That Summer
Chapter 1

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft, mt/Fa, Teenagers, Consensual, Incest, Cousins, Aunt, First, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex,

Desc: Coming of Age Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A seventeen year old boy has to go live with with his Aunt and cousin for a month while him mom recovers from surgery. He hasn't seen her in three years, and back then, well--scrawny and goofy. But in three years, it is amazing how much girls can change. A good stroke story about how many girls the new field goal kicker can do in the short time he is in town. Why not start with his cousin?

"Look, it's only for a month," my mother said to me, somewhat exasperated. "You'll be back in plenty of time for football practice, but I just can't leave you here by yourself. I would worry about you the entire time, and that won't do my recovery any good."

"Can't I just stay with a friend? Why do I have to go to Aunt Jill's?" My mother was about to have some serious surgery and thought she would be in the hospital at least a week and then moved to another kind of care place for several more weeks. She really didn't need this hassle from me, but I really didn't want to have to go stay with my goofy Aunt and her nuthin-muffin daughter. It's true that I had not seen them since the funeral of my Uncle, three years ago, but not seeing them was just okay with me, all the same.

"Kyle, I am not going to argue with you about this. We are going out there tomorrow and then I will come back here and have my surgery next week. When I am well enough to come home, you can come home, but until then, I need to know that you will be out there, and not running around here doing God knows what. I suggest you go up to your room and start figuring out what clothes you want to take, and what other stuff. You are old enough to do this--I shouldn't have to pack for you, and I really don't have the strength to do it right now."

As a seventeen year old guy in prime physical condition, in the summer before his senior year in high school, I sure didn't want to get stuck two hundred miles away in the middle of nowhere, without a ride, and having to put up with two dingy females. But I knew that Mom was right in what she was saying, and that even if I did claim to stay with a friend, I would most likely be sleeping in my very own bed, hopefully accompanied by one of the many young ladies in my school. I am certainly no poster boy for the Squeaky Clean Award, that's for sure. I mean, I've not been in trouble with the cops or anything, but

I am guilty of misspeaking about precisely what went on in my bedroom on several occasions when Mom was gone for the day or out of town for a weekend. In my defense, at least I always wear a condom. So, being away from all of that is the very last thing I'd consider when thinking about ways to spend my summer. So like the dutiful son that I am, I went up to my room and dug out some clothes for a month.

How does a guy know what clothes he will need for a month? Hell, sometimes I change clothes three dimes in a day, and that's before dinner! So I dug out four pair of jeans, some shorts, every tee shirt that I could find, and even a pair of slacks in case I have to dress up for something. As an afterthought I even threw in a sweat shirt and light jacket In case some cold weather blows through. Who knows? A dozen pairs of sox, some underwear and, just in case, my swim trunks. I debated about electronic stuff and games and stuff, because I'm not sure they even have electricity out there yet, and surely don't have anything for internet.

"Get up!" she said. "We're leaving in a half hour."

"It's seven o'clock! For God's sake, Mom, can't you let a guy sleep in once in a while?"

"Get up now. If you hurry, you can shower and still have time for breakfast, but we're leaving in thirty minutes."

On the way out to the car, I picked up the duffle bag of footballs and a kicking tee that my coach allowed me to use over the summer. If they have a couple of trees that could approximate a goal post, I thought, I can kick and I'll have my ditzy cousin retrieve the balls for me.

I don't know what I had envisioned for their town -- I just knew that it was five hours away and a little burg in the middle of nowhere, and that Mom said that they lived in the country. Images of some back roads shack or hillbilly cabin were the only concepts that came to my mind, probably because I live in a large metropolitan area and I am only seventeen years old. Preconceived ideas??? Okay, I will admit to having a few, about my cousin and her mother. I was correct about the little burg. It is in the middle of nowhere. There is no reason for the town to be right there, historically or geographically, it's just where it is, on a state route going between two other small towns. But, I will admit that the appearance of the town itself surprised me. It is what most people describing as "a charming old town with quaint buildings that are well maintained". It even has a small river passing through the middle of it. Okay, so it's not "Hicksville", at least from the outside just passing through it. The countryside was pretty lush, too. Almost as soon as we left the town proper, a substantial growth of tall old trees began on one side of the road. Two miles beyond, we turned left onto a smaller paved road and amongst the trees, but set back from the road, several houses, nice houses, had been built. As quickly as it had begun, the forested area ended or at least became less dense and I could see ten or twelve newer houses nestled on both sides of the road, all well separated from one another, and all substantial enough in size to scream out that this was anything but a depressed area. With directions in hand, my mother slowed and then turned onto a lane that led to a very impressive, and very large two story all brick house. We pulled into the driveway and Mom drove up to the garage. From around back came my aunt carrying a bag of flower food and a couple of small hand tools.

"Oh I didn't expect you until much later," she said. "Goodness, I look frightful. I'm sorry. Please forgive my appearance. Oh, and welcome to our home."

"We're glad to be here. It was a long drive, and I am just glad to be able to get out and stretch my legs," my mother replied.

"Listen, you both walk around a bit and I'll go in and catch a quick shower. I'll be back in a jif."

"This isn't what I expected, Mom. This isn't my idea of a country house in a little town." We took my suitcase, duffle and football stuff out of the car and then began to walk around the house. As we rounded the corner to the back, we were both surprised to see a rather large, in the ground swimming pool surrounded by a deck. There was even a pool house behind it and a place for a barbeque grill and a table.

"My goodness," Mom said. "I had no idea. It's none of our business, but I had no clue that they were living like this. I just assumed that after your Uncle Richard died that they would just have some small, simple place for the two of them."

"There is nothing small and simple about this place, Mom. This is pretty nice."

"See, I told you it wouldn't be so bad."

As if on cue, Aunt Jill returned, her hair still wet, but in clean clothes and looking much refreshed. "Welcome, both of you, to our home. Seriously, I'm sorry I wasn't ready for you, but please come in now and let me show you around. Emma is in town with some of her friends from school but she should be home by mid afternoon."

Aunt Jill gave us a walking tour of the house, and I honestly think that I have never been in a home quite as nice, or anywhere close to as large as this house was. There were four bedrooms on the second floor, and a couple of them had private balconies. The living room on the first floor was almost as big as our whole house, and there was a kitchen and a separate dining room and a family room across the back side of the kitchen. The place just went on and on.

"Jill, ' Mom said, "I had no idea that your home was so lovely. How ... what... ?" She was stumbling for words.

"When Richard died, his company had a large insurance policy on him, and then the court settlement will more than provide for us forever, so I just decided that we needed to live in a house that we could enjoy."

"Well, it is very lovely."

After lunch, Mom got back into the car and headed for home while I carried my stuff up to the room that Jill said was to be mine for the next month, or for ever how long I stayed. It was at the end of a long hallway and directly opposite my cousin's room. We shared a common wall and our doors were mounted from the same pillar. Just outside, on her side of the hallway was our bathroom, which appeared to be as enormous as everything else in the house and across from the bath was another bedroom. Aunt Jill's room was at the far other end of the hall with some sort of sitting room stuck in between on one side, and the stairway on the other. I had to chuckle to myself thinking about when I had earlier wondered if they even had electricity.

"Is he here?"

"Yes, I think he is in his room.

I was just finishing up putting my clothes in the dresser when I heard footsteps bounding up the stairs. I had not seen my cousin since her father's funeral, and that was almost four year ago. Then she was a plain-Jane ditzy girl who followed me around like a lost puppy and right now, I did not really look forward to having to spend a month with her. I looked up when the footsteps stopped bounding on the stairs and just stood there, dumbfounded as she stepped into the room.

"Kyle, I'm Emma. Remember me?"

I really didn't know what to say. I'm sure that she must have thought something was wrong, because I just stood there with my mouth open. Emma was no longer the plain-Jane ditzy little girl that I knew as my cousin. She was, in fact, a stunningly cute, knock down, drop dead gorgeous young girl. Finally I gathered my wits and answered her. "Um, well, yes and no. I remember a scrawny, scraggily haired little girl running around generally being a pain in the ass to me. I don't recall anything about having a cousin that looks like you. Are you sure you are the same girl?"

She smiled, blushed slightly and nodded that yes she was sure.

"I'm sorry to sound so stupid but I just wasn't expecting you to look this way. I had this image of the same girl, just a little older. But I must say, you have certainly changed since the last time we were together. How old are you now?"

"I just turned fourteen a week before school let out."

"And you just finished your first year of high school."

"Uh huh. You're going to be a senior, aren't you? Do you have plans for college?"

"Yeah, I'd like to go to a Big Ten school, maybe Michigan or Penn State. I play football and I'm hoping to do well enough this year to get a scholarship."

"What position do you play?"

"Well, I play a little at wide receiver, which is the guy that they throw the passes to, but mostly I am the kicker, both kick offs and field goals. I brought my gear hoping to find some space to practice while I'm here."

"I know the football coach. I'm sure, if I asked him, I could get him to let you practice in our stadium."

"He's not going to let some stranger come into his field and start kicking the ball around."

"Yes he will. His daughter is on our cheerleading team with me, and we're pretty good friends. I know if I ask him, he'll say that it's okay."

We spent the rest of the afternoon just sitting in my bedroom. She told me about how she had a tough time after her father died, how she had gone through a rather lengthy period of self doubt, questioning why it had happened and why to her family, and then, eventually, what was going to happen to them. I told her that I understood some of that from my own experiences, but that I had been much younger when my father died, and I didn't even know enough to think about the worries that she had just mentioned. She went on to explain, when I commented about the nice house, that her mother had promised her that since her father had been taken from her life, that she promised she would make sure that we had a life that was as free of stress as it could be. Emma told me how, after this house was completed and they moved in, her entire attitude changed, her grades went up, she became active in sports, and this past year, everything seemed to go right.

"What was so great about this past year?"

"Well, when I made the cheerleading team I was ecstatic, but when I was elected captain of the j-v team, I was on cloud nine. I'm the first freshman girl that was ever elected to be captain."

"Wow! That is pretty neat. Congratulations." I thought to myself that with being as cute as she is, it would be pretty hard to not select her to be the captain. She said that she wasn't allowed to go on one on one dates yet, so all the social stuff that she did was as a group. She said that she thought that was okay for now.

"Well, when did the big transformation occur? When did you go from being the scrawny girl that I knew to this blond haired goddess that stepped around the corner into my room?"

"Stop it, Kyle, you're embarrassing me."

Once again, feeling awkward and at a loss for wards, I replied a little more harshly than I should have. "Jesus Christ, Emma, you are cuter than any girl I have dated, probably cuter than any girl in our entire high school. You have the beginnings of a really nice body, a gorgeous smile and..."

About the very second, her mother called up the stairs that supper was about ready and that we should come down to eat. At dinner, I volunteered to do whatever odd jobs around their place that Jill needed done. She was delighted to have me there to help, although insisted that it was not necessary for me to do work, that she could easily hire someone to do it. I just shook my head and said that wasn't going to happen while I was here. Monday morning I discovered that I was up before anyone else, so I got dressed and went for a run, both to maintain my routine and to scope out the neighborhood, so to speak. I discovered that Jill and Emma lived in quite a neighborhood, to be sure. All of the surrounding homes were on very large lots, acreages really, and many of the houses were what some would describe as "estate size". Several appeared to be of European design style, constructed of rock and stone, and all were quite elegant. I'm not certain that they were too happy to have a complete stranger running down their lanes; I know several of their dogs were not. Fortunately for me, wherever a dog came charging out, he stopped short of what I assume was the invisible fence wire. But they still barked!

About twenty minutes into my run, a sheriff's deputy pulled up alongside me and asked me to stop running for a minute. He said that he had received complaints from several of the residents of a stranger on their property. I told him who I was, where I was staying and that I had just been jogging in the street, but he was not at all pleased that I had no identification. I pointed out that my gym shorts did not even have a pocket, so the likelihood of me carrying identification was pretty remote. I suggested that we could go back to Aunt Jill's house and she could vouch for me. He thought about it and then asked me to get in the car. I asked if I could just run ahead of him back to the house.

"Are you trying to be smart with me?"

"No sir," I said about as seriously as I could. I was about to turn around anyway and running back would let me finish my workout. I'll run fast for you."

I must have sounded sincere, because he said it was okay with him and if I got tired, or slowed down, that I would have to get in the car. I didn't actually sprint the entire distance, but I did run at about a three quarter sprint rate, and was back in the driveway in just a few minutes. Of course, Emma and Jill were still asleep, so I had to pound on the door for a long time before Aunt Jill opened it.

"Kyle, what's wrong? Why are the police here? Has something happened?"

The deputy got out of his car and spoke to Aunt Jill while he had me wait by his car. Naturally she confirmed my story and everything turned out fine, but we agreed to tell the neighbors that about my jogging in the mornings. As he was leaving, the deputy asked me how I happen to learn to run that fast.

"I don't know. That's just how I run."

"Does anyone else know you can run that fast for that far?"

"I don't know. I never thought about it. I can run faster than that, really, but I didn't want you to think I was trying to get away."

With that, he left, shaking his head, wondering what and who I was, really. But then, the real trouble started.

"Kyle, what in the world are you doing being up so early? It isn't even seven o'clock yet. Why are you even out of bed?" There was more than a little frustration in her voice.

"I'm sorry that I had to wake you, Aunt Jill. I really am. I always get up at this time during the week, so that I can do my running before school and get home in time to get a shower and some breakfast before it's time for my first class."

"Well, for goodness sake, come in the house now and go back to bed. It's just barely passed six thirty."

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