Secrets Between Sisters
Chapter 1

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Consensual, Lesbian, BiSexual, Fiction, Sister, Masturbation, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism,

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Chapter 1 - They're married with children now, but both remember what they secretly did together as teens.

My sister opened another bottle of wine, our third of the night. I knew it was a terrible idea, but I was having too much fun to make a real effort to stop her.

"Dana, no, I have to be up with the kids in less than four hours."

She ignored my whiny protest and refilled my glass with the thick, sweet red. We hadn't seen each other in years, and it had been even longer since we just sat and talked like this.

"Is this the same party girl I remember staying out all night, going to work at the donut shop first thing in the morning, then doing it all over again the next night?" Dana dropped back onto the sofa and took an unsteady swig from her glass. "Now that chick was fun!"

"That chick didn't have a husband, two kids, and a house to take care of."

"But you took care of a lot of dick back then, didn't you?"

"Dana!" I couldn't help looking around to make doubly sure we were the only two in the room.

"Oh, don't pretend like you were little miss goodie-goodie. You had to be getting plenty of cock back in those days."

I couldn't help laughing at hearing my big sister talking like that. Sure, we were close enough that we could discuss our sex lives in general terms, but I'd never heard her come right out and use language like that in front of me. She took another gulp of wine, and I did the same.

"Not as much as you're implying, but I did get my share."

"I bet you did. Slut."

We both burst out in giggles that we had to stifle with hands and pillows. The wine was making everything we said seem ten times funnier than it actually was.

"Oh, God," Dana sighed, "I am so goddamned horny." This prompted another bout of giggles. "I'm serious, Vicky, it's not even funny anymore."

"Is there something wrong between you and Roger?"

"No, not exactly." Dana stretched her legs out on the sofa and decided to go ahead and confide in me. "It's just that he's been so busy since the promotion. We barely have any time together, and when we do he's too tired to want to do anything." She took a long sip from her glass. "Or maybe he just isn't attracted to me anymore."

"You know that's not it," I assured her. "You're still as sexy as the day he married you. I'm sure it's just because of his job. I know he loves you more than anything in the world."

"Maybe, but it doesn't make me any less horny." A wicked little grin crossed her lips. "I've been going through an awful lot of batteries lately."

It took me a second to make the connection. "Dana! Oh my God, I don't want to hear about that!"

"Oh, please, like you never take care of yourself when you need to."

"Maybe I do, but I don't go around bragging about it."

"Maybe... ?" Dana's voice trailed off in a strange sort of way.

She looked across at me through the dimness of the living room. There was a light on in the kitchen, and a couple of candles burning here in the room with us, but that was it. She seemed to be debating whether or not to say what was on her mind.

"What?" I said, hoping to coax it out of her.

She hesitated, staring into the swirling liquid in her glass. "Remember that trip Dad took us on? When we rented that RV and drove along the coast for two weeks."

An icy tingle went up my back. "I remember how that old camper smelled like cheese and dirty socks."

"It stunk so bad," Dana chuckled. "But it was probably my favorite family trip we took. It was just after you turned sixteen, and I was going into my senior year."

I took a big swallow of wine. My head was swimming already, but I didn't know if I was ready for where Dana might be going with this. Neither of us had ever spoken of it, and I assumed that we never would.

"Jim and I are talking about taking the girls to Disney next summer," I said.

"Remember how we had to share that one little bunk together for the whole trip?" Dana wasn't going to let me sidetrack her.

"I guess," I mumbled, noticing my heart was speeding up.

"Do you remember what else happened on that trip?"

I knew exactly what she was referring to. "A lot happened ... we practically hit every tourist trap west of the Rockies."

"It was the third or fourth night and I woke up because you were moving around next to me. I was going to yell at you to cut it out, then I realized that you were playing with yourself under the covers."

I could feel the warmth rising in my cheeks. This was something we'd never talked about. Something that by silent agreement we had decided never to talk about.

"The next night," Dana went on in violation of our private pact, "I stayed awake to see if you'd do it again. I don't know why, but all day I kept thinking about you doing that. Just when I couldn't stay awake anymore, you started going at it again. Do you remember?"

I didn't know what to say. Why was she bringing this up after all these years? "I don't know," I lied. "It was a long time ago."

"I started playing with myself, too." She was looking at me, but I couldn't bring myself to meet her eyes. "As soon as I did, you stopped and acted like you were asleep. But I kept going until I finished. Do you know that was the first time I had an orgasm with another person there with me?"

She smiled with the memory. It was a memory I had attempted to avoid much of my life. It brought nothing but feelings of shame and embarrassment. Deep down I knew that it was this memory that probably prevented us from being closer as sisters.

"We were kids," I said weakly in an attempt to dismiss it.

"The next day I couldn't wait for bedtime." Dana's glass was nearly empty. She reached for the bottle and poured herself more. "As soon as I thought Mom and Dad were asleep I started fingering myself." The excitement in her voice was becoming more obvious. "Remember what happened then?"

"No." I didn't sound very convincing.

"Such a liar," Dana teased. "After about a minute, you started playing with yourself right along with me." She paused, waiting for me to say something. "Oh, c'mon, I was there. I know what happened."

"Maybe I don't think we need to be talking about this. That was so long ago..."

"I know." Dana pursed her lips and shrugged. "But I still think about it a lot. I think about how after that first time we did it every night for the rest of the trip. The two of us squeezed together on that little bunk, masturbating together at the same time, moaning into our pillows when we made ourselves cum. Those were some of the best orgasms I ever had in my life."

"I'm sure that's an exaggeration," I said. I desperately wanted us to be talking about anything else, but at the same time I couldn't deny that my nipples had stiffened with arousal. I wanted to tell Dana that I didn't want to hear anymore, yet I knew it would be a lie.

"I wish I was," Dana answered with a wistful smile. "It's weird to admit that the best sex I ever had was diddling myself along with my little sister in an old camper that smelled like feet."

We both had to laugh at that. It was my turn to reach for the bottle and top off my glass. I had no idea what to say, but she needed me to say something.

"I liked it, too," I confessed in a whisper. "I thought I was some kind of perverted freak for touching myself like that. Then, when I found out you did it too, it made it seem okay."

"Maybe we were just both perverted freaks. Ever think of that?" We giggled at that, but it was more out of nervousness than anything else. "Yeah, I think about that trip a lot."

"So you mentioned."

"Funny how we never did it again after the trip was over."

The warmth that had been in my cheeks spread to other parts of my body. I didn't want to acknowledge it, but a familiar ache was beginning to make itself felt between my legs.

"I guess it was just one of those one-time things." The wine was giving everything a sheen of unreality. This whole conversation could easily have been a strangely vivid dream. "The opportunity really never came up again."

Dana set her wine glass down carefully onto the coffee table. "This could be an opportunity."

"What do you mean?" I laughed.

My sister fixed me with a penetrating gaze and boldly slipped her hand down the front of her pajamas.

"Dana!" I hissed, worried that even this was loud enough to wake up my husband or kids. "Are you crazy?"

"Did I mention how horny I've been lately?"

"Yes, but ... but..." I couldn't put a sensible sentence together once I saw the way her hand was moving under her pajamas.

"I'm so fucking wet right now, Vicky. What about you?"

"Stop fooling around. We are not doing this." I tried to sound firm, but I doubt I was very convincing. "Jim is right upstairs, and my kids..."

"Then we'll just have to be quiet." Dana cupped one of her full breasts through her light tank top with the hand that wasn't working in small circles at her crotch.

"You're only acting like this because you're drunk," I accused, trying to keep my voice low. "Now get your hands out of your pants."

"C'mon, Vicky, I know you want to. No need to be shy with your big sister."

"We're not kids anymore. We're mature women, with husbands and children."

"That's right, we're big girls now." As she said this she tugged the front of her tank top down, freeing one of her breasts. The contrast of her dark areola against the pale flesh of her breast was alluringly apparent in the glow of the soft candlelight. She thumbed the erect nub of her nipple shamelessly as I stared.

"I'm not doing this with you, Dana." My voice wavered uncertainly.

The disappointment was clear in her eyes. "Will you at least stay here with me while I do it?"

My heart was thumping hard against the inside of my chest. I allowed a small nod.

Dana smiled and leaned back on the sofa. She opened her legs wider and let out a shivery moan. It was the wine, I told myself. She wouldn't be doing this otherwise. She probably won't even remember it when she wakes up in the morning.

She slipped the tank top off one shoulder and uncovered her other breast. Her fingers caressed her round suppleness and tickled over her stiff nipple. She was, as I'd assured her earlier, as sexy as ever.

"Mmm, this feels so good, Vicky." Her body was beginning to writhe on the sofa. I was finding it difficult to sit still where I was on the loveseat. "Remember the night you pulled the covers down? The moon was shining through that little window, and we could each see what the other was doing. I remember perfectly the way your hand moved down there like it only happened yesterday. It was the sexiest thing I'd ever seen."

"You are so full of it," I said, trying to deflect her lustful gaze.

"It was all very confusing back then." Dana's hand went back to her other breast and squeezed it hard. "How could I be so turned on by another girl, especially my own sister? But there was something about seeing you touching your pussy, and letting you see me touch mine, that was more than just about sex. We were sharing our most private secrets with each other."

"We were," I agreed hoarsely. "I was so jealous of your body back then. Your tits were bigger than mine, and you had all the right curves in all the right places. I pulled the covers down that night because I wanted to see you. I wanted to see all of you naked."

"I liked the way you looked at me. I never wanted anyone to see me like that before."

Dana took her hand out of her pajama bottoms. I could see her middle finger glistening with wetness. She hooked her thumbs into the waistband and pulled her bottoms down in one smooth motion. My breath caught and I didn't know what to do. My instinct was to look away, but I was unable to. She kicked off her pajamas and resumed her former position. My sister's legs were splayed open in a relaxed pose. She hadn't been wearing any panties, leaving her pussy on full display in the soft flickering of the candles.

"Can you see me in this light?" She combed her fingers through her thick patch of pubic hair. "I want you to see my pussy." Dana slid the candle on the coffee table closer. "Is that better?" She leaned back and gently spread her outer lips apart just enough to expose her erect clit and swollen labia. "Can you see your big sister's naked pussy?"

"I ... I can." I was almost too stunned to speak.

I'd never seen another woman's pussy like that before. Of course I'd seen pubic hair in the locker room, and I'd seen a couple of porno movies with my husband, but it was the first time another woman, much less my sister, had opened herself up like that in front of me for real. I was immediately ashamed of how much I liked it, but not ashamed enough to put a stop to it.

"Don't be upset with me for this, Vicky. I know how weird I'm acting, but I'm so fucking horny, you have no idea." Dana began gingerly rubbing the area around her clit as she spoke. "Roger and I haven't fucked in almost three months. I masturbate every day, sometimes two or three times. And half the time I'm thinking about you and those nights in the camper. I imagine you're there next to me, fingering your pussy along with me."

"I don't think you're being weird," I said. The fact was that she was being insanely weird, but that didn't mean I wanted her to stop. "I'm your sister, and I love you. If this is what you need, then ... I'm here for you."

"Oh, God, I don't know what I'm doing." Dana had her feet propped up on the coffee table, legs wide, grinding her clit rhythmically with the heel of her hand. "I fantasized about this a thousand times, but I never meant to actually go through with it. But now..."


"Now I'm here on your couch, spreading myself open, desperate for you to see me cum, and you're over there thinking I've lost my mind ... judging me..." Dana pinched her nipple hard at that point and pulled at it mercilessly. She groaned with the pleasure that the pain brought her. "Please don't hate me for this."

I knew my sister would never behave this way without being intoxicated, but I also had the sense that she purposely put herself in that state so that she could suppress her inhibitions enough to make this fantasy of hers come to fruition.

I honestly didn't hate her for what she was doing. It was beyond anything I ever expected when she called and said she was flying out for a visit, but I certainly didn't hate her. I'd had fantasies of my own. I couldn't help occasionally thinking back to the nights that we shared on that narrow bunk. The thrill of doing something forbidden with another person, the fear of getting caught, the unspoken bond that made it a true secret. I understood exactly what Dana meant when she said it was the best sex she'd ever had. And not simply because of the amazing orgasms, but because of the intense intimacy an experience like that creates between two people. That's what my sister needed now.

"I could never hate you, Dana," I said as tenderly as I could. "I love you, and I always will no matter what. We're sisters."

With that I pulled my top off over my head. I could see the fear and shame melt from her face in that moment. I unclasped my bra and let my breasts loose.

"God, your tits are so beautiful," Dana sighed.

Mine had gotten bigger after I'd had the girls, but they were still smaller than my sister's. Even so, they were a nice handful and were managing to hold their shape quite well.

I stood and pulled my yoga pants and panties down all together. It felt bizarre to be standing naked in front of my sister in the middle of my living room, but I realized that I couldn't remember the last time I was so unbelievably turned on.

"Oh!" Dana squealed, then quickly covered her mouth. "You're completely shaved."

"Yup," I confirmed brushing my fingers across my bare mound self-consciously. "Jim likes a bald cunt."

"Oh!" Dana squealed again. "I never heard you say that word before."

I shrugged. "That's how he says it."

"Okay, then, little sister, show me that bald cunt of yours." We were both giggling again with that.

I sat back down on the loveseat and opened my legs for her. My sister's eyes went wide, as did her smile.

"Absolutely gorgeous." She deliberately took her hand away from her engorged pussy and fondled her tits with both hands. "Can I see more?"

I was never much of an exhibitionist, but I was thrilled at the prospect of exposing myself to my sister in this way. As I reached down I noticed that my hands were shaking. My fingertips pressed against the puffy flesh of my outer lips and I spread myself open as gracefully as I could. I heard Dana moan from her place on the sofa as electric jolts of excitement fizzed all over my body.

"Is this what you want?"

"It's exactly what I want." Dana's eyes roved over my body with hungry passion, returning again and again to my hairless pussy. She reached around her thigh and slipped a finger into her wet hole. I could hear the sensual sound of it from where I was sitting. As she fucked herself with the fingers of one hand, she strummed her hard clit with the fingers of the other. The sight of my sister openly masturbating in front of me was indescribably erotic in every way I could imagine. That feeling of forbidden pleasure was with me again just as it had been all those years ago. "Play with it," my sister pleaded. "Masturbate with me."

I'd been with my husband for almost ten years, and I was still shy about playing with myself while he watched. I would give in on occasion and put on a show for him, but I always felt awkward and unnatural doing it. But it was different with my sister. Despite her salacious leer, I didn't feel like I was putting on a show for her. This was something we were sharing. We were giving the gift of our private selves to one another, and taking joy in the mutual expression of our bodies.

I delicately nestled the tip of a finger into the folds of my pussy. My clit was too sensitive to touch directly. I nudged my touch against it lightly from the side, using the soft flesh of the hood as a buffer against over-stimulating myself to the point of pain. I allowed my hand find its natural rhythm and let all the remaining tension flow out of me.

"It's just like when we were girls," Dana breathed. "The way you touch yourself, it's exactly the way I remember it. So fucking sexy." Her fingers fucked in and out of her pussy. "Can you hear that? Can you hear how wet I am?"

"I can," I responded thickly. "I'm pretty wet myself over here."

"So I see." Dana's lips were parted, her tongue playing at the corner of her mouth. If I didn't know better I would have suspected she was wondering what I might taste like. Even if she did, neither of us was drunk enough to let things go that far. "Remember that guy you were dating in high school? The one with the piece of shit Mustang you thought was so cool?"


"Yeah, that was his name." Dana switched hands, plunging two fingers of her left hand into her sopping pussy hole and patting her clit now with her right. It was beyond surreal to be carrying on this conversation with my sister while we faced each other naked and masturbating like a couple of degenerate sex perverts.

"We only went out for about three weeks. What made you think of him?"

"I just remember that he had a nice cock."

"How would you know?"

"I saw it when you were giving him a blowjob." Dana smiled that wicked smile of hers.


"You thought no one was home. I came downstairs and there you were sucking him off in the family room."

"You spied on us?" I would have died if I had known about this back then, but hearing it now only made me hornier. I followed my big sister's lead and slid a couple of fingers into my pussy and squeezed them tight.

"I wasn't going to pass up a free show. I watched you suck his dick from the hallway and rubbed myself through my jeans the whole time."

"He was an asshole, but you're right ... he did have a nice cock."

"I couldn't believe it when you let him cum in your mouth." Dana let up on her clit. She toyed with her pubic hair instead, tugging at it playfully. She was doing everything she could to make this last. I liked that. "I never realized before then that my little sister was such a dirty slut."

"Hey, what can I say? I loved the taste of cum. Still do."

"You still suck Jim's dick?"

"All the time."

"And you eat his cum?"

"Most of the time." I couldn't believe I was talking that way about my private sex life. I never told anyone the details of what I did in the bedroom with my husband. "Sometimes he likes to shoot it on my face."

"You let him do that? God, you are a slut, aren't you?" Dana was rubbing herself fast and hard. "I bet you look gorgeous with cum all over your face. I'd love to see you like that."

I didn't know what to say. I told myself it was just dirty talk. Nothing I should take seriously.

"What about Roger? Do you still suck him off?"

She made a sour face. "Let's not ruin this by talking about him." Dana pushed her fingers in as deep as she could manage. "You have no idea how many times I've fantasized about doing this with you. I can't believe it's really happening."

"I can't either. Remind me to get more of that wine."

"I will." Dana pulled her fingers out of her pussy and brought them up to her nose.

She took in her own fragrance with a look of sublime satisfaction. She wasn't holding anything back for my sake. I nearly choked when she tucked her wet fingers into her mouth and sucked at her own pussy juices. I was embarrassed to be witnessing an act as intensely personal as that, but at the same time I was glad to see I wasn't the only one who enjoyed tasting myself that way. I drew my fingers out of my pulsing vagina and sucked them clean while my sister watched with a devilish gleam in her eye.

"We are a couple of sick bitches," I giggled.

"Don't you love it?" Dana gave her cunt a couple of sharp smacks and resumed diddling herself fervently. "Get over here with me. I want us to cum next to each other like when we were in the camper."

I didn't waste a second. I went to the sofa and settled in next to her. The scent of her excitement was stronger now that I was closer to her. I breathed her in and longed for more. Dana hooked her leg over top of mine. The smooth flesh of her warm thigh against mine only increased the pitch of my arousal. Don't get me wrong, I'm perfectly satisfied with my husband and our sex life, but I hadn't ever wanted to cum as badly as I did just then. And the way my sister was furiously going at her own pussy made it obvious that she was feeling the same.

"I'm going to cum so hard," I whined, biting my lower lip.

"Do it," Dana panted. "Make your pussy cum with me. You look so fucking hot the way you play with yourself. This is better than when we were girls, even better than my fantasy." She broke off with a long, low, keening moan.

I was so deeply into the moment that I was only half aware of how loud we were becoming. What would my husband do if he stumbled downstairs to find his wife and his sister-in-law naked and masturbating wildly like a pair of drunken teenagers? I should have been more concerned, but I didn't care at that point.

"Your body is so hot," I groaned. "This is crazy. We shouldn't be doing this. We're grown women, for God's sake. We're moms. This is so fucked up." All through my whimpering protests I never let up for a second on my pussy.

"So fucked up," Dana echoed and thrust her hips up off the sofa. "Watch me," she demanded. "Watch me cum, I'm going to cum!" My big sister humped the air, ramming three fingers into herself and stroking her clit with frantic speed.

"I'm watching," I assured her. "Make that pussy cum for me. I want to see you cum!"

She fought to contain her screams so that they came out as a kind of strained sob. Her hips were jerking and the muscles of her tummy spasming as the orgasm took away control of her body. It was easily the sexiest thing I'd ever witnessed. But before I could wrap my head around this twisted reality, I was going off myself.

"Oh, fuck, I'm cumming too. Fuck, fuck, fuck meeeeee!" Every muscle in my pussy tightened with a sudden snap, then the rest of my body convulsed in a jolt of concentrated pleasure. The room disappeared from my awareness and all that remained was my electrified body and my sister's cunt. A sudden yearning unlike anything I'd ever known seized me as the waves of orgasmic joy flowed through my core and out to the ends of every limb. My mind grasped at the fleeting sensations, willing them to last just a little longer. But, inevitably, they began to subside.

My sister and I were slumped on the sofa, sweaty and breathing heavy. Our hands were still between our legs, and the mingled odors of our sex hung heavy around us. A sense of pure love and intimate closeness suffused me. When I opened my eyes the room was spinning, but I found that if I focused on my sister's stiffened nipple that was just a few inches from my face then the world remained perfectly still.

"Vicky," Dana gasped between breaths, "that was fucking amazing. I can't remember the last time I came like that." She patted my leg, then left her hand there on my thigh. "I'm sorry."

"Sorry? Why?"

"For making you do that. I shouldn't have pushed you into it. Just because I'm pathetic and horny doesn't mean I have the right to drag you down into my sick fantasies." She struggled to lean forward, grabbed her wine glass, and swallowed what was left in it. "And being drunk is no excuse."

"You don't need to make excuses, or apologies." I kissed her bare shoulder. "I'm glad you dragged me into your sick fantasy. I would have never been brave enough to do it, but it's something I've thought about a lot over the years. I always felt guilty about what we did in that stinky old camper, but at the same time I couldn't deny that I loved every second of it. Now all I wish is that we didn't wait so long to do it again."

"You really mean that?" Dana's eyes were moist with unfallen tears. "You're not just saying that to make me feel better?"

"I do mean it, and I do want to make you feel better. Now stop making such a big fuss over everything and give me a hug."

Our naked bodies came together and a new spark of arousal raced through me. I'd hugged my sister thousands of times, but never like this. The soft, pillowy flesh of her breasts pressed against mine and it was unlike anything I'd ever known. I could feel the heat of her pussy radiating against my belly. Masturbating with each other was one thing, but what I was contemplating in that moment was beyond what I was willing to consider.

"I love you, little sister."

"And I love my big sister." I forced myself to break the hug before I let myself do something I would regret. "Now let me try to get a couple hours of sleep before the girls wake up." I got up and gathered my discarded clothes and underwear. Dana remained on the sofa watching me traipse around naked while she gently teased her pussy lips. I had the distinct sense that she was going to get herself off again. I was tempted to stay, but I didn't trust myself. "Goodnight, sweet dreams..."

"Is it okay if we stay up late and 'talk' again tomorrow night?" Dana coyly dipped her finger into her juicy hole as she said the word 'talk' to make sure I knew precisely what she meant.

"I think I'd like that very much," I answered with a wink. "We still have a lot of catching up to do."

I could feel her eyes on my ass as I headed upstairs on wobbly legs to join my husband in bed. I didn't know exactly what my horny sister had in mind, but I knew I was more than eager to find out.

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