Ronnie Delonnie Gets Juiced
Chapter 1

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Coming of Age Sex Story: Chapter 1 - This is the tale of one character from the story, "Adam & Vivian Naked In School - Week Two - The Program." Changes in Ronnie's six-month injection magnify her sex drive, and that leads to assorted problems, wild shenanigans, and mayhem.

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Teenagers   Reluctant   Science Fiction   Masturbation   Nudism  

I was just kinda wandering around the mall when it hit me. No reason, nothing special turning me on, just a freight train coming at me. It'd been building for a while. That's how it usually happens now and I hate it, especially in public. I never wanted it. It's gross, disgusting, humiliating, vile, and all downhill from there. I feel like a spectacle. I can change the timing a little bit but there's no way of stopping it.

Grudgingly I found an open bench, opened my blouse, and started rubbing my nipple. In seconds it went from half-hard to full, and so did the other one.

A crowd of people passed by: shoppers, people out cruising, whatever. Some didn't even notice my lewd display. Some did. If they looked at me I just looked 'em right back. It's legal, it's pretty common, I couldn't help it, I never wanted it, I never asked for it, I couldn't stop it. I just had to deal with it and so did they.

The oozing and the odor were already in high gear. To get it over with I spread my legs and started stroking there too.

A guy I'd never seen before sat down on the bench across from me and started watching and wanking. He was wearing a t-shirt, his phone, and running shoes but no pants. His cock was OK, big, probably oversized, but most guys are like that these days. Like it was a competition. It was smooth with a foreskin, no hair, no stubble, nice shape. Erect of course. Tight balls. His thumb was massaging the bottom where his fingers grazed the base of his balls. He stuck straight out.

I threw him a snide expression but kept going. It's not like I could stop.

I kept working my pussy and in less than a minute I was bucking, jerking, screaming, and practically falling on the floor. Another seizure-grade orgasm. As usual. People turned around and looked, but once they understood the situation they just then went back to their business.

I probably could have cum three or four more times but I wanted out of there. The same thing would happen again for a while but at least I could be someplace different without all the same people watching me.

The guy on the bench hadn't cum yet but he was sorta on his own anyway. A mall attendant gave me a paper towel and I wiped myself up and got out of there. I wished him well.

That's my life now, six or eight times a day, every stinking day. Ronnie the whack slut, Ronnie the public spectacle, Ronnie the cummer. I hate it no matter how good it feels for those few seconds. My old life felt better. Still, no use locking myself up at home. And to tell the truth, I was getting used to it.

It started with Donnie my perverted little brother. My mom, my dear old control-freak mom, decided he was old enough to start masturbating and then worried he might not be doing it. It was normal, she said, and she just wanted to make sure he was normal. And so she started giving him lessons and hand jobs and telling him not to wear pants around the house and it was OK to cum anywhere. That was pretty disgusting but usually I could ignore it.

Then she decided he wasn't doing it enough and told the doctor to rebalance his injection. One shot later he was horny, hair-trigger, and high capacity for the next six months. Juiced, they call it. Plus he grew a triple-sized cock.

At least after that Mom stopped pestering him. He was doing it any time, any place, even at school and the movies. Then he met some new friends and they started circle-jerking around the house, at school, and a million public places.

Mom still thought it was normal but I told her it was more disgusting than ever. That made her think I wasn't being normal. So the next time my injection was due, she had it rebalanced without telling me.

"Now Ronnie, I mustr warn you, this is going to increase your sex drive quite a bit," the doctor told me. "Just so you're prepared."

"How much?" I asked warily.

"Like Donnie," Mom answered casually.

"Mom, you want me juiced? No way! I can't be a perverted sex fiend like my gross brother! I won't do it! I'll die!" I screamed in front of the doctor.

"Well, I just don't think you're interested enough in sex. Otherwise you'd see that Donnie's just being normal. The injection is only to boost you back to normal," she claimed.

"Mom, I know other people who've been juiced and they're not normal! They're all sex fiends! Even Sheila Parks, the church freak! And if it was normal it wouldn't take a bunch of nanobots producing artificial hormones to get that way!" I shrieked in desperation.

"But Ronnie, your injection is to keep you healthy. No disease, proper weight, good muscle tone, clear complexion, all those things are natural. And you sure didn't worry about "natural" when you begged me for that red hair and those boobs," she retorted angrily.

"If being juiced up like Donnie is so great why don't you get it?" I demanded.

"OK, I will!" she agreed in a shriek.

"OK, so will I," I replied without thinking and then the nurse gave me the needle and then I wondered what I'd done.

Mom had to come back the next day for her rebalancing but at least she kept her word. She made an appointment for my dad too.


So the next day I was sitting in History class and for no reason I started to heat up. First I got puffy, and then warm, then wet, then suddenly I had a terrible time thinking about anything else. My pussy was going crazy. I hoped no one else noticed but of course they did. Nobody said anything, though, because the teacher was talking.

I started to feel flush, my vaj and clit and tits went nuts, and then suddenly I was cumming from head to toe. I tried to stay quiet and did, but I still jerked around in my desk. And of course I gave out that smell.

The teacher threw me a look but heat on talking. I was hardly the first girl to cum in his class. But it was the first time for me and I was mortified and after that everybody would know. Everybody would think of me as one of those juiced-up whack sluts. Which, I sadly realized, I was.

I tried telling myself I'd done nothing wrong. It's legal and it's pretty common and I'm entitled, even if I didn't want it. Next injection I'd be eighteen and able to refuse it. But this one was still going to take six months to wear off. Was I really doomed to being a sex-crazed juicy whack slut that long? How often was this sort of thing going to keep happening?

The whole rest of the period people kept looking at me. Or at least it seemed they did. I just wanted out of there, but when the horn sounded a girl named Penny Wilshire headed me off. I'd seen her bringing herself off around school and a few other places but always stayed away because she was such a whack slut. Was I really like her now? A fucking whack slut? Fucking injection, fucking mom, fucking Donnie, but maybe I needed her. She was wearing a crop top, her phone, and sandals, nothing else. Ready access, I supposed. Crap, could I really be headed that way?

"New injection?" Penny asked me while openly fingering her cunt. "Got yourself juiced?"

"Yeah, yesterday, and the juicing was my mom's idea," I told her grimly.

"I think you're gonna like it," she told me with a smile. I wondered if she gave blow jobs. Probably. She was still fingering herself, not caring when I looked. "But it does take some getting used to."

"You mean like making a spectacle of myself in class," I asked ruefully.

"It's allowed," she reminded me "I mean, once you get the injection, they still gotta let you in class. And they know you can't hold it back."

Some consolation. Not.

"And if you cum enough at other times, you won't cum when you don't want to," she continued unabated. I could smell her by then and it was strong, strong enough to start turning me on again. Shit and what's with that? I'm not into girls. "Well, not as often, anyway. Look, some of us hang around the Whack Shack after school. You should come. I'll introduce you to everyone."

Or did she say I should cum? But I said I might.

"OK, well, I hope you do," said Penny, who still rubbing her cunt and now taking short breaths. "But right now I need to whack off before Algebra class. So see you later! Unless you wanna join me?"

I said that I didn't and let her go but I was still half turned on and getting juicy no hands. Wonderful.

I stayed juicy through English and Trig but somehow made it through without cumming again. A couple of times, though, it was close. I was giving off my scent and people kept watching me. I kept trying different things to keep it down. But the moment Trig ended I pretty much lost it and that time I couldn't keep quiet.

Mr. Scott the Trig teacher and three or four of my classmates stood around and watched me. Scott was naked as usual and had an erection. Chaz Natz, one of the students, had dropped his shorts and was working himself. The others seemed to be thinking about it. But there I was, not touching myself at all, and hotter than any of them. Then I was bucking and flexing and twisting in my seat and screaming, "Yes, yes," to beat hell. Then it came and overpowered me like I'd never felt before, not even in History class two hours earlier. Then it took a pause and hit me again, and again, and again; I don't know how many times.

When I came to the crowd had grown to eight or ten and at least half where whacking themselves. They all told me it was great and several offered me a towel. Natz, who was wiping off his leg, even offered to do the clean-up job himself. Mr. Scott reminded me to finish my homework.

No way could I keep coping with that kind of shit all by myself so off the Whack Shack I went. Fortunately, my skirt was a dark color.

I'd never been to the Whack Shack because everybody knew it as circle-jerk joint. Damn injection, damn control freak mom, damn, damn, damn. I suppose it was like any other teenage hangout except that most of the customers were openly stroking themselves and occasionally someone would cum. Some were whacking off at bar stools but most were sitting in booths that had arm rests with tray-holders but no tables. I supposed that was so everyone could watch each other, which they all seemed to be doing.

You'd think a place like that would be dark for privacy but it was brightly lit with large clear windows. They even had an outdoor jerk-off patio. It smelled of sweat and body fluids and hardly anyone seemed to wear anything below the waist. Could this really be my kind of place now, I wondered? Puke.

The music was pretty loud but you could still hear the moaning and groaning and whooping and shouting. I felt dirty watching people masturbate but it didn't seem to bother them at all. They just stared right back.

Penny was sitting in a booth with three other girls and two guys. None were wearing anything down under. Despite openly stroking themselves and watching each other they had a normal conversation going.

One of the girls was massaging her left lip and telling everyone about a trip to the dentist when Penny noticed me.

"Oh, look, everyone, this is Ronnie. She's new and I invited her to meet us. Ronnie, this is Maggie Dalton, Lynda Yu, Chet Thompson, Gina Connors, and Matt Ingles," she began, first changing hands and then pointing to each one.

I'd seen most of the others around school before but never hung around with them. They'd always been some of those disgusting, publicly whacking, constantly cumming, creepy, wanton, perverted sex fanatics. Was this really the new me? Thanks, Mom, I hate you.

"Hi, nice to meet you," I mumbled weakly.

"Nice to meet you too. Sit down with us!" Maggie encouraged after she also switched hands, and then she held out the one she'd been using. Wanting to seem friendly, I shook it. Of course it was wet. I was like, ew, but nobody else seemed to think this was unusual. Ew.

"Unless you wanna take off that stuff," Penny suggested.

"What? Oh, uh, maybe," I mumbled, but then I decided what the hell, my skirt and panties were kinda funky from History and Trig class anyway. And I'd already served a couple of weeks of Naked In School time, which I really didn't like, but oh well, at least I got used to it a little bit. So I pulled off my bottoms and tossed them toward the end of the booth. Then I sat down and everybody stared at my cunt until I put my hand on it.

"So, do you have a juiced-up injection, then, or are you just horny?" asked Matt while stroking himself gently. This was clearly going to take some getting used to. Did I have to? Could I? But what's so strange about a guy openly masturbating in public? Lots of guys do it. Well, at least some. Maybe I'd been unconsciously ignoring them. Maybe it just seemed odd because he was looking straight at me and talking to me while he did it. Donnie did the same thing, of course, but Matt didn't infuriate me the same way. I was still stroking myself and getting very hot very fast.

"Yeah, my mom made me take it yesterday," I told him, and then it seemed just as odd to be whacking off and talking to a boy in public at the same time. My pussy sure felt good, though, and I was managing to relax a bit. I mean, I wasn't alone; we were both doing it, equally guilty. So was everyone, as casually as you please. Casual lewdness, what a concept. I didn't want it but my pussy sure did.

"Wow, I had to beg for five months before my parents let me have it," Gina declared with one knee raised and her heel on the cushion. Of course, she used the opposite hand to reach in. Why wasn't this grossing me out?

"I got my stepdad to approve it," Chet added with somewhat of a tremor. Maybe he was close. "He was looking for a way to score some points with me and so he took me to the doctor himself. Oh, ah, pfew." But apparently he caught himself. After not stroking himself for a few moments he seemed to calm down, but I wondered why he waited. He was still erect.

"I'm just naturally horny," Lynda explained using both hands, and not to talk.

"Can I get you something?" asked a waiter whose badge identified him as Zoey. He was definitely male in the crotch, though. Startled, I stopped stroking and tried to dry my hand on my thigh.

"Don't let me stop you," said Zoey or whoever. "It's OK, everybody does it."

"Have a Stim-Cola," Penny advised. "It makes everything just feel better."

By then I was feeling pretty darn well stimulated anyway but in order to be friendly, I took Penny's advice.

Chet spurted about then and a girl wearing only a sash and some flip-flops came with a sponge mop to clean it up. At least her badge matched her sex: Jill. She wore it on the sash.

"So what do you guys do when you're not, um, doing this?" I asked.

"Sometimes we go bowling," replied Maggie.

"I take dance," Lynda stated with a shiver in the hips.

"Gina and I volunteer at the hospital," Chet explained.

"I like hiking and sailing," Matt revealed. "What about you?"

"Oh, nothing special. Mostly I just hang out with my girlfriend Stacy and my boyfriend Greg. I used to be on the debate team before it went naked."

Somebody back then decided that debate was a sport. Go figure.

We ended up talking, stroking, and cumming for hours. At times I almost forgot what I was doing, except that when I stopped it didn't feel as good. I think I came about four times and got compliments on a couple of them. I started to feel they really weren't a bad group of people; they just jacked off a lot. Together. In public. A really lot. But then it was almost dinnertime so I said goodbye, shook everyone's cummy hand with my cummy hand, and then cleaned myself up and headed home.

And didn't realize until I came through the door that I'd left my skirt and panties at the shack.

My perverted little brother Donnie was all over me. "Where's your skirt, huh? Lost it jacking off, I bet, huh? How many times? I bet you didn't hate it, did ya? Huh? Ya do it in school? I bet you did. Do it after school? I bet that's why you're home late, huh? Doing it now! I bet you didn't even realize. Doing it, doing it, doing it!"

And it's true, without even thinking about it, I'd been standing there stroking my pussy. I stopped immediately, then realized Donnie was doing it anyway, so what the hell.

I guess I didn't even notice him doing it. It just looked normal for him, him and his erection. Damn injection. Damn, damn, damn, but it did feel good. Except I didn't want to be a jerk-off like my little brother. Not at all. Except neither of us stopped.

"Ronnie, is that you?" asked my mother's voice. Then I went to the living room and found her still dressed for work. She keeps her hair in a crew cut, wears pinstripe pantsuits and oxfords, and manages a cement factory. She was seated as usual in her recliner with a hefty dose of scotch neat.

"Ronnie, can you pick somewhere and tell your father to have dinner delivered? We just got back from the doctor."

My dad has long hair, wears frilly dresses and makeup, and works as a secretary in a flower shop. He also does all the cooking and housework.

I found out later that when Mom got herself juiced she also had dad's sex drive completely suppressed. She also got his cock reduced. Over the next three months it shrank to a micropenis. Apparently she felt that erections under a frilly dress just don't look natural. But why would she crank up Donnie's sex drive and mine and hers but turn off dad's? I knew she and dad had an unusual arrangement but it still seemed odd. Then again, she's a formidable woman and dad's kinda passive.

"Are you masturbating?" Mom demanded.

"Who?" I asked.

"You, of course, Ronnie. Donnie always masturbating. It's normal. You're dad's going to stop. But are you really masturbating or do you just have your hand there?"

"I'm really masturbating, Mom."

"Well good, that's normal. Girls you age should masturbate. Do you think you're getting aroused enough? We could still increase your dose..."

"Yes, Mom, more than enough, "I assured her, and then I came, Donnie came, and Dad ordered Chinese.

"No so bad doing it together, eh?" teased the pervert.

"Get laid," I almost told him, then I thought better of it.

"Go again?"

"Ha! I can surely outlast you," I dared, and then I did.

"Play nice, children," Mom directed.

The delivery guy freaked seeing me at the door with no bottoms on and stroking myself but oh well, damn injection.

Donnie jerked off all through dinner but I didn't feel the need. As much. I think. Afterward I did homework on my phone for a while and then around eight o'clock Greg called. Oh yeah, shoulda mentioned, my boyfriend Greg. He was on video.

"I hear you've been jilling off all over town," he began.

"Yeah, well, my mom juiced up my injection. A lot. Now I'm cumming for no reason and jerking off like Donnie, practically non-stop. She juiced up hers too, so I'd go along. Hers'll probably kick in tomorrow. I hope she hates it."

"I looked for you after workouts," Greg complained. He's on the wrestling team.

"Yeah, I was hanging around with some people hoping to get this thing under control."

"Did you? I mean get it under control."


"Are you doing yourself right now?"

'Uh, yeah, just a little, during homework. It's hard to stop."

"Let me see."

So I held my phone out and sent him a selfie, which was kind of embarrassing but not too much because he'd already seen me during my Naked In School weeks and I'd seen him naked every day. All sports at our school are naked and most of the athletes skip getting dressed at all. Somebody in the rules committee is obviously, like, fixated.

"That's hot. Would you let me do that?"

"Sure, well, I guess, sure. Go for it."

"No, I mean on you."

"Yeah, I guess that'd be OK. But let me see you do yourself now. I'm still showing you me."

"I'm at Wes's house."

"So what? Is he watching me too? I bet he is. Both of you do it!"

"Uh, I dunno, Wes, are you OK with that?"

He was and so Greg propped his phone on a shelf and stepped away. Greg was naked as usual but Wes had to take a minute and pull off his shorts. Then the two of them sat on the couch, faced the camera, and started jacking.

I came almost immediately, partly from watching them but mostly because I'd been teetering on the edge since he called anyway. Then I came again, this time mostly from watching them, and then Wes came, then me, then Greg, then me again.

"No fair," Wes complained. "Girls don't use anything up and on top of that, you're juiced."

"Not my choice," I explained. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad.

"Yeah, and we can't get juiced up that way because we're athletes, and anyway we can't be getting horny and jerking off during a match and cumming on the other guy," Greg complained. At least I think he was complaining.

"Well, it's not all love and kisses," I commiserated. "I mean the injection, not us. I wish it'd wear off but I've got six months to wait."

"It's kind of hot," Greg and Wes agreed.

"I don't like being some kind of sex maniac," I insisted.

"But I do," Greg replied. "I mean you. You wanna come here tomorrow night?"

At least I think he said, "come."

"I don't think anyone at your house is juiced, are they?" I asked, thinking misery likes company. Besides, some people get offended. Like I used to do. Like I still do. Even myself. Like right then. Offended at my own self. Self-offensive. What's with that? Damn injection.

"No," said Greg. Cripes, I'd almost forgotten what we were taking about. I felt good, though, like I was all right, even with me lit up and oozing all over the bed. But it was still disgusting. And they were still watching me over the phone. I could've puked. Or cum. But not stopped.

"My sister and her friend," said Wes.

"Huh? Oh, maybe at your house then," I suggested, and then after another hour of talking and sending whack-off videos I finished my homework, did myself again, took a showed, and did myself once more. Usually I sleep straight through but that night I woke up cumming three times.

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