In Tandem Orbit

In the year 2532 AD, the planet Paxum was colonized after the terraforming machine finished its work. Once barren stone, Paxum is now a lush, peaceful world free of racism, sexism, homophobia, or other sexuality or gender identity discrimination, body shame, and sex shame. Even discrimination against paedosexuals/paedoromantics ended, made possible by teaching kids over and over again the importance of consent and bodily autonomy. Therefore rape, and other forms of assault, are rare, and corrected when they occur by means of rehabilitation or neural pathway reconstruction, as the case requires, and respectful, consenting relationships between adults and minors is socially accepted.

Paxum is also a post-scarcity world, using technology to provide all the essential worldly needs for all citizens and visitors, leaving most people free to pursue their own interests, whatever that may be.

This planet shares the solar system with another, virtually identical planet called Lucem. Lucem's inhabitants are genetically engineered to be ... different ... from the people of Paxum, but saying how would spoil the surprise.

We start our tale on Paxum, in the city of Lavernia, in the year 2914 AD...

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