When a Wish Comes True, Watch Out!
Chapter 1

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft, Consensual, Science Fiction, Time Travel, Polygamy/Polyamory, Slow, Caution, 2nd POV, Violent, Military,

Desc: Coming of Age Sex Story: Chapter 1 - "Those who have nothing shall inherit the world, et cetera." This story spans many times and places, each of which would change human history would the outcome of events be different. Pete and Kathy will find out though that different is not always better. Join us now, your thoughts, if not your body will also be transported as our would be heroes endeavor to save humanity from eventual destruction. Or, will their actions only bring that about sooner. We shall see? 2nd POV added

Not that today was much different neither from yesterday, nor from tomorrow but there was something? He could sense something, smell it in the air. It had been a gift I had since birth maybe. It had saved his life once. When he lifted the sheet and looked more closely at the stumps that had be legs at one time, he wondered if death might not have been a preferred choice.

It was just after 3:30 so the bus was at or near the trailer park where he lived. It was not much, but then again he really did not need much. Each day he did have something to look forward too. Kathy from next door. He had learned a little about her from Mrs. Jenson, the Park Manager.

He would ask Kathy to close the window; it was getting dark outside, so early, here meant a storm was coming. Kathy usually stopped by in the morning on her way to catch the bus to school. PS-43, she was 14, in 9th grade and for the life of him, Pete could not understand why she seemed to want to be around. Maybe he did know why.

Mrs. Jenson had made the comment that Kathy's Mom might be moving out. A few months ago, she seemed to just be with one man recently. Now it appeared she would be moving in with him. The comment that Kathy had made to her, was no comment at all. The look on Kathy's face though told it all. This 'relationship' and possible new family 'bliss' was not something that Kathy was ecstatic about.

Kathy went shopping for Pete. Once a week she rode her bike the 3 miles to the store, filled what little he had on his list and rode back. Weekends, Tuesday and Friday she would make a roast, pot of stew, spaghetti or macaroni and cheese, Saturday or Sunday a big soup. Pete made certain there was always extra for her so she would eat too. It was not only a peaceful and relaxing time for them both, but also Pete so enjoyed her company; even hearing about her day, the boys trying to add her as a notch to their belt or just listening to her voice her dreams for the future.

They were not the same as his had been at her age. His Dad, Brother, Uncle. Cousins, his entire family it seemed had been military in one fashion or another. Fishing, hunting, shooting, trapping game and just plain learning survival techniques pre-dated any schooling he was taught. It had been the only life he had ever known; at least until the land mine almost killed him. They had said he was lucky, very lucky to be alive. Right, of that looking back, and under the sheet, he was no longer so sure that it was 'good' luck. Karma can be a bitch; at least he had not married her.

At the Hospital, it had been very easy to imagine falling in love with a number of the female nurses. In the 14 months, he either had been there or been transported there for his 'stilts' as he called them no interest had been shown by any of them. At 6' 3" and 200 pounds during the 'good' times, his arms would have to hold the overruns from his bar table. That was then, no longer. The only female he now saw was the visiting nurse biddy once every month or two, if he was lucky longer. Oh and Kathy, but the 14-year old did not make the best girlfriend material. Besides, no one should want to be around half a man.

Pete never knew just how bad life had been to Kathy. She never said anything to anyone. She had tried talking to Mom how her 'loving' boyfriend wanted to extend the loving to her too. Add to that the things said about her at the Park, rumors how 'easy' she was from guys she never even met and the looks other girls gave her made about the old clothes, some worn with visible holes, seem un-important. She did not even remember the last time she even had any new clothes to wear. When a family in the park had moved out and left the bike there, her life got better, she no longer had to walk everywhere. When Mr. Pete asked her to do odd jobs then shop for him, not only did he give her extra money, the offer to feed her if she cooked for him meant about everything to her. You see, Mr. Pete was the first and only man who treated her with respect and as an equal. If the truth be known, she found herself imagining he and she were married. She was even writing Kathy Carlson in her schoolbooks instead of her own last name. Today she even added, Mrs. Peter M. Carlson. The poor girl had fallen in-love for her first time. If Pete had known, he would have told her the folly of her thoughts. Even at 23 he was too old for her and most importantly, no one should have to put there own life on hold for a cripple.

Yep, he wished that he had not been so 'lucky' that day.

Kathy did show up that afternoon. Yep, bruised, bleeding and the start of at least one black eye, maybe two. She had tried again to tell her loving Mother what her loving boyfriend was trying to get her to do. Today he had told her when they moved into his place, he no longer would just ask her anything, he would tell her!

Before he could ask her what had happened, a loud clasp of Thunder roared, seemingly close by. Kathy, without thinking, went over closed the open window, and then went over to the door of the trailer to shut out the wind that was now permeating the small space. She stopped abruptly, looked back and called for, "Mr. Pete look. Isn't it beautiful?"

It was hard to get out of the bed, but Pete at least rose up and looked out the still open trailer door. What was outside elicited only one word, "Wow!"

It looked like the end part of a rainbow, a gigantic thing with colours and a glittering he had never seen before.

He closed his eyes since this had to only have been some kind of dream. Nothing could have prepared him for what would happen next.

In his mind, he heard part of a conversation between someone and what sounded like Kathy's voice. It went something like this, "Child it is over. These humans are not worth the effort. You have tried and 'we' have deemed everything you have done to be a failure. Your departure has been ordained, none will miss you and none care about you or you them, so... !"

"I do care about someone Father, I love a human! Him!"(Pointing to me) As Kathy went over, sat on the bed and took Pete's hand in hers.

"Does the human feel the same child? Would he guide and protect, love, honour and cherish you through-out time? If I gave him one wish, would he choose you, or something else perhaps? Money, power, to be young again, live a fuller life or you, you who only offer love?"

She lowered her head, still holding onto me, she said to the voice, "Ask him Father, I shall abide by that decision!"

"She lowered her head still further, and thought entered my mind, in the form of a question!"

"Human, if I offered to grant you one wish and one wish only, what would it be?"

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