Rob and Jan
Chapter 1

I am sitting on this bar stool trying to figure out how I can go on living after what I saw and heard this evening when I got home. I am still shocked to learn that my wife of ten years is cheating on me. Tonight it was with her boss, Paul Riser, and it could have been any one of five other men instead of him.

Here I had always thought we had a great marriage. We had not had any children as yet, because Janice's job required some traveling and so did mine. She traveled two to four days a month and I was gone maybe four to five days every other month. Now I know that our marriage is all a sham. If my wife can have five to six lovers, then what good am I? I must be a lousy lover and a real disappointment as a husband if my wife has to have men in my own home when I am late due to problems at work.

This afternoon we had a problem with one of our main production runs for memory chips. The chip cutter was not aligning the discs properly, and we ended up with a whole boat of discs cut every which way. We finally found the problem in the disc cradle. Anyway, I had been called in to look it over to see if it was something electrical, or a program error that was causing the problem. I have my bachelor's in computer science, and master's in electrical engineering.

I got the call at 4:30pm tonight so I immediately called Janice and let her know I would be late, probably after nine. She sounded disappointed as she said she hated to eat alone when she was home. I told her that this weekend, I would take her out to dinner and dancing to make up for tonight. She seemed happy at that prospect, so I thought nothing about it.

We found the problem at around 6:15pm, so by the time we got everything back up and running it was almost seven. I headed home hoping for a warmed-over supper and maybe a horny wife that I could calm down with sex. That is not what I found, and that is why I am here trying to figure out where it all went wrong. How could my beautiful, 32-year-old wife cheat on me?

I came home and parked in the driveway, but came in the garage and into the laundry room and closed the door fairly silently; I didn't want to overly disturb Janice if she was watching TV.

As I came into the kitchen, I could see the back of my wife, and she was in a robe. However, what was weird was that she was talking to someone. To make matters worse, that someone had a male voice. I slowly and as quietly as I could I closed the laundry room door and walked toward the dining room. What I saw shocked me to my core. I saw Paul Riser, her boss, sitting next to Janice and he appeared to be naked and sitting at my dining room table drinking my best whiskey. I could see the bottle on the table between them. I was shocked and frozen in place. Then I could hear them talking.

"Janice, why am I here tonight besides the obvious. I really appreciate the excellent meal and the after dinner entertainment, but I mean why tonight and why in your home?"

"Paul, my idiot of a husband is working late again. Some machine at work is more important than I am, so he doesn't come home to me, so I find someone to take his place now and then. We had such a great time in Atlanta last month that I thought of you when he called me today, and as I asked you nicely you came home with me. Besides it could have been one of my other friendly co-workers, Charlie, Tom, Harry, Bill, or even Lamar."

"So this happens often Jan?"

"No, not often, but when I travel now, I don't hurt for warmth at night and when dumb shit calls and tells me he will be really late; I take advantage of the opportunity. When he travels and I'm home, most of the time I'm not alone."

"I always thought that you and Rob had a good marriage, what happened, not that I'm complaining mind you."

"I guess it started that week, three years ago when I was in Tampa with Charlie Rider. We went down to that seminar they were giving on the new training techniques and by Wednesday, I was climbing the walls, I was so horny. I had dinner with Charlie, and a couple of others from the seminar and one thing led to another, and I ended up in bed with Charlie at the end of a night filled with drinking, dancing, and then sex. I spent the rest of the week in Charlie's bed. I came home and at first I was really sorry about what I did. Rob and I didn't seem to click like we did before. I knew that I had to get things back like they were, or I would lose him. So I determined to make it up to him, and I must have worn him out every night for two weeks. But subsequently I went to Mobile with Tom and the second night there I ended up in Tom's bed. I guess from then on I became a travel slut. When I traveled, I got together with one of the five men I traveled with.

"Then last month, you and I went to Atlanta, and we ended up in bed together and now you know why you are here and not Rob. When Rob has to travel, I invite one of the five to stay the night, but I always make them park the next street over so no one sees a car that shouldn't be in my driveway. Speaking of Rob, we need to get dressed so when he comes home, I'm all alone"

"How about one more time for the road, right here on the dining room table?"

"Sure, I can handle that."

Janice removed her robe and lay on the table, and Paul started slurping at my pussy. Well, it used to be mine; but not anymore. I had to get out of there before I did something foolish and ended up in jail or dead. Paul was like early forties, 6-2, trim and fit. Me, I'm 37, 5'-10" and 230. Yes, I have a spare tire, no, I don't get enough exercise, and I guess that is why Janice wanted more than I could give her. We normally had sex three to four times a week, depending upon her schedule or mine, but I always made sure that she had several orgasms before I had mine. I was big on foreplay, so I made sure she had hers long before I had my ending and there were many times that two or three times in one night was the norm.

I had hidden a video camera in the garage that I was going to give to Janice for her birthday in two weeks, so I went back out, got the camera, put the batteries in, and made sure it was working. It was one of the new 32 gig flash memory ones, so I had plenty of time to film the whole thing. I rushed back inside and starting recording.

I got back inside and Paul was still eating my wife's pussy to make her come, and I filmed the whole thing, with him fucking her on my dining room table, all the way up to when they went to the bedroom to get their clothes. I left and ended up here in this bar. It was the very first one I found coming out of our neighborhood. It was more of a sports bar than a dive, but I could sit at the bar, drink my beer, and hope to drown my sorrows.

The bartender, a young lady with the nametag of Brenda on her shirt, looked at my glass of beer, and it was still half full from when she poured it a half-hour ago. "Not a good night I can see. Mind if I ask why the sad face?"

"I came home too early."

"Oh wow, that's a real stinger. Someone you know?"

"Her boss, but I overheard that she has five more she is messing with."

"Oh man, that has got to hurt. Can I get you anything a little stronger? You know to try to take the edge off?"

"I would ask, but you probably don't have what I want."

"Try me, I just might have it."

"I need two fingers of Tullamore Dew in a tall glass with three ice cubes."

"Coming right up, that is my favorite medicine too. Somehow it seems to hit the spot to calm frayed nerves and soothe bad feelings."

Brenda was back with a tall glass, and three ice cubes with some amber liquid in the glass. I took one sip, and I knew she was right. This was the exact medicine. After the third sip, I could feel the tension and stress drain away from me. This was the proper medicine alright.

Soon Brenda was back again and said, "That sure changed your mood. I can actually see a face instead of the dark cloud that was there before. There is still a frown there, but at least it looks like there might be hope for you yet."

"Thanks Brenda, I have or at least I had a bottle of this at home, but someone was drinking a glass of it when I first went in. I may never drink from that bottle again, it became tainted tonight. Tainted by the betrayal of a woman I thought loved me for ten years. I also found out that for the last three years, she has been hanging the horns on me. They say that love never really goes away, but I do know that hate can appear in a heartbeat. Do I still love the bitch? Yeah, probably, but right now hatred is overwhelming everything else. I'm not even sure I can go back into that house and stand to be in the same room with her anymore. Can I really pull off the acting job I have to do in order to keep her in the dark as to what I know, or do I just take the evidence I have right now and see if it is enough to go forward with a divorce?"

"Hold that thought, I'll be right back."

I sat there in that bar and took stock of what I was and what I've become. I'm 37 years old and the assistant director of operations for Tailor Systems. We build and maintain equipment for the semiconductor industry. We also have a small in-house operation where we can grow the discs and get them cut down to the individual chip for smaller companies not able to manufacture the memory chips themselves. This is usually the most expensive part of this process. Since we build the equipment, we have to test it out so who better to do small jobs than us.

Over the years, I've let my body go due to overwork and lack of exercise, whereas Janice has kept her body trim and the beautiful looks that endeared her to me back in college. I was in my final year for my master's and she was in her senior year for her bachelor's degree. We met and fell in love in eight months, and six months after graduation for both of us, we got married. I thought it was a happy one, but apparently not.

I took a couple more sips of my medicine when a man and a woman sat down, one on either side of me and Brenda came back over to me.

"I never got your name, but these are two friends of mine who happen to be lawyers and damn good ones too. This is Marge Simpson and Ned Flanders and you are?"

"Rob Sterling, well Robert James Sterling, but everybody calls me Rob. I'm pleased to meet both of you."

"Rob, may I ask what evidence do you have?" asked Ned.

I opened my briefcase on the bar, produced my brand-new Sony Handicam, and handed it over to Ned. I showed him how to turn it on, and he watched as my wife was eaten and then fucked by her boss. The video was sharp and clear and the sound it picked up was complete with Jan screaming, "Fuck me, you stud, Fuck me harder!"

Marge had stood next to Ned, and they watched the whole thing. They gave me back the camera and Marge said, "That is enough to get her with adultery, and you can get her boss on supervisor/employee morals charges if their company has that in their policy and procedures manual. Most every company of any size has to have that. You can also get alienation of affections on the boss and the company for not enforcing their P and P manual."

"Well her company is Scott's Marketing and Research. They have offices in Tampa, Atlanta, Mobile, Baton Rouge and here in Austin. The bitch also has five other lovers that are her co-workers, Charlie Rider, Tom Spencer, Harry Stone, Daniel Fielding, and Lamar 'Mac' Robinson. When they travel to one of the other offices, she is comforted by one of the five or with Paul now, since her Atlanta trip last month. This has been going on for three years. So what do I do now?"

Marge said, "Give me a dollar."

"Okay, sure, what is that for?" I asked as I pushed over a dollar bill from my change on the bar.

"You just hired us as your divorce attorneys." said Ned, "We are the best in the area, and she will regret the day she stepped out on you. As for what's next, go home and try your damndest not to upset the apple cart tonight, it will take a couple of days to get the paperwork done, and after that we can have her served and then all bets are off. Furthermore, leave the camcorder with me. Let me go to the car and get our card and a receipt book, so I can give you a receipt for the camera. I'll bring you a sheet of things we will need information on and then tomorrow you can come in and pay our fee, but we can start working for you right now for this dollar. Now if she doesn't fight the divorce, our standard fee is $3,000. If she fights, it goes to hourly rates after the initial fee is used. Are you okay with that Rob?" Ned asked.

"Yeah, that works for me." Ned left and came back with his briefcase, and I filled out some forms, and then he gave me a worksheet that I needed to fill out with our finances, income, assets and such. I would need a copy of any pre-nup we had signed. No such luck there. Twenty minutes later we were done, and I was free to go home. It was almost nine thirty now so I guess I could go and not see Paul, but I would definitely be tired tonight, and Ned mentioned that I could say I pulled a groin muscle at work tonight so I could refrain from intimacy with the bitch until she could be served.

I gave Brenda a ten dollar tip and said I would see Ned and Marge tomorrow or the next day, depending on how soon I could get all the information together. I drove on home, still pissed at my bitch of a wife, but I now had a plan. I came in the garage, put the Handicam box back where I had hidden it, and went in the house. Janice was dressed in some slacks, and a blouse that she lounged around in at home. She was reading a book with the TV on again, like normal. There were no glasses in the drain board, so I assumed that she had put them in the dishwasher or cleaned them and put them back in the cupboard. My whiskey bottle was on the sideboard, but not exactly where I usually leave it, close but not quite right. There was also less than the last time I had a drink from it. The dining room table was now covered with papers from her work. I walked into the dining room and put my briefcase on the chair that Paul had previously sat in and shuddered a bit. I called out, "Honey; I'm home. I'm really sorry it's so late, but it couldn't be helped. I see you had to bring work home too." I walked into the living room and kissed my wife on her cheek as I said, "I'm tired and had a very hard day; I'm going to take a shower and hit the sack. Love you, dear."

I hung up my suit, threw my shirt, socks, and underwear in the hamper, and took a shower. As I dried off, Janice came in the bathroom, so I tried to lift my leg to the chair to dry it, and I groaned.

"Rob, what's the matter?"

"I think I pulled something when I lifted that carriage runner tonight. I felt a pull in my upper thigh but it went right away, and I haven't noticed anything until just now. I'll have to get it checked out tomorrow or the next, if it doesn't go away by morning. I'm sorry, but I think cuddling is all I'll be up for tonight."

"Oh Rob, I was kind of looking forward to some loving tonight. How about some oral, you don't have to move around a lot for that right?"

"I would really love to, but I'm beat right now, maybe tomorrow night, okay?" I was damn sure I wasn't going to be cleaning out Paul' cum from my wife's pussy tonight. I may have at some earlier time, but not anymore.

"I guess I can wait one more night. However, remember I love you Rob."

I stumbled to the bedroom after that bold-faced lie. How could that bitch ever love me and fuck around on me like she has for the past three years? That is like an oxymoron. She loves only me and yet she fucks six different guys besides me. God, how can she even say that with a straight face? How can she lie like that and still think that I will accept it as gospel now that I know? I guess I'm the moron around here. Of course, she doesn't know that I know, she thinks I'm some stupid idiot who has no clue what is going on. Well, up until tonight I didn't have a clue, I was the clueless bastard whom she thought I was. I was ignorant that my so-called loving wife was fucking six guys and had been for three years, well tonight I woke up, and things are going to change around here, just not quite yet.

I was thinking about all the stuff on that checklist Ned gave me and how it was going to be hard to act naturally around Janice now. I drifted off into a troubled sleep after a while.

The next morning I could feel the shame and betrayal; it was like a black cloud hanging over my head like I remember from the old cartoons. My legs felt wooden, and I could hardly move at all. My whole body ached. Jan said that I tossed and turned all night, and she again asked what was wrong.

I almost told her the real reason, but I said, "My thigh and lower stomach hurt all night long, and I couldn't get in a comfortable spot in the bed and stay there. No position I laid in gave me relief. Until this gets better, maybe I need to sleep in the spare room, so I don't disturb you. You need your sleep as much as I do. Maybe the doctor will give me something to ease the pain."

'As if there was a pill to relieve the pain in my heart. God how could she rip my heart out like this? I tried to give her everything she ever wanted. Maybe that is it, I gave her everything, and she valued nothing. She had but to ask, and I tried to provide. I guess that is where I went wrong, I treated her like a princess, and she was a whore all along.' I knew that she wasn't a virgin when we first got together, but neither was I, so what?

My mother always told me that I had to treat all women and girls, as though they were a lady of impeccable taste and bearing that is until they proved me wrong. Well, this is one woman who has definitely proven that she isn't a lady.

While at work today I filled out that worksheet Ned gave me, and I also checked around with some people I know and found out that Simpson and Flanders are ruthless against cheaters. Both had been cheated on by their spouses, and they were hell on wheels against any cheater, male or female. So I relaxed a little knowing that I was in good hands with them. I called and made an appointment with Marge and let her know I had the paperwork that Ned had given me last night, and it was all filled out. I did our finances, so I knew what we had and what Janice made. She made about 40 percent of what I did, but her degree was only bachelors in education.

I felt better after I did that, Marge asked if I could fax or e-mail the worksheet to her, and she would get started on the paperwork for the court. She also asked if Janice was traveling any time soon. I said she hadn't mentioned anything as yet, but it had been almost a month since her last trip. I scanned the worksheet into my computer and then sent it to Marge.

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