Running Naked
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Masturbation, Voyeurism,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Steve likes to run naked and see what he can see out in the neighborhood. He enjoys watching his neighbors get off.

"I'm going out for a run," Steve yelled to his wife as he headed out the front door. It was almost 10:00PM at night on a cool September night in the subdivision where Steve lived with his wife Aubrey. He was 29 years old and they had been married for three years.

He headed out the front door, and headed down the dark street. The upper middle class neighborhood that they lived in was dark, just lights on the houses, and the houses were all on fairly big lots with 40 or 50 feet between them. Steve increased his speed to get to the park and get on with the real reason that he like to run at night ... running naked.

Once he arrived at the dark park he quickly stripped down, leaving only his running shoes on. He ditched the rest under the same tree he always did, and slipped the full black ski mask over his face. Steve liked to run naked through the neighborhood, hiding from his neighbors and getting off on the thrill of it. He started doing it as a teenager; running naked and peeping in his neighbors windows, jacking off to the naked women he watched. He had only been caught once, back within a few months of starting, when someone saw him and called his mother.

She had been pissed, but Steve had not stopped, only gotten better, to make sure that he was not caught anymore. He slowly jogged toward the edge of the park. It was quiet tonight, no cars, or people out walking dogs. He slowly came upon the first house. It was the home of a couple in their 40's, but they had two hot daughters who had ground floor bedrooms. He had not seen them naked yet, but he checked often waiting for his chance. Steve's cock was already hard as he moved up near the 1st window and was rewarded with a clear view of a topless girl.

It was one of the daughters, Jennifer as he recalled. She had very large tits, D cups at least, capped with large areolas and nipples. Her nipples protruded nicely from her big breasts and looked as large as the tip of his thumb. She had a pair of tight athletic shorts on and as doing some stretching exercises. Steve gripped his now fully erect cock and began to masturbate as she sat on the floor and leaned forward, squishing her large boobs against her legs.

"Hey, Allison come here and help me for a minute, Steve heard her call into the open bathroom.

The bathroom much have been common to her sister's room as Steve saw Allison, the other sister walk out of the bathroom. She had just gotten out of the shower and had a towel wrapped around her sexy body. She was the better looking of the two girls, her tits slightly smaller, but her long shapely legs and perfect tight ass more than made up for it.

"What did you need?" he heard her ask.

Push my back down; it is tight after our tennis game. I can't get any lower."

"Sure," Allison answered and she leaned over to push against her sister's back. As she did so the towel fell open and her perfect C cup tits popped out. Her nipples were a light pink, and centered in the small, perfect round areolas of the same color. Steve kept pounding his cock which was now slippery with precum. He could hear the soft squelching sound his fist made as he beat off.

"Here try this one too, it always loosens my back up," Steve heard Allison say.

Then she lay flat on the floor and arched her back up. She had her perfect ass to him with her legs slightly spread. He could see the pink gash of her pussy open up as she stretched her torso up. Steve brought himself to orgasm, shooting long ropes of cum on the girl's house as he imagined his cock pumping her tight cunt as he mounted her from behind.

The girls kept of their stretching routine, their big tits jiggling as they shifted. Steve was rock hard again, and he was tempted to stay and jack off another load, but he decided to keep moving and see what else was happening tonight.

He ran down the gully behind the next 8 houses looking for lights and known possible targets. He moved up close to the family room of the McCoy family house. Mrs. McCoy was a pretty 35-year-old mother of four, her body was excellent, at least from what Steve could tell when she was clothed and he hoped he could catch a nice view of her as she watched TV. He was lucky tonight and as crept up close to the window near the family room he found her dressed in shorts and a low cut tank top with no bra on. Her tits were big, and her pointy nipples were erect and sticking out through the thin tank top fabric. She was watching some cop show or something and talking on the phone.

Steve's cock was rock hard again and he started to masturbate thinking as he looked at Jeanne McCoy's smoking hot body. He could not make out what she was saying as she talked, but it suddenly got interesting as she reached up and started to rub her erect nipples through the thin fabric of her tank top. She closed her eyes almost all the way, and Steve could see her breathing get faster as her excitement grew. She cradled the phone between her shoulder and her ear and used both hands to stimulate her erect nipples, pulling and twisting them.

Then she put the phone down on the table and pushed a button. Steve could hear a male voice talking, "Now take your top off and rub your bare tits for me."

Steve realized she was having phone sex with someone. Maybe her husband was out of town and they were getting it on long distance. He watched as she pulled the tank top off over her head revealing her big, brown nipples to Steve. Her nipples were easily the biggest he had ever seen, and she continued to rub and arouse herself by playing with them.

Confirming what Steve was thinking Jeanne said, "Are you beating off for me. Are you thinking about my big nipples and jacking your thick cock?" She rubbed her nipples, plucking and stretching them out with her hands as she said this.

"Yeah baby I am rubbing my hard cock as I think about you getting off for me. Are you enjoying yourself, playing with your nipples?

Jeanne let out a loud groan of pleasure as the man said this and said, "Yes, I am so ready to cum."

"Do you want to stroke your clit baby? You want to finger fuck yourself till you cum?" the voice on the phone said to her.

"Yes, I am going to masturbate with my fingers while I rub my clit. "Ohhh yes, you better be ready to cum it won't take me long." She raised her hips and slid her shorts and panties to the floor as she said this, and Steve had a perfect view of her wet pussy as she spread her legs. She ran her long fingers up and down her sopping wet slit, stopping to rub her clit.

"Ohhh yeah baby. I am soaking wet, I want you to fuck me with your big, hard cock. Ohhh, ohhh, ohhh, fuck yeah." she moaned as she intensified the rubbing on her clit.


The man's voice"Yeah baby I am fucking you with my big cock. Fuck I am so hard and ready to cum. You want me to shoot my load in your tight pussy baby?"

Jeanne shoved two of her fingers into her pussy and began to pump them in and out of her tight twat. "Fuck yes," she moaned. "Fuck me with your big cock. Fuck your big cock is going to make me climax. Fuck I am going to cum on your big cock."

Steve's cock erupted with a long stream of jizz at that moment and the pleasure rolled up and down his cock as he watched the sexy mom masturbate. She was really pumping her fingers, and Steve wished he was close enough to hear the wet sound of her finger fucking.

She went stiff and arched her back as she yelled out, "Fuck yes, I'm cumming. Fuck I am getting off on your big cock. Fill me with your sperm. Fuck my tight pussy. Shoot your load deep inside me, fuck yes I can feel your sperm inside me." She was grunting with pleasure as her fingers pumped her pussy, thrusting over and over into her wet fuck hole.

Finally her hips stopped bucking, and she settled back her body satisfied for the time being. Steve slowly rubbed his hand up and down his still mostly hard cock as he watched her, her nipples were as thick as his thumb, fat and erect on her nice big tits. Steve could feel himself harden as he imagined himself tit fucking her, sliding his hard cock between her perfect tits.

Jeanne sat and slowly rubbed her dripping cunt, her fingers sliding up and down her wet slit, teasing herself as she stroked over her clit. Steve could not make out what she was saying as she was now talking in quiet tones to the person, having taken the phone off of speaker.

Steve was ready to keep going, his cock was already getting stiff again, but he decided to head home and see if he could talk his wife into fucking him. Watching was fun but he still loved a nice pussy wrapped around his cock whenever his wife was in the mood.

He headed back the way he had come, toward the park to retrieve his clothes. He moved with practiced experience, avoiding the pools of light from streetlights and house lights. Suddenly he froze, something was moving off to his right. He had seen a flash of blond hair in his peripheral vision. He stepped back into the shadows next to a large fir tree. He had definitely seen someone moving. The question was had he been seen. He paused for a few minutes, and nothing else moved so Steve slowly eased away from the tree and resumed his run toward his clothes.

He was there several minutes later and as he dressed, he wondered if his mind had been playing tricks on him. He could swear he had seen the blond hair of a woman, drawn up into a ponytail, as she moved off to his left. He had not really seen her; all he could remember was the side to side swishing of her ponytail. After he dressed, he headed back toward the house. He made it home in record time and slowed as he came upon his house, creeping up to look in his windows and see what his wife was doing.

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