This was the first time since we'd been put in the stocks that we didn't have any cocks in our faces. I strained to hear the conversation, but couldn't make out a word.

I turned my head to look over at the other three and saw what I assumed was a mirror of my own face. All three were wrecks. Their faces were smeared in a mixture of spit and semen, with their hair matted down from all the fluid. In a word, a mess. But, a sexy mess. All three, even Marcie who'd asked to be released had a hungry look in the eyes. Amazing as it was, they wanted more. Maybe not while locked in the stocks, but all four of us wanted more. More men, more facials, more cum, and much more sex.

While the conference was still going on, I heard the same clicking noise I'd heard before the dogs had come up to us earlier. This time it sounded like there were more of them running around the room. Before I got a chance to warn anyone to be ready for another violation, I heard a giggle and then a low moan from my left.

I guessed Becky was getting some more canine loving. As I turned my head to check on my Aunt, I heard two quick screeches on my right. Thinking that Marcie and Sarah were also enjoying a dog tonguing I kept my eyes on the woman who was my first fantasy.

"Oh dear God, doggy keep licking me. I think I'm going to come again. Please baby, keep doing it. You're such a good doggy. Oooooooooo."

Becky was obviously enjoying getting eaten out by the dog. I was so envious of the three of them, being so obviously pleasured by the three dogs. All I wanted at that moment was for someone or something to let my dick get some relief. By this point in the evening I felt I had the worst case of blue balls of all time. From the unofficial lap dance I'd received in the car to bumpin and grindin on the dance floor, to sucking all of those wonderful dicks, I just needed to get off. By this point in the evening I didn't care how that happened. Getting to fuck one of the beautiful women I'd started the evening with would have been best, but I thought if I gotten fucked by anything dildo, human dick, dog dick, I could come in two seconds.

Instead I could only kneel there, listening to the keening coming from the three wasted, horny women on either side of me. They were all screaming in ecstasy while the dogs took care of their inflamed pussies. Then I heard something that somehow in this evening of debauchery still shocked me. It was Marcie screaming at the dog behind her.

"Oh God, doggy keep fucking me with that hard dick of yours. It's so hot and hard. Give it all to meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!"

As my brain started to process those cries of lust I felt something rough and wet slide from my balls up to my asshole. I nearly came from that one swipe. I was receiving the same treatment that Becky and I thought Sarah wee receiving. A doggy was giving me the greatest oral pleasure that I had ever or would ever receive. I just kneeled there luxuriating in the feeling of the strong agile tongue that was exploring my virgin rosebud. Moaning while locked in position I felt my asshole start to open up and the dog's tongue started to penetrate me. Soon I was moaning more than Becky on my left and nearly keeping up with Marcie who was still being fucked by her dog. I hadn't heard anything from Sarah in a few minutes, wondering what was happening to her I tried to crane my neck enough to see across Sarah, but it was no use. One of the guys had decided he wanted a blowjob, and was using the red headed hotties mouth to get his relief. This completely cut off my view of the woman to the far right hand side of our row of debauchery.

The dog kept licking at my asshole; eventually I was so wet and relaxed that I could feel his tongue sliming well into my ass. As he kept licking me I humped my dripping cock into the air in front of the stocks hoping for some sort of release from the beautiful agony I was facing. As I kept humping the air I felt my balls contracting as I got closer and closer to that orgasm I was craving. Just as I thought I was about to reach my release, I felt ... nothing. The dog behind had stopped licking me. I wasn't receiving any more stimulation to my overheated asshole.

As I was whimpering in need of orgasm, I saw a face right in front of me. It was asking me something but I couldn't understand what it was saying. This went on for a few minutes. It wasn't until I felt a slap on my face that I could hear anything clearly. Then I heard a voice, much higher pitched than any voice that had been coming in front of me, since we'd been brought downstairs.

"What do you need?"

"Cum, I need to come, please let me cum?"

"Do you want the dog to fuck you?"

"I don't care. I just want to cum. Please I need to cum."

"Answer me. Are you a good bitch? Do you want your doggy master to make you cum like a good bitch?"

"Oh God, please let me cum."

I felt another slap. Then that voice again. This time with more edge to it.

"Answer me slut. If you don't answer we'll just leave you there to suck dick and not let you cum all night."

"Please I just want to cum. Do what ever you want. I just need to cum. Please my balls feel like they're about to explode."

"So what is your answer? I'll be more explicit in the hope you'll actually answer me. Do you want to get fucked?"

"Oh God, yes!"

"Who do you want to fuck you? Huh slut. Who do you want to fuck you?"

"I don't caaaaare!!!!!!!! I just want to get fucked. Please. I need someone to fuck me."

"A dog, do you want a dog to fuck you?"

"Yes, I don't care. I just need someone to fuck me."

"I don't care isn't a good enough answer. Tell me who you want to fuck you. Do you want the dog to fuck you?"

"Yes I want the dog to fuck me. Please, I need the dog to fuck me. Please, anything. I just need to cum."

I heard the tap on the stock above my head that I'd been dreading and needing for the past few minutes. Then, there was a moment when I just kneeled in anticipation. Then I felt it. The dog had leapt up onto my back. His short fur felt rough against my back.

"Owwwwwww," I screamed. As I felt his hard cock slamming into my ass cheeks.

"Shut up cunt," I head the voice from in font of me say. My head cleared for moment, as the rock hard cock slammed into me. It was a gorgeous young woman that had been ordering me to beg for the dog cock to penetrate me.

As I quickly looked over to my right and left I saw two other girls in front of Becky and Marcie, in University cheerleader outfits like the blonde in front of me. I felt left out however, because the other two girls had massive strap on dildos sticking out from their cheerleader uniforms.

Just before I begged the girl in front of me to slide her fake cock into my mouth, I received the dick I'd needed for so long ram into my asshole. I screamed from the joy and pain of the penetration. It only took a few seconds for whatever pain I felt to change over to sheer pleasure. As I screamed out my joy from being taken by my dog master, I felt the rubber cock slam down my throat. I couldn't figure out where the girls had been before, but I guessed that they were getting to fuck our mouths in case we bit down from the dog cocks that were savaging us so wonderfully. I don't know how long the dog fucked me, but I think I came within the first minute of him fucking me.

After I had my orgasm, the dog kept ramming his dick up my ass. When I exploded, I felt totally full. Even though I'd sucked more than eight inches of dog cock before this I thought he had put everything in me. I had never been so wrong in my whole life. With each stroke, more and more hot dog cock entered my ass. It wasn't long before I felt his whole cock in me. Or so I thought.

Somehow, I'd forgotten about his knot, even though I'd felt it slamming against my mouth not an hour earlier. With every thrust he managed to get more of his animal rod inside of me. It was only a few short minutes before I felt the knot smashing against my asshole.

As the knot started to bang against my ass I screamed in a pitch I hadn't heard since well before I'd started puberty. On my second screech my dildo-wearing cheerleader decided to silence me. The hard rubber cock had been slammed way back into my throat. I tried to suck it like I had the real cocks from earlier in the evening, but I couldn't control myself. Every time the dog rammed into my ass, I bit down and shoved forward on the fake cock. I guessed there was an attachment to her pussy; because the only sound I heard from above the cheerleading skirt was intense moaning as I thrust forward.

"AAAAAAAAAiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee," I heard Becky scream as her animal lover pleasured her. All four of us were screaming from the dogs penetrating us with no care for whether we were receiving pleasure or not.

As it was, all four of us were having the time of our lives, being penetrated by the aggressive dogs, while we kneeled in a position of helplessness. Having the rubber dick shoved in my mouth meant I could only moan while receiving the fuck of a lifetime. Each time my dog's knot slammed against my asshole, I opened my mouth wider to the cheerleader's dildo. Soon, I felt her shaved groin slamming against my nose, as all ten inches slammed down my throat. This was the greatest thing I'd ever felt. My mouth was full and my ass was completely jammed with dog cock. Little did I realize in my pleasure that I was only partly filled from behind.

I relaxed my throat and heard the cheerleader fucking my mouth start to orgasm as the dildo inserted in her pussy started to work it's magic. Just as I thought I was going to get a measure of revenge on her I felt it. That banging on my asshole stopped, and I thought I felt a tearing in my burning bunghole. It was the knot being thrust into me. The pain nearly made me pass out, but Carly's orgasm kept me from losing it completely.

I heard her scream above me. "Oh yes, fuck. That's a good bitch; you're making me feel so good. Keep sucking me. I'll fuck you so good. Just let me keep cuuuuuuuuuming. O, GOD. OH, GOD. OH, GOD. Yeeeees!!!!"

Then I felt it. My ass went from feeling full from the dog cock to burning up. I thought I had to take a shit, but it was hot. So hot I didn't know what was going on. The dog had come inside my ass. I truly was a dog bitch now. I'd given a blowjob to a dog and taken everything one could give up my ass.

"Do you want more," I heard someone ask as I kneeled panting from the fuck of a lifetime.

"Answer me bitches. Do you want more? If you can't speak just nod."

I looked off to my right at Marcie and saw her nod in the affirmative while letting out a broken sort of moan. I assumed that Sarah, Becky and myself all answered in the affirmative in some way because we were all released from the stocks and left to lay on the floor for a few minutes while we attempted to catch our breath and recover from the fucking we'd received front and back.

"Okay cunts, do you want the dogs at you again. Or do you want us to fuck you?"

All four of us laid there not able to even answer the big dicked studs in front of us. I rolled onto my left side and got my fist look at Sarah in a while. She looked as fucked up as Marcie and Becky. Her face was coated with cum and her hair was plastered down on her head with a mixture of cum and sweat. I didn't have a mirror, but I assumed that I was in the same condition as the three wives surrounding me.

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