A Very Merry Time
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Reluctant, Fiction, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Petting,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Merriam and Hillary are roommates with little in common except they are young vibrant women who want to thrive in a sexual world. Hillary see's Merriam as missing out on some of life's pleasures and she strives to help her attain those. She leads Merry (Merriam) through the sexual rabbit hole of satisfaction in more ways than one.

I finally advertised for a roommate after a few years from the time I graduated from college and got a job in my field as a dental hygienist. I was working 4 days and 2 nights in a fairly busy practice making a pretty good living. However, a townhouse had just got too big of a nut to hold on my own. I interviewed a dozen girls before I found Merriam. Before her my best prospect was an older woman who, more or less, told me she wanted to develop a relationship as my lesbian lover. Luckily I found that out on her follow-up interview where I had planned to ask her for a deposit. I don’t know where she got the idea I was interested in pussy, but I’m glad she came out of her closet when she did. I had a few affairs with women, but they were just old friends whom I found to be handy in a time of sexual need. (Alcohol played a part usually) I didn’t not want a steady “girlfriend”.

Merriam was 24 and just out of a 4 year college with a back ground in computers working for a medical billing firm as an IT. She seemed easy enough to get along with and we set up some simple rules for each other until we either became “accustomed” to each other or, developed a friendship. I had a 90 day opt-out of our agreement, but it passed without a word. We split food, mortgage payments, utilities, and services right down the middle. We agreed that we “expected” to eat breakfast and dinner each day in the townhouse and we would fix our own breakfasts, and split dinner duties right down the middle, every other night. First one up would make coffee for both. Grocery shopping was Tuesday night and we would do it “together”.

Merriam had a steady boyfriend and I had several “interests” besides one special guy, some of whom had “overnight privileges”. We agreed to never question each other’s cohabitation with the opposite sex with one small stipulation. If she or I came home with a “partner” and the other was still up, we wouldn’t enter the townhouse until “lights-out”, when ever that was. Any overnight partners would be gone by 6:00 a.m. No walk of guilt or shame going in or out.

If either of us were not going to be staying the night in “our” place, we would inform the other by phone call or pre-arranged note. For me it was simple, I didn’t like to advertise that I had a lover for the night and if I knew Merriam was going to be there, I would usually abstain or spend the night at my lovers. I didn’t like to advertise my sexual habits, period. Merriam, on the other hand, usually had her boyfriend stay a couple nights a week, and I can say I never heard a peep out of them and he was always gone when I got up. She rarely spent the night at his place; I think he still lived with his parents. But he had a perk at a local hotel where he worked part time as a handy man.

I can say Merriam and I became good friends, and we were great roommates. Our arrangement worked fine and at least a few nights a week we joked that we lived like an old married couple. Come home from work, have a drink together, fix dinner, watch a little TV and say good night. Sometime into our fourth year I had a girlfriend from college come to stay a weekend when she was in town for a friend’s wedding. Michela wanted to just sleep in my bed with me, but I thought it was just too weird so I got Merriam to agree that Micky, as we called her, could sleep on the convertible sofa. I gave Micky a key and having my own dates those 2 nights I woke each morning, a Saturday and a Sunday with Micky on the sofa asleep. I took her to the airport Sunday afternoon and came home knowing it was my turn to prepare dinner.

Upon arriving home Merriam was suspiciously quiet and appeared troubled. Now, we rarely got involved with each other’s private lives, but that shroud was coming down as we finally began to click as “ close friends”. So as I became more aware of a problem I confronted her.

“Merriam, something is bothering you and I can’t help but think you’re unhappy with something I did or didn’t do.”

“Hillary, I would appreciate it if you didn’t ask that MICKY to stay here again. I hate to tell you what I saw here in the living room both Friday and Saturday nights, once when I got home and the other when I got up to use the bathroom.” She said rather snottily and disgusted.

I just looked at her amazed that there were incidents, as it never came up while Micky was here.

“What on earth?” was all I could muster as Merriam turned crimson and looked away before sheepishly looked back to me.

“When I came in Friday night, it was after 2 o’clock, she is on the sofa bed, on all fours with some guy screwing the daylights out of her while she just seemed to coo and moan, never caring that I walked in on her, and SHE HAD TO HAVE SEEN ME! I was on such a high at the time, my Artie had proposed to me and I was so excited and that ruined my joy.” Merriam said, with a cry in her voice.

“GOD, I’m so sorry, Merry, ... but Congratulations on your engagement!” I said hoping to change the subject quickly.

“That wasn’t ALL Hillary. Last night I got up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and she was orally servicing a guy on her knees in front of the sofa. I thought I would be sick!”

I stepped up and hugged Merriam so sorry she had seen the true Micky, who was always pretty slutty in college, but I wanted to downplay it as I patted and rubbed her back.

“Listen, she was on town and saw old friends and renewed old acquaintances probably, and she was never shy at school about blowjobs or fucking around.” I said as Merriam pushed me away harshly.

“Hillary! How can you use that language so cavalierly talking about that whore who stayed here.”

“Easy Merry. She’s an old friend and I may share her loose morals with special friends, but a girl “getting a little” is certainly no major crime. It was tasteless, yes, and I would be mortified if you or anyone ever walked in on me giving a blowjob, I...”

“Hillary! Please, don’t talk like that!”

“Talk like what? We are both grown-ups here and enjoy active sex lives. For god’s sake YOU’RE getting married so I know you know the score sexually.” I said, a little put out by her prudish attitude when it was just the two of us in the room.

“That sort of sex is perverted and distasteful and don’t ever think that my Artie and I are like that.” She shouted back raising a finger to me.

I turned and walked away from her exasperated by the situation, but I couldn’t end it there, spinning back towards her.

“Merry! Wait a minute! Do you mean to tell me that you committed to live the rest of your life with this man and you’ve never experimented sexually with him?” I asked as she began to wave a hand at my comment that I quickly slapped out of the air, startling her.

“Merriam, godammit listen to me for one minute! Your sex life when you’re young is the biggest source of pleasure you have and what you’ll live on for the rest of your life. When you “love” a person it means you worship them and expect to be worshipped right back.”

“What exactly do you mean “worship”? Yes, I love Artie but I don’t get on my knees before him and do, ... THAT.” She said smugly.

“It’s none of my business, but do you mean to say you’re never had a man’s penis in your mouth to pleasure him? ... or for that matter had a man’s mouth on your vagina to pleasure you?” I boldly asked her.

She immediately turned crimson and I was about to think I embarrassed her, but the well of tears that were forming in her eyes told me it was from guilt.

Before she could speak I thrust a finger in her face and said “You HAVE, haven’t you? Little Miss Innocence isn’t so, is she?”

“In High School, on Prom night I did that and it was awful, for the most part, and I haven’t done it since. He made me feel like a whore.” She said turning and storming towards her room.

I ran to cut her off and blocked her door.

“Merriam, for your sake and the sake of your marriage listen to me for a minute and get the thought out of your mind that doing anything but missionary sex makes you not normal. I’ll bet you can’t find a woman who has never at least tried oral sex, and you’ll be hard pressed to find many who don’t enjoy it, but that isn’t all.” I said making her listen.

“I DIDN’T enjoy it, he made me think it was something I had to do!” She said crying.

I used a hand to her shoulder to turn her away from the door and up against the wall.

“Well, I do! You’ve lived with me under the same roof for a long time and I haven’t turned into ash and left the smell of sulfur from any time I’ve done it under this roof. I’m not bragging to you, I’m just concerned that all of the pleasure and release I get from sex, of ANY consenting kind, is something you’re going to miss out on and lead you to a miserable, boring marriage that will end miserably as well. Your boyfriend Artie is aware of the exploits of his friends with sex, ALL MEN TALK, JUST LIKE WE DO, but he can’t picture YOU in those situations and eventually he’ll get it elsewhere. Merry, it’s totally normal to be Miss Priss in public and a flaming whore in the bedroom, you know.”

Suddenly Merriam got real huffy, saying, “Well, THAT is not me! I get satisfaction just fine from my relationship and it’s MY business and not anyone elses.”

“Merriam, let me say just one more thing. Some day you will think of this conversation and wish you had at least listened to me instead of turning a deaf ear to me. If you aren’t having a complete and exhausting sexual relationship with your prospective husband that will insure that he doesn’t want to search for more, or to make sure YOU don’t want to search for, you are missing out on one of the greatest joys of life. That’s the end of my rant and we won’t speak of this again.”

Merriam didn’t speak much for the next few days but eventually we got back to our normal selves and our regular routines around the townhouse. About 3 weeks later, on a Friday night, a night Merriam usually never came home for, I had a date with an old boyfriend, one who I still slept with on a regular basis. We still greatly cared for each other, but his job took him out of town too much for my tastes. I was not the type to remain celibate waiting and crocheting for him to come home. I was 28, hot, and horny. I probably actually loved Cal (short for Caleb), but telling him he was my one and only and I would be true to him was not something I could truthfully do.

Merriam and Artie usually shacked up Fridays in a hotel room that Artie got gratis as a perk for his part-time job he used to pay for the night courses he attended to get towards his Masters. He was a handy man, a Mr. Fix-it, and Jack-of-All at a local Holiday Inn. As long as they weren’t sold out he could have a room, but just had to make it up before leaving. So on a Friday about a month after our sex confrontation I was out with Cal and we got back to the townhouse around 1:00 a.m. and assumed we were alone in my place. I hadn’t known that Merriam and Artie got shut out at the Holiday Inn and Merriam had refused to bring Artie home for one reason or the other and they had a little blow-out, so she was home early and in bed when we came home.

I hadn’t seen Cal in about 3 weeks and was pretty horny and hot for him. We went to dinner and then to a club for dancing and drinking. On the way back to my townhouse I got pretty frisky and got Cal to pull over near home in an unfinished development. After some necking I gave him a wet sloppy blowjob to guarantee he would last a good long time once we hit the sheets. Cal was always good for 2 and usually 3 shots in a night and if I got his first out of the way early, then he was ready by the time we slid into bed. (I told you I was HORNY!)

At the townhouse we hurried in without putting on lights and went straight to my room where I always kept a bottle of whipped cream vodka that we loved to share shots with. We took quick showers and when Cal came in from my bathroom I was already in the bed with fingers in my pussy. I should tell you that if Caleb charged me a $1000 to eat my pussy, I’d have to get a second job, ... he’s that good. He had me pointing my toes to the ceiling while I moaned and swooned, and then he got his fingers involved. Little by little he maneuvered around so I could get my mouth on his dick again and once I had him granite and slippery he seemed to spring to his knees and spanked my ass hard, to my delight, to move me into doggie before him. I hadn’t even rested my shoulders to the bed before he impaled me and his fat cock split me. More cracks on my ass before he began to pound my pussy. I began to orgasm and then it seemed to be orgasmic jolts atop each other. I began to howl and shriek; almost unable to breath he had me so crazy. When I didn’t think I could last one more second of the electrical charge he was running through me, his thumb went up my ass and if we didn’t have an end townhouse and my master bedroom on the outside wall, I’m sure the police would have been called.

My body didn’t know how to cum, breath, and express my gratitude at the same time. What came out of my mouth even scared me, but I didn’t want him to stop, I was sure of that. Suddenly my door flew open and Merriam was standing there screaming out, “HILLARY, ARE YOU ALL RIGHT?”

I was at first shocked she was home and secondly that she would barge into my room. My only reaction was to scream back to her.


Caleb didn’t seem to be bothered by her walking in, but it sure ruined my moment, even though I did get my groove back and burn out one more good orgasm. As we laid in our post- coital reverie Caleb looked at me sort of guiltily.

“I probably shouldn’t be here in the morning, huh? You know your roommate agreement and all.”

His words alone made me so pissed off at Merriam I wanted to go in and lay into her, but I thought the better of it.

“Yes, you can go now, or get up early and go. I was looking forward to waking up together and having another round and then going to breakfast.”

“How about I pick up you up at 11 and we go to brunch at the Marriott?” Cal asked, trying to be sweet.

“No, I have too much shit to do in the morning, on top of having a drag out fight with her, the dumb bastard.”

“Stay with me tomorrow night, I’m at The Residence, just up from to the Marriott. You’ll just have to be a little quiet, my little screamer.” He said.

“If I know she’s going to be away, I’d rather come here, so we’ll see. But, I definitely WANT to be with you.” I told him as he dressed and left me. It was 3:30.

I woke up around 10:30 smelling coffee and hearing the TV on. As I showered I thought of how I would light into Merry and tell her off, but the shower massage must have calmed me a little because when I went out into the living room she was on the sofa sipping coffee watching the news. I just walked by without saying a word. I grabbed a bowl of berries and a coffee and went out to join her, hoping she would be the first to say anything. After about 15 minutes of stone silence, save the TV, she spoke.

“I’m very sorry for last night; I thought you were in real trouble.”

I looked at her funny and asked, “What made you think I was in trouble? Haven’t you ever heard someone get laid and have an orgasm, or orgasms, before?”

Merry’s face turned red and she shouted “I don’t make habit of witnessing sex as you and your friends apparently do! Your friend Micky didn’t care that I walked in on her and you sounded like you were being murdered, not sounds I imagine would for love making!”

“Well, Miss Manners, how do YOU have an orgasm? I have no control of myself in the throes of ecstasy. I’ve been known to dig my fingernails right through the sheets. If you don’t feel what I feel, maybe you should get around a bit and make some discoveries before you marry that guy. I lived in a sorority and visited my boy friend in a frat many times. Those sounds coming through the walls in either place were quite common. YOU NEED TO GET GOOD AND LAID!” I said wishing I hadn’t flown so far off the handle.

“I happen to feel quite warm and squishy all during sex and enjoy it just fine. What’s more, it’s NONE of your business!” She said pointing fingers defending herself.

I was about to walk away from her so as not to feel any more of my own venom spew but I could not hold back, spinning and trying to reason with her without showing my inner rage. After all, she had been my roommate for a few years and we did have a great relationship as “friends” now for a while.

“Look Merriam, your sexual habits are as private as mine, but I must tell you before you go and get married. What you heard last night from my room is how a man pleases a woman. If you’re not feeling that intensity you may not be as worldly as you think. Don’t dive into a marriage where he treats you like a Crystal doll.He’s going to go elsewhere to get everything he’s heard his friends tell him for years. You said you had a bad experience being forced to do oral, that wasn’t sex, it was rape. I know for myself and every other woman I’ve ever talked to, a sex life without oral, giving and receiving, is no sex life at all. You’re essentially committing to live with a man until you die or he dies, or maybe you die together. No part of his body should go unexamined and loved by you and, conversely. You shouldn’t feel any different about touching him or doing anything you wouldn’t do to yourself. If all you feel is warm and squishy, THAT is NOT an orgasm. I can get warm and squishy watching Zac Efron on TV, for chrissake!”

Merriam didn’t move, made no expression to my words. I almost felt I should apologize for being so frank, so bold.

I started into her again, “Merry, we’ve lived together for a long time and I’ve grown to feel a closeness to you, a real sisterhood, all except for things like this. My other girlfriends and I talk about sex a LOT, because it’s a big part of our lives, a source of pleasure, a release to the pressures of life. You’ve never even brought the subject up and now it’s gotten to the point where I worry that a beautiful woman like you isn’t enjoying what she should be. When a friend of mine tells me she’s getting married she usually gushes about the sex and how it completes her. I fear you’re not feeling that and I would hate to see you make a mistake on a commitment that big.”

She still remained silent, expressionless, but seemed totally cognizant to all my words and then with her lower lip quivering she spoke.

“I’ve always wondered what the big deal about sex was, I mean I enjoy what Artie and I have, but I can live without it, I do it for him.” She said quietly.

“Merry, you might think I’m a whore, or have loose morals, a slut, I don’t care. But let me tell you, if you’re not having a complete sex life you’re missing one of the great things about being a woman. You may not approve that my relationship with Caleb isn’t monogamous, but he is just away too much. We have an arrangement and I have a few guy friends who I see from time to time, but one night stands with strangers are not a common thing for me. I try to make a point of knowing who I sleep with. I’m not saying you should live your life like I do, I just want you to know that there is a lot of your love life that I think you’re missing and while you may not pursue to fulfill it, don’t think your husband won’t. Artie is a good looking guy and one day he’s going to be tempted and you’re going to be hurt.”

“I don’t believe that!” She spat back at me.

“How many friends of yours are divorced or separated?”

“We’re different!”

“Those other couples thought they were different too, some think marriage is the beginning of the end of your sex life. You’ve heard the old story, put a penny in a jar every time you make love in the first year, and after that take a penny out every time and the jar will never be empty? Unless you have kids right away you’re alone with the person you love most in the world, just imagine the ways you can get sexy!” I countered, hoping I might be making some sense to her.

“I don’t do dirty sex!” She said getting huffy.

“Merry, you’re fighting me on this and if you just ask your close girlfriends you’ll find the truth. Anything two people do behind closed doors consensually isn’t dirty, isn’t perverted, it’s called making love, and there are so many ways. LOOK, I just think I see a grown, sexually mature woman who hasn’t had a toe curling, white knuckled, open mouth screaming orgasm.”

“That sounds disgusting.” She said picking up her coffee cup and walking back to the kitchen and then to her room.

My last words were “Merriam, you can run away and make me a villain in all of this, but I’m just trying to be your friend and make sure you know what you’re getting into.”

I went to my room and gathered my laundry to head to my brothers house to do my laundry. When I left I saw Merriam was gone.

At my brothers house I normally did my laundry and sent out for lunch for us, he, his wife, and I. He was out changing his oil and his wife, Jesse, and I got into a talk about the night before, with me explaining my side.

“Do you really think she’s that repressed or inexperienced?” Jesse asked me.

“The shock on her face last night and this morning, and the way she described it when she walked in on Micky was like the first time she had seen anything like that. She says she’s having sex and even told me, before she buttoned up totally, that she feels warm and squishy during sex, but she ended by saying that it was all for him anyway.”

“Well, I think she’s a nice girl, from what I know of her, and your brother always says how pretty she is, but why should you care?” Jesse asked.

“Well, after a few years of living and laughing together, especially for the respect we show each other’s privacy, I’ve really grown fond of her and I think she feels the same way about me. We just haven’t had the “girl talk” that close friends should have.” I explained.

“You don’t have a thing for her, do you? I know you like a little soft and tender.” Jesse asked, suspecting more than she should have.

“Jess, I was drunk when I told you I’ve had little affairs with girls and that was only with my best friend from high school when we were on an exchange trip and we both got a little horny and lonesome. One other time was with another close friend, and again, drunk! (chuckles) You weren’t supposed to remember me telling you that!” I said defending myself.

“You also told me about a couple sorority sisters too, so don’t hide it. I’m not saying I think you’re a lezzie, but I think the question is fair knowing what you’ve told me before. I’ll admit to it once in college on a drunk myself. Women know what makes other women happy, but I like cock too much to look for anything else.” Jesse said with a laugh in her voice herself.

“Well, so do I, but keep it down I don’t want my brother to walk in and hear this. If a little fling were to crop up with a woman and I was in need, if you know what I mean, it might happen again, but I too am a fan of the dick, and Cal can go for hours, plus that tongue...” I said before Jesse put her hand between her legs saying,

“Stop it or I’ll have to throw you out and meet your brother at the door when he gets back.”

“Well, I better get to my laundry then and get out of here.” I said with a smirk, knowing that after their 5 or 6 years of marriage, they were still hot for each other, and I also didn’t foresee that to be the case with Merry and Artie.

As I was folding my last few things I finally decided to call Merriam and see if she was back home yet.

“Hello? Are you through trying to change my sex life?” She answered, seeing it was me.

“Merriam, there is no denying the fact that we are good friends, and I love you in so many ways. You don’t live with anyone for as long as we have with basically no arguments, doing things like making dinner, shopping, wash and the like, without learning to respect each other. You acted like I didn’t respect you this morning, and I can tell you it’s just the opposite. I love and respect you and want you to be happy, even though when you do get married and move out, I’ll miss you like crazy.” I said before she had a chance to get another word in.

There was silence on the phone for a moment and then she quietly replied, “I know, I’ll miss you too. I never had a sister to be close to and I’ve enjoyed all of our time. You’ve made life very happy for me when I thought I might be miserable living alone.”

“So why don’t we meet at home so we can talk, and leave NOTHING out of bounds. I really think you need to hear my words and take them to heart. If you at least listen and know my words are out of love I’ll be satisfied that I did my job, ... as your sister. OK?”

“Alright, I agree under those terms. I won’t get mad and walk out again, and I’m sorry for that.” Merry said before hanging up and me heading to our townhouse.

When I went upstairs from the laundry room there was a note, “Let yourself out”, from Jesse. My brother had come in and she had taken him to be alone somewhere in the house.

On my drive back home I was trying to think of what I might say to Merry and I have to admit that on walking in, my mind was a blank.

Merry came to me and helped me with my baskets of laundry and then she turned and hugged me.

“I’m sorry for not trusting your words. I was judging and moralizing when I should have been taking you to heart. I know we’ve grown close in our own way and talking about sex was just one of those things we never got to.” She said blushing as we sat on the sofa facing each other.

I took her hands in mine and looked her straight in the eye.

“Merriam, I’ve seen good relationships go bad and I know the reasons for most of them failing. Not being honest and open about sex is at the heart of most of these break-ups.”

“Sex is one of the greatest gifts we have and two people in love should explore every avenue of it they can. It’s about making each OTHER happy. I’ve told you that anything two people do consensually is OK. I was concerned over your “shock” at what you saw and heard in the past few days. My concern is that it was all normal sexual relations. Once I am aroused I will do most anything for my lover and he for me. My orgasms are one of the most fulfilling parts of my LIFE! What you heard was me in the throes of the ultimate ecstasy a woman can feel. If you don’t think you’ve had that sort of reaction to sexual contact, maybe you haven’t seen or experienced enough to get married. Marriage is one man forever and you should feel free enough to physically do and express anything to each other, if it makes you happy or fulfilled. I don’t see that degree of closeness with you two.”

Merry began to get a little teary eyed and I could see a protest in her face.

“Wait Merry, let me tell you what I experienced the other night when you heard me. I had missed Caleb like crazy and we went to dinner and then out for a little dancing and music. Watching him move on the floor and then hold me dancing got me going and I figured you would not be home on Friday, like usual, so we headed there. I was overcome with passion and got him to pull into a private place and I had oral sex with him. That made us both happy and assured me that he would last a long time once we got home.” I said telling her intimate details.

“You planned out a long night of sex?” She asked

“Of course! It was Friday, I wanted to forget a long week of working in people’s mouth and I wanted to feel total pleasure. After I finished him in the car we drove here and...”

“What did you do with the mess?” Merry asked innocently.

“There was no “mess” Merriam. He came in my mouth and I swallowed all of it. It was my juice, I excited him and I wanted to taste what a man tastes like. It may sound gross, but when it happens, it’s SO sexy. We got home and we each took showers.”


“No separately. Together would have started something that takes the tenderness later away. Let me explain. I got out of the shower first and he went in to clean up. I got into bed and began to pleasure myself; I was hot and wet, or squishy like you say. When he came out he crawled right up the foot of the bed and attached his mouth to my pussy and licked and sucked my lips and my clit while my hands were busy pinching and twisting my nipples. I came twice from his mouth and suddenly I couldn’t take any more. I had to feel him inside me. He stood up on the bed and straddled my torso and squat down to let me taste his big cock one more time and get him wet. Then he knelt between my legs and thrust into me. I had another orgasm, but I really needed to feel him press my g-spot so I slipped from under him and flipped over to my knees and he grabbed my ass and pushed into me and jack hammered my pussy, making me cum hard 2 more times, that was when you probably heard me, I was getting pretty loud. Just before you barged in the door he wet his thumb and stuck it up my asshole.”

“God! Doesn’t that hurt?”

“Normally it would but while you’re having sex all of those nerve endings are active, remember your pussy and your ass are neighbors down there and share many of the same pleasure spots. That night Cal didn’t eat my ass, but a lot of times he does and it’s wonderful. Again, sounds gross, but it’s beyond description.” I said suddenly not afraid of shocking her.

“Have you ever done it there?” She asked turning crimson.

“What? Licked his ass or had sex in my ass?”

“Had sex in your ass.” She asked quietly.

“No, but we’ve tried a couple times. It’ll happen sometime. It hurts to try and then you lose that mojo. But a thumb or a finger feels good while you’re getting laid. (I paused to check with her) You haven’t run away or turned to stone Merriam, how are you doing?”

“I’m listening to you aren’t I? I was brought up in a strict home and all of these things seem to be flirting with the devil.” Merriam said hoping to make a point.

“You’re sleeping with your boyfriend; you are having sex with each other, right?”

“Of course! You know that.”

“Well, wasn’t THAT supposed to turn you into the brimstone and fire? You obviously have modified your “moral character” a little, but it doesn’t sound like you’re enjoying it like you should.”

“I know, I know!” She whined. I just don’t think I can open up like that, especially with Artie. He thinks I’m a porcelain doll. I take the lead with what sex we have, but I don’t get the satisfaction you do, or even what HE does. I mean it feels good, but not like it does to you obviously. He’s asleep in 10 minutes.”

“I’m going to piss you off here, but what you need is to get out and find a guy to lock up with you in a room and have you walk out 3 days later bow-legged and exhausted. You don’t need to fall in love; you just need to find out what can happen.” I prescribed.

“That’ll never be Artie.” She said forlornly.

“Merriam, you can learn to control a guy with his dick in your mouth. You can make him do whatever you want. Then get down on your knees and shoulders with your ass in the air and invite him to fuck the daylights out of you and ask him to slap your ass a few times. He’ll be sniffing like a dog in heat in a few hours, guaranteed. Have that pussy waxed and shove his face in there and tell him what you want.”

“God Hillary, you’re going so fast on me and I can’t process all of this.” She said shaking her head.

“You know if I didn’t have Cal right here with me this weekend I would take you to bed myself and show you some good lovin’ you would never forget!” I said wishing I really hadn’t.

Merry’s face turned ashen and then white. “You’re a lesbian too!”

“No, silly, but YES I have enjoyed the company of women when there was nothing else around and, admittedly, usually a little drunk. Who knows more of what makes a woman happy but another woman. Can you honestly tell me you’ve never even thought about touching and caressing an attractive woman you’ve seen, because you know how soft and warm your own body feels.”

“Hillary, you scare me, or am I just that far out of the loop?” She wondered aloud while her face silently answered my query.

“Do I sound that much more promiscuous than Elaine on Seinfeld, or Penny on Big Bang Theory?” I asked her.

“Well, No! You don’t hook up with every guy you meet. Those characters are sluts if you really think about it, but I suppose they do represent many single women in today’s society. You just have your sexual freedom and I guess I can’t get over how much you enjoyed it when I thought you were being murdered.”

“You’ve never wondered what the big deal was about women’s orgasms? Come on!” I asked incredulously.

“Not so much that. It was the sex itself. Yes, it feels good, but I never felt more release than what I get by myself, and even then, none of the fireworks you seem to experience. Artie doesn’t spend much pre-sex time with me.” She said shyly.

“You mean foreplay? God Merry, that’s half or more of the fun and adventure of sex!”

Suddenly I was overcome with the urge to kiss her and show her a REAL kiss. I knew she might revolt on me so I tried to be firm, but gentle. I stepped towards her like I was about to just hug her, but I planted my mouth firmly on hers. I felt her push back with her hands, but her mouth kissed back and I pulled her tighter and she no longer resisted. We had a long soft kiss and she was kissing back until I broke enough to look her in her startled eyes.

“I’ll bet Arties lips aren’t as soft and tender as mine, and I can show you more.” I said as I kissed her deeply again and brought a hand to her breast.

“I shouldn’t be doing this.” She said firmly.

“Walk away and we’re all done then.” I said as I felt her hard nipple through her shirt (she wore no bra in her haste to leave the house earlier) and kissed her mouth again.

I heard her groan from my nipple play and I pushed my tongue into her mouth. She pushed hers to mine as I brought my other hand to her other breast. She began to breath hard through her nose amid her groans.

I broke the kiss to smile at her and she said, again, “I shouldn’t be doing this.”

“Merry, just walk away and we’re all done here.” I said and hesitated to give her the chance to do just that.

She didn’t move and I moved my mouth to hers again and reached down to pull her t-shirt up over her breasts. My hands went to her bare breasts and felt her. They were full round breasts and when I broke the kiss to look I saw 2 beauties with puffy dark areola and nipples that turned upward as an invitation to be sucked. I didn’t pass on that invitation.

As my mouth dropped to her right breast she said “I shouldn’t be doing this.”

“Merry, just walk away and we’re all done here.” I said as she caressed my head while sucking on beautiful nipples and fondling her breast.

Merry began to squirm and eventually lay back on the sofa as I hovered over her mauling her nipples with my fingers and mouth. The way she was scissoring her legs and squirming I knew what she needed to do.

“Soothe that itch Merry. Grab yourself through your pants or put your hand inside. Enjoy yourself. We’re going to take you to never-never land.” I whispered as she thrust her hand between her legs and clawed at herself through the sweatpants she had escaped the house in earlier.

“GOD!! I shouldn’t be doing this!” She bellowed.

“Merry, push me off and walk away and we’re all done, no questions asked.” I whispered.

She continued to grab and pinch at herself through her pants until I had both of her breasts red from my gnawing, pinching and playing. I sat back and undid the drawstring bow she had tied on the waist of her sweats. I smiled at her and put my hands on either side of them grasping them tightly and pulling up to urge her to lift up so I could lower them.

“I shouldn’t be doing this. I’m NOT...” She said not finishing her sentence as she lifted and they came right down to her knees.

“Merry, Listen to my words! YOU are not a lesbian, I am NOT a lesbian. WE are having a little extracurricular fun to show you how good lovemaking can make you feel. Tell me to stop whenever you want. I’m not forcing you am I?”

“No, for God’s sake, but I shouldn’t be doing this!”

“I shouldn’t be either, but I have a friend I want to show HOW to open the door to such pleasures she’s never known. Should I stop?” I asked meeting her eye to eye.

“Should you? YES! ... But please don’t. Tell me I won’t be sorry.”

“You won’t” I said as I took her panty and pulled it down as she lifted. When it got to her knees with her sweat pants I pushed them all the way off one leg and I slid to my knees between her legs while she lay back on the sofa.

Her pussy was trimmed back a little to accommodate a swim suit, but certainly not a bikini cut.

“We’ll have to shave this little pootie later so you can feel sexy all day. Wait till you see how smooth mine is.” I said as I leaned up and used my fingers to spread her bush to put my tongue on her clit.

She instantly bounced on the sofa cushion and exclaimed an “Oh God!!”, but I continued to lick her button until it popped from its hood. She was ripe, for sure. Her arms flailed on the sofa cushions waving and scratching at them.

“Your tits Merry, your hands should be on your tits. Roll your nipples and you’ll feel it all the way down here.” I whispered as she did as I ordered.

Her pussy was thick with her cream and I suspect that is was as aroused as she had ever gotten. It was then I took two fingers and wiped up through her furrow to gather her cream and I jammed them into her pussy while my mouth attached to her clit.

Her response was as I expected and I used my chin and my shoulders on her inner thighs to keep her from throwing me off. It was then her orgasm started as a guttural growl started deep in her throat that build up to a high pitch as her ass came off the sofa and she undulated her hips as if riding a big cock. Suddenly her high pitch screech stopped and she froze and vibrated as I continued to suck her fat clit and piston my fingers. Just as suddenly she seemed to drop away from me as if she had passed out, limp with a wet washrag. Just as suddenly she repeated the whole cycle and then her hands left her breasts and went to the back of my head to at first hold me tighter, but then push me away. Respecting her requests to stop earlier I pulled off her at being pushed away. She slumped back into the sofa with her chest heaving.

“Are you happy Merry?” I whispered as I slid up and lay next to her.

She nervously nodded.

This is where your lover would bring his raging hard-on to your lips so you could soothe the hurt he has before he plugs it into your pussy and makes all of those orgasms all over again. Now do you know why I was making so much noise the other night?”

She nodded nervously again, still puffing heavily.

I slid off the sofa to the floor and slipped out of the shorts I was wearing and lowered my panties. I propped up on one elbow and put my other hand between my legs to relieve my own pain from my bursting clit. I had no expectations of Merriam helping me along but I wanted to show her how I got off as well as how pretty my slick little pussy was.

I began to stroke myself and I called out her name.

“Merry, watch me make myself happy like I made you. See how pretty my smooth little pussy is.”

She sat up, her pretty breasts moving so sexy until she pulled her shirt back down but she locked her eyes on my pussy and my fingers working my clit.

“I’m stoking my clit much like my tongue stroked yours and now I’ll use my other hand to finger myself. You got me so wet I’ll cum as fast as you did.” I intimately whispered to her.

I laid back and worked my clit as I got two fingers just inside my puss. I began to writhe on the floor and raise my ass off the carpet as my spasm got closer and closer. Suddenly I lost control and had very much the same orgasm she had with a long growl and a screech. I wasn’t fully satisfied, but I had put a nice fire out. I laid back and got my breath and neither of us said a word for 5 minutes. Then I popped up to my knees.

“Come with me to the bathroom, I’ll help you trim up that pussy and make it a neat little play area.” I said getting to my feet.

“I don’t know. I shouldn’t be doing this.” She said innocently, but I smiled back to her knowing she had said that all the time I drove her to her pleasure.

She laughed at herself and stood, pushing her sweats and panty off the one leg they dangled from. She followed me to the bathroom where I scissor trimmed her and then used some femme shaving cream meant just for this job to get the heavy stubble off. We took turns getting to places she could or couldn’t reach. I turned on the shower for her and she went in and I went back to the living room to wait for her to come out because she was going to have 100 questions for me later.

When she came out after a long shower she seemed to try and avoid me and I rushed to get her before she closed herself in her room.

“Merriam, you have NOTHING to feel ashamed of, NOTHING to feel guilty for. You have questions and I want to answer them before you jump to conclusions.” I said putting my hand on her shoulder.

She turned and I could see she had cried.

“Don’t be upset. You know you could have walked away at any time.” I said to be sure she understood that.

“I know,” She said through her tears. “I just didn’t want to.”

“So what is there to be upset about? I’m your friend and I let you experience something you never did before. It’s not something I do on a regular basis, and that was only the 2nd time I was the dominant one. I don’t really enjoy taking that male role, but I did it for you and you seemed to REALLY enjoy it. Did you ever think your body could do that?”

She shook her head and would not make eye contact with me. Then she said, “How can I get married to Artie now that I’ve discovered this side of me?”

“Merriam, you’re NOT a lesbian!” I insisted.

“Oh, I KNOW that. But Artie could NEVER make me happy like that, he’s too selfish and thinks he’s a great lover.” She sniffed between words.

“Remember what I said, when you suck their dicks you control everything. He knows about all of that stuff, he just thinks you’re his little doll. Once you bring the sex to the next level he’ll begin to come around.” I assured her.


“First off, there is no bad blow job, trust me. When a guy is getting his dick sucked, he’s happy. But he has to know that if you suck his dick, no matter how much you LIKE it, it won’t happen again if he doesn’t eat the pootie.” I schooled her.

“How do I know if I can do it, and if I want to?” She said looking at me with lost eyes.

“After you came and were lying there in that sexy state just 90 minutes ago, if I had straddled your face, you would have licked MY pussy. I know it; it’s just the state you’re in after you’ve had a big one.” I whispered, even though no one else could hear us.

She nodded. “I know, I thought I was going to have to and I was ready even though I was petrified.”

“Just know that I would NEVER do that to you, expect that of you. We had a special moment and it was your moment, not mine. It was the best way for me to explain the point I wanted to make.” I said rubbing her shoulder, trying to still calm her.

“I wanted to slap you and run away, but it all felt so good!” She said with a cry and a little chuckle.

“Listen, this may sound “out there” but I have a friend, Terry, who is maybe the best lover I’ve ever had. He doesn’t get attached to anyone because he just runs around too much. He’s handsome, has a boat, a summer home, a pilot’s license, and is a confirmed bachelor. If I asked him to take you away for a weekend and be patient with you I know he would do it, and you would not regret it. He owes me a favor and if he got a look at you he would jump at the chance He’s a real sweetheart and has girls after him all of the time. They all think they can make it happen, but he is the player extraordinaire. If he thinks a girl has expectations, he’s gone.”

“What would I have to do?” She asked suspiciously.

“You wouldn’t HAVE to do anything. Nothing would happen you didn’t want to. He’s not a rapist or anything like that. He would respect the word no, and would take you home whenever you wanted.”

“Then WHY would he do it?”

“Because I would ask him by telling him that you’re a good friend of mine and I think he would like you. I will tell him that you’re pretty and a lot of fun. That we’ve lived together for a few years. He wouldn’t even go with you if you were a “guarantee”. He likes the hunt, but believe me, he would literally charm the pants off of you. After you came home he never blabs and he would never try to call you again or follow up with you, no matter WHAT happened.”

“How did YOU get a second date?”

“Good question! After our first time together I ended up doubling with another friend for a weekend in Lake Havasu, and she was with him. The four of us had such a good time he called me a week later, knowing I didn’t hound him or try to call him after our first date.”

“So, is he a male escort, would you pay him?” She asked suspicious again.

“No, he’s just a Good Time Charlie and he loves women and their company. He’s very charming and lets his partner set the pace. He was so confident he had me on our first date that I didn’t sleep with him. We necked and petted a bit, but I was determined not to fill his ego. But I found out he doesn’t really have an ego like that. I spent two weeks smitten with him until Caleb came back to town, and Terry could not have cared less about me for striking out. He got on with his life and it was ME who missed HIM. Then a friend of mine told me about a trip she was taking to Lake Havasu in Arizona. A guy with a plane was taking her and there was room for two more. It ended up being Terry. So, I got Caleb to go along and we had a ball.

Terry actually called me a few weeks later and he and I went away skiing in Vermont and we had a great time, we even skied a little (haha). Last month he had a big weekend planned and he got an abscessed tooth. He called and I got him in on a Saturday morning with a Dentist in our practice. That saved his weekend when he thought he might have to cancel, so he owes me. Plus, if he gets one look at you he’ll jump at the chance to date you. He loves breasts, and yours are spectacular.”

“You’ll tell him that I’m ... ummm ... not experienced?” She asked with a worried look.

“Yes, but a fast learner! OK?” I said hoping she knew I was kidding.

“He won’t know we had a gay affair?”

“WE DIDN’T HAVE A GAY AFFAIR! Friends had an intimate moment, and it happens with lots of girlfriends, I guarantee you. Lots of my girlfriends in high school learned how to kiss with their friends, found out what an orgasm felt like with their friends. Trust me.” I assured her.

“What I’ll really tell him is that I have a good friend, my roommate, that hasn’t been shown a good time in a long while. She’s very pretty and is anxious to get out and let loose a little. Is that OK?”

“I guess, but it sounds like I’m hiring an escort. Let me think on it tonight and I’ll let you know in the morning. OK?” She asked.

“Of course Merry, this is your decision. Just don’t turn it down because you’re “scared”. You know you’ve been Miss Priss all of your life and this afternoon you found out what your body is capable of, because you didn’t back down. Believe when I say, Terry will be a perfect gentleman with you and will never push you into anything you don’t want.”

“OK, I’m going to get to bed early; it’s been a long day. Thank you Hillary for being a true friend, an honest friend, a patient friend.” She said as she hugged me and kissed me on the cheek.

It was the first time she ever kissed me besides earlier today. Today we had crossed a threshold in our relationship as girlfriends.

She got to her room and she hesitated before going in and then she walked in, but her door didn’t close and then she came out again, her face red in embarrassment.

“I’m sorry, but I have to ask you a personal question that’s just killing. I know you insist that we didn’t have an affair. But can you tell me how many women you’ve been with in that way?” She said quietly, her voice almost squeaking.

“I know you’re worried that might happen again sometime, and I can assure you, it won’t. I’m not a lesbian and barely what you can call bi-sexual. If that ever happens again, you will be the instigator. As to your question, “in that way”, you are only the second woman I’ve ever went down on. Fingers with a few, and been on the receiving end a few times, but you are only the second, and the first sober. If you must know, I don’t like it, but I know how to do it good because I know what I like. Now go to bed and stop worrying about what happened. It was nothing. It made my friend happy and showed her what pleasure is.” I assured her while being perfectly honest with her.

I think in the course of a few hours she went from thinking I was obsessed with sex to finding out what all the fuss was about. I really didn’t think that her Artie was such a dud, I think it was he was afraid to be aggressive with her thinking “only bad girls do those things”. She herself said he treated her like a crystal doll. I think it was when she said about sex that she felt “warm and squishy and that it for his pleasure anyway” that I couldn’t imagine going through life or any relationship like that. As far as my seducing her, something just came over me that I wanted my friend to feel passion. I just had the feeling she had never been kissed passionately (you know the kind that makes your knees buckle). Once I saw how much she responded and wasn’t resisting me, I knew I would finish what I never thought would possibly happen. I knew it was the only time, besides the first time when I slept over with a friend in high school, that I was stone sober and not horny as hell beforehand.

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